REVIEW: G-DO & Xception: The Otherside

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CoverG-DO & Xception are back to drop their fourth album, this time it’s on Goal! Records. I’m glad this album came along; I was starting to think that R.A. The Rugged Man was going to have the only great hip-hop album of the year, luckily he’s got company. ‘The Otherside’ is slightly different from their previous releases but you still know what you’re getting, great beats with some great songs over them. These guys have an impressive track, every album so far has been great and ‘The Otherside’ is no exception. I can’t remember the last time a hip-hop group or rapper has had this type of consistency. Right from the first track ‘On We Go’ you know that this is going to be a good one, that quality continues through the entire album. People that dig good hip-hop if you don’t already know G-DO & Xception ‘The Otherside’ is an album you need to check out.

1. On We Go
2. Grease
3. Fried Platanos
4. Carpe Diem
5. Serendipity
6. Waiting for a King
7. We Do It
8. Where
9. Spraying the Canvas
10. The Hereafter

Get it from G-DO & Xception HERE

REVIEW: G-DO & Xception: Sankofa

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1173443412-1G-DO & Xception are back with their third album called ‘Sankofa’ and it’s fucking awesome. What you’ve got here is a fourteen track masterpiece. These songs flow so smooth you can lose yourself in the album before you even know it. Everything is on point here, the beats, the lyrics, fucking everything! G-DO & Xception is one of the best things going in hip-hop right now and they continue proving it, ‘Sankofa’ is just the latest fact to back that up. Anyone that likes great hip-hop needs to get into this right now.

1. Life (feat. Shishani)
2. Yesternowrow
3. Trailblazin
4. Amusing (feat. Eric Ian Farmer)
5. Sankofa
6. Solstice
7. Believers
8. Dirty Money
9. What’s Going On?
10. We Alive
11. Perspective
12. Rise
13. Fin (feat. Shishani)
14. What’s Going On? (Original Version)

Get it from G-DO & Xception HERE

Get Sankofa from Amazon HERE

REVIEW: G-DO & Xception: A Tribute to Fela Kuti- Felatastic

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G-Do & Xception are back; this time with an album that’s a tribute to Fela Kuti. The last album was great so they had a lot to live up to here. As you may have guessed from the title the album is a tribute to Fela Anikulapo Kuti, this originally started out as just a one song tribute to Fela Kuti but it quickly snowballed into ten songs, and I for one am very glad it did. This album is great no matter what side you look at it from. The beats are incredibly unique but have enough of a throwback to keep them fun and the lyrics and rapping on here is up to a level of the likes of some of the guys in Hieroglyphics. These guys are so damn talented they have seemingly no limits, they chose to focus their talents into this tribute album and I don’t see how it could have turned out better by anyone on the planet. Fans of hip-hop (especially the quality underground variety) get on this, you will not be disappointed!

1. Outline
3. The Revolutionist
4. Out of the Shade
5. Goal
6. Extra Strength
8. We Love Music
9. Confusion Everywhere
10. FELA

Get it from G-DO & Xception HERE

REVIEW: G-DO & Xception: Chicago to Amsterdam

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Chicago rapper Xception and Amsterdam producer G-DO are back with a new EP, one that’s about the places, events, and people. As you can guess the title comes from the places that G-DO & Xception do. The EP came out on Goal! Records in August and is available for free download. If you don’t know about G-DO & Xception, they’re a team that’s putting out some of the best new hip-hop that I’ve heard in years. This EP is a great place to start if you haven’t heard their debut album. And if you have heard the album, I imaging you’ve wanted more G-DO & Xception. The EP features songs as homage to both Chicago and Amsterdam (‘Chicagoing’ and ‘The Damn’). Both are great songs, ‘Chicagoing’ is a perfect choice to start out the EP, I love everything about the song, it might be the best on the album. And ‘The Damn’ is a great bookend to close things out, it picks things up after things start to wind down and leaves you wanting more G-DO & Xception, and as soon as possible. ‘I Still Love H.E.R.’ features the newest member of Goal Music Group, Shishani. The flow on this song is so smooth; this is the type of song you can never skip. ‘Family Matters’ is a great middle song to hold the whole thing together; this is a damn quality song that ranks up there with some of the best songs about family. ‘Timeless’ has Muliplist making an appearance, he showed up on a couple of tracks on the ‘Mood of the Music’ album. I’m glad to have him back because there’s talent that works just right with G-DO & Xception. As you might expect there’s not a bad song on this EP, any fan of hip-hop simply needs to hear this, no excuse not to.

1. Chicagoing
2. I Still Love H.E.R.
3. Family Matters
4. Timeless
5. The Damn

Get it from G-DO & Xception HERE

REVIEW: Mr. T: Mr. T’s Commandments

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Way back in 1984 Mr. T was on top of the world, so what better time to release a rap EP? Seemed perfect, and well, it was. Columbia put this out and I’m glad this exists because it’s pretty damn great. The songs really have a good message for kids, staying off drugs, not getting kidnapped, things like that…but you’ve got Mr. T raping so most people are going to over look this and enjoy it on a whole different level. On the other side of things there may be some surprising names most notably Ice-T, yeah the same one.

‘Mr. T’s Commandment’ The funky intro song complete with record scratches, you know you’re in for a great album once this hits.This is basically the song that lays the groundwork for the rest of the album, it basically says “listen to Mr. T and the Bible”.
‘Don’t Talk To Strangers’ With the title you can guess what this is about,what you couldn’t guess is what a sensual soul/R&B song this sounds like. It’s pretty….odd.
‘The Toughest Man in the World’ Back to the rap game, with some sax and funk added in for flavor. This one basically says ‘you’re strong if you make the right choices in life’.
‘Mr. T, Mr. T (He Was Made for Love)’ Basically a parody version of the Bobbettes’ ‘Mr. Lee’.
‘The One and Only Mr. T’ I can practly picture Mr. T and Hulk Hogan dancing in the background as this song plays. It’s pretty much about how great Mr. T is.
‘No Dope No Drugs’ This actually sounds like a recycled song from the Hulk Hogan album, or I guess it would really have to be the other way around. Again you can guess what it’s about from the title, no tricks here.
‘You Got to Go Through It’ Mr. T does disco, you know, ten years too late. Really a throw away song about how ‘you gotta do it’. I hope this was a last minute add on.

  1. Mr. T’s Commandment
  2. Don’t Talk To Strangers
  3. The Toughest Man in the World
  4. Mr. T, Mr. T (He Was Made for Love)
  5. The One and Only Mr. T
  6. No Dope No Drugs
  7. You Got to Go Through It

Get Mr. T’s Commandments from Amazon HERE

REVIEW: Atmosphere: Family Sign

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Atmosphere is back with another album, I’ll admit I was a little skeptical on this one; they’ve been hit or miss lately. Luckily this turns out to be Atmosphere’s best album since ‘You Can’t Imagine How Much Fun We’re Having’. The album has its ups and downs, it’s not full of hits but all around it’s pretty solid. Most of the beats are really good and all of the song writing is top notch. There’s only one song I don’t really like on here but there are a few mega hits, especially the song ‘Became’ which is now my third favorite Atmosphere song of all time. If you’re a fan of the group you’ve got to check this out, if you haven’t gotten into them yet and like hip-hop this is a pretty good starting point since its a little spread on the styles and really shows what they can do.

‘My Key’ I’m not too fond of this song, its got way too long of an intro (it’s like half of the song), after that it’s alright but doesn’t make up for the long wait.

‘The Last To Say’ This song is kind of depressing, but that’s how Atmosphere goes sometimes. It’s a quality song.

‘Became’ This is now one of my favorite Atmosphere songs, it’s fucking chill, it’s great, it’s so goddamn good. Reminds me a lot of ‘Sunshine’ as far as the flow of the song. The difference this isn’t a happy uplifting song like that one, this is much darker.

‘Just For Show’ A little more of the ‘old’ hip-hop style mixed with a new-ish one. Reminds me a little of the Mac Lethal stuff, another top quality song.

‘She’s Enough’ More of a harder angry edge on this song, really into this one too.

‘Bad Bad Daddy’ Not really into this song, the lyrics aren’t the problem, I’m into that, but I just don’t like the beat on it.

‘Millennium Dodo’ This one is a good song but nothing super special, a solid middle of the album song.

‘Who I’ll Never Be’ Songs like this I associate with Atmosphere a lot, the chill easy going hip-hop songs, this shit is perfect.

‘I Don’t Need Brighter Days’ This song I’m pretty on the fence on, it doesn’t jump out at me as great but it’s pretty good. A slow song with a lot of bass and guitar in the beat.

‘Ain’t Nobody’ This song rules on beat alone, reminds me a little of a western, the rest of the song doesn’t let down either.

‘Your Name Here’ This is another one of those good Atmosphere songs but not great, I don’t want to say it’s filler but it doesn’t really grab me.

‘If You Can Save Me Now’ We swing back into greatness with this song, another one of the classic dark depressing with a silver lining happiness to it songs from Atmosphere.

‘Something So’ A super slow song, like a hip-hop ballad, I dig it though.

‘My Notes’ The album closes out on a slow note, piano driven song, a good one too. Nice way to close out the album but it leaves me feeling a little down.

01 My Key
02 The Last to Say
03 Became
04 Just For Show
05 She’s Enough
06 Bad Bad Daddy
07 Millenium Dodo
08 Who I’ll Never Be
09 I Don’t Need Brighter Days
10 Ain’t Nobody
11. Your Name Here
12. If You Can Save Me Now
13. Something So
14. My Notes

Get The Family Sign from Amazon HERE

REVIEW: Del the funky homosapien: It Ain’t Illegal Yet

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There was about an eight year dry spell for Del albums but since he’s come back he’s been rolling out albums like no one else. One thing that’s hard to keep up when you’ve got such a high volume of products like this is the quality, but somehow Del continues to pull it off. Here’s another album from the funky homosapien, released as his past few have been via donation based download. I think what stands out most about this album is the beats, they sound like they were produced by an alien working in his basement. Some of them are really fucking weird but they all work, it’s great. Del still has his great flow and lyric base here as well, it’s another all around outstanding album by the man. Make sure you go get it as soon as you get to a computer…like now!

1. Don’t Stop Rappin’
2. Excuse to Let Loose
3. U don’t hear me tho
4. That Feelin
5. Spittin Sawblades
6. The Rhyme
7. Easter Eggs
8. Hiero Mind Body Soul
9. Motomouf
10. Violate
11. Dont Stop Rappin

Get it from Del HERE

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