REVIEW: Black Tower: Demo

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Black Tower demoEver wonder if some guys from some pop punk bands got together and started a metal band? Well it turns out that the results are pretty great. Black Tower is made from members of Crusades, Creeps and Visitors, and goddamn it is good. If I were to guess what pop punk bands had members in this band I think Crusades would be my first guess not only because of the metal influence in their album but just because it sounds a lot like the metal parts in the Crusades album. It’s clean vocal heavy metal, almost verging on power metal. This is metal at its fucking best. I can’t get enough of this. If more metal bands like this were around today metal would be in a much better shape than it currently is. If you like metal, and I mean good metal not that shit that passes for metal then Black Tower is a band that you want to get on right now.

1. Dark Lord
2. Winter
3. The Dragon Flies
4. Night Siege

Get it from Black Tower HERE

REVIEW: Obsessor: Mental Hell

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Obsessor4-mentalhell-Square1 (1)I’m super into this band Obsessor, I’ve loved everything they’ve done but I am not a fan of these short releases, especially since they’re on cassette. Luckily this is the fourth and final installment of this stuff. It seems that these songs are going to be on an LP, and it will be one fucking awesome album. Obsessor are metal heads that I know listen to punk rock. You can hear tons of influence from bands like Celtic Frost, English Dogs, and Venom. The first song ‘Mental Hell’ has some pretty basic lyrics but keeping it simple isn’t a bad thing, they’ve got some killer riffs to back this which makes for a great fucking song. The second song ‘Evil Supremacy’ is a little longer clocking in at three minutes and really turns up the thrash. It almost sounds like a song that Toxic Holocaust would record, it’s pretty fucking great. Out of the two I’m more of a fan of ‘Mental Hell’ but both songs are top notch metal songs. If you like any of the above influential bands then you’re going to want to give Obsessor a listen, and if you’re like me and hate tapes, don’t worry, this is available digitally too.

1. Mental Hell
2. Evil Supremacy

Get it from Tankcrimes Records HERE

REVIEW: Volture: Rulebreaker

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If there’s one thing in the music world I love more than any other, it’s metal. The problem with that is, there’s just as much, if not more bad metal out there as there is good. But when a metal band is really on, it hits hard and it’s a great fucking feeling. Volture is one of those great bands, in fact this is the best new metal (not to be confused with nu metal) band I’ve heard in years. Oddly enough the last metal band I liked this much came from Richmond, just like Volture. Their new single features Volture’s ‘Rulebreaker’ on side A, it’s a pretty incredible song. The B side has a cover of Gotham City’s ‘Killer Angels’, Volture totally smokes this cover. This single is brought to us from Tankcrimes you can score the band’s single on vinyl or you can go the digital route. No matter what you decide to do, it’s going to be a great buy. Heavy and power metal fans rejoice because Volture is here with an amazing breath of fresh air to metal music.

1. Rulebreaker
2. Killer Angels

Get Rulebreaker from Amazon HERE

REVIEW: PanzerBastard: 2006-2009

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Boston’s PanzerBastard is here with a great collection of EP’s plus a bonus. This CD contains the ‘Hell Gate’, ‘Bastards Die Hard’ and ‘Boston’ EP’s plus a cover of Motorhead’s ‘Ace of Spades’. That brings this to a grand total of seventeen songs that fucking shred. If you don’t know PanzerBastard pull up a chair and hold onto your ass, PanzerBastard is basically what you’d get if you took hardcore punk, thrash metal, Tragedy, Motorhead and Venom, put them in a blender and shot it out of a canon. These seventeen songs are rage filled, kick you in the face, feel great bombs. I can’t think of any reason you wouldn’t want to own this, even if you have these EP’s already, they sound even better than they did before. So get your grubby hands on this already, you know you need some more hellacious ass kicking metal in your life. Oh and in case you’re wondering (you should be) the Ace of Spades cover, it’s no Lemmy, but it’s pretty good.

1. Hell Gate
2. Rebellion Dogs
3. Lemmings to the Blade
4. Fatherless Son of a War Machine
5. Gift of Desperation
6. Intro
7. Bastards Die Hard
8. Apocalypse Requiem
9. D.E.B.T.
10. No Gods
11. Grave Robber
12. PanzerBastard
13. Outro
14. PanzerBastard
15. Dead and Gone
16. White Knuckle Hellride
17. D.E.B.T.
18. Ace of Spades

REVIEW: Obsessor: In Fear of the End

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Obsessor is here again with a couple new tracks, they’re not short, but they’re fast. I really wish this band would put out more than two tracks at a time because they all rule. How about we get an album, or at least an EP? Anyway the first track ‘In Fear of the End’ is pretty fucking awesome, it’s fast and hard and everything you would want out of a metal punk crossover. The second track ‘Aftershock’ starts out a little slower but doesn’t waste much time working things up into a frenzy perfect for a circle pit. Metal heads and punks alike should be into this one, Obsessor is the band for people who miss seeing Municipal Waste with twenty other people in a college cafeteria.

1. In Fear of the End
2. Aftershock

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