REVIEW: Bankrupt: Rewound

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bankrupt-rewound_0Bankrupt is here by way of Hungary with their ‘Rewound’ EP, it’s got five songs that seem to span many different styles. They’re a band that combines punk, surf, rock, indie and everything in-between. The first song ‘Clint’ is like a surfy instrumental, after that ‘Rewound’ is an awesome melodic punk song in the vein of Jawbreaker, Samiam or Dramarama. ‘Weekend’ reminds me of a Buzzcocks song, it’s pretty fucking great. ‘Happenstance’ is pretty much the closest thing to a straight up punk rock song that they’ve got on here, though it does have a heavy rock influence on it. Closing things out is ‘Retro’ which is a bit more of that melodic punk sound with a little indie rock or new wave mixed in just for the hell of it. This is one of the best EP’s I’ve heard all year and it’s certainly the most unique sounding. With a mixing of sounds so perfectly done I can’t even think of another band that is doing something like this today. If you like any of the above mentioned things I highly recommend you check out Bankrupt.

1. Clint
2. Rewound
3. Weekend
4. Happenstance
5. Retro

Get it from Bankrupt HERE

REVIEW: Run, Forever: Settling

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Run Forever SettlingPittsburgh’s Run, Forever have been putting out some really good stuff the past couple years and now they’re here with another album full of songs that you’ll enjoy. If you’ve heard Run, Forever before I’ll say you know what you’re getting into and this is way better than their previous album. If you’ve never heard the band they’re a band that combines rock and indie into a sound that’s pretty much their own. This album is some of the best stuff they’ve done yet.

1. Good Enough
2. Sun Bruised
3. Maritime States
4. Basement
5. Settling
6. Braddock Beach
7. Postcards
8. Close to the Sun
9. Drop Out
10. Forget

Get Settling from Amazon HERE

REVIEW: Cayetana: Demo EP

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cayetana-demoPhiladelphia’s Cayetana is here with their ‘Demo EP’, it consists of three songs are right up the alley of people that like bands like P.S. Eliot and Lemuria. The songs are punk songs that you can sit back and relax to while you listen, and for a demo they sound incredible. I’m not sure why this wasn’t just made as an EP because these clearly don’t sound like crap recordings. The songs are a bit on the long side but at the same time they don’t drag so I can’t really complain about that. People that like their punk with an injection of indie rock check out the Cayetana demo.

1. Mountain Kids
2. Ella
3. South Philly

Get it from If You Make It HERE

REVIEW: Rations: How Much Land Does a Man Need?

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Rations How Much Land Does a Man NeedRations have been putting out some great music recently and this 7″ continues that trend. We’ve got five awesome songs here that encompass everything that the Rations are about. The personally I like the first three songs on here the best with ‘Lament’ being the best out of those but really there’s not a band tune amongst the bunch. If you’re already a fan of Rations you’ll be happy with this and if you haven’t heard them yet this is a pretty good start point, pick it up if you’re into punk with heavy elements of rock and some indie thrown in.

1. Parenthesis
2. A War Of All, Against All
3. Lament
4. No Answer
5. How Much Land Does a Man Need?

REVIEW: Jud Norman: Baby Step


Jud NormanBaby StepJud Norman is the singer and bassist for the band Research Turtles; here he’s got a new solo album ‘Baby Step’. Jud Norman has the alt-rock and indie elements of Research Turtles but adds some folk sound into the mix to make it even better. This album is real good; it’s the kind of thing you can just sit back and relax to as you let it play. I hope Jud keeps up with this solo style thing because this is good and I think it can get even better.

1. Baby Step
2. Cool and Cold
3. One and Two
4. It’s Easy
5. Roll On
6. Electricity
7. Someone
8. She Got Something
9. Come On Back
10. Crash
11. Alison Masshart
12. I’ll Wait
13. I Like You
14. Stormy Skies

Get it from the Research Turtles site HERE

Get Baby Step from Amazon HERE

REVIEW: The Clouds: EP

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The Clouds are a great indie pop band from Jakarta, Indonesia. They’re here with their new EP; it’s got four amazing songs that will put you in the relaxing mood so you can deal with the rest of your shitty life. The first song ‘Samar’ reminds me of Japan’s great indie band, Asian Kung Fu Generation. The second song ‘Guide Me To Your Door’ branches out a bit more and pays off because somehow I like it even more than the first. You would think after two songs that good they might run out of steam, well that’s not the case ‘Silusi’ is another hit, and it probably has the best vocals yet on here. The final song ‘Sepi’ really brings the pop in this band to the front; it’s yet another incredible song to close out this EP. Simply put, if you like indie music then you’ve got to check this out, it’s incredible, and by far one of the best indie bands I’ve heard in a long long time.

1. Samar
2. Guide Me To Your Door
3. Silusi
4. Sepi

Check it out HERE

REVIEW: John K Samson: Provincial

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The past couple years we’ve been getting some new material from John K Samson of the non-Weakerthans variety, a few 7″s have been showing up, all full of great material but now we get an actual album. This is actually the first John K Samson solo album since 1993’s Slips and Tangles! Well it was worth the wait because this album is fucking great. Twelve great John K Samson songs, from start to finish it’s an incredible album. Though a few of the songs sound suspiciously like Weakerthans songs that just never came to be, but that’s fine with me because the Weakerthans are an incredible band. If you’ve never heard John’s solo stuff it does sound a lot like the Weakerthans but a bit of a stripped down version. This album will put you in a relaxed mood no matter how stressful of a day you’ve had. This is an album that you can’t go through the year without hearing, because if you do, you’ve fucked up pretty badly.

1. Highway 1 East
2. Heart Of The Continent
3. Cruise Night
4. Grace General
5. When I Write My Master’s Thesis
6. Letter In Icelandic Ninette San
7. Longitudinal Centre
9. The Last And
10. Stop Error
11. Highway 1 West
12. Taps Reversed

Get Provincial from Amazon HERE

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