REVIEW: Obsessor: Obsession

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Sporting a badass cover that looks like an evil sketch that came from H.P. Lovecraft’s mind we have this single from Obsessor. They’re a metal band from Richmond, VA; they’re here to play dirty punk metal for you. Fans of Direct Control, Government Warning, Wasted Time, and Municipal Waste be on alert for this one.

‘Obsession’ I’m not sure how they fit a three minute song into this span of time when the band is playing as fast as they are. This fucking thrash metal punk song would normally be the type of thing you’d expect to be under a minute and a half but the band keeps it going and we thank you for that. That’s more time to party and run around like the idiots we all are.
‘Underwold’ The vocals seem deeper on this one, which aren’t quite as good but everything else is in place for a fucking great song. More badass riffs and playing at a hundred miles an hour. There’s plenty of song here to wave your fist in the air and sing along with all the other fucking metal heads.

1. Obsession
2. Underwold

REVIEW: PanzerBastard: Centurion

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Patac Records brings the Centurion EP from PanzerBastard! Four songs that clock in just less than fifteen minutes. Two of these are original and two are Celtic Frost covers. The two cover songs on here are fucking awesome and I think it’s a great idea to do a double Celtic Frost cover on a four song EP, especially if a band can pull it off as well as PanzerBastard does. But this isn’t just a cover show; the band’s original half of the EP is fucking great as well, even better than their covers are. Any heavy metal fan would have this EP as a great addition to their metal collection.

‘Centurion’ One of the band’s original songs, it’s a slow deep growl of a song. This is some ballsy metal right here. It makes me want to eat a giant slab of meat and get in a fight.

‘Usurper’ Our first Celtic Frost cover, this one from their ‘To Mega Therion’ album. It’s a fucking awesome cover of a great song, the metal gods would approve.

‘I Won’t Dance’ The second Celtic Frost cover, this one coming from ‘Into the Pandemonium’ I like the first one better but make no mistake this one also kicks a lot of ass. Any Celtic Frost fan would dig it.

‘Life Waster’ We end things with some insane fucking speed; ‘Life Waster’ is a song that’s just ripped through at two hundred miles an hour. Not only is it the fastest song on the EP it’s also the best.

  1. Centurion
  2. Usurper (Celtic Frost)
  3. I Won’t Dance (Celtic Frost)
  4. Life Waster

Get Centurion from Amazon HERE

REVIEW: Propagandhi/Sacrifice – Split

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Punk legends Propagandhi is here with Sacrifice to do a split on War is Music. Many people now a days are claiming Propagandhi is more metal than they are punk, which is fine with me, however this does nothing but reinforce that way of thinking. But I’ll take Propagandhi however I can get it so I’m pretty stoked for this. As for Sacrifice they’re a band I’m ok with, they’ve already established themselves and this is a pretty good thing they’ve got going on this disc. My main complaint about this split is the lack of material here; with the two bands here we only get two songs. I don’t know about you but as fans of the bands I need more than one song from them! And on top of that they aren’t even new songs, both bands do cover songs. Sacrifice seemly has the worst thing going here because they’re covering a Rush song. I know most people won’t agree here but basically Rush sucks. However Sacrifice does an awesome job covering this song, it pretty much rules. Big ups to Sacrifice for turning this one around. Now Propagandhi is covering Corrosion of Conformity, I can’t tell you how excited I was to hear this because both bands rule a lot. This more or less sounds how you’d expect, it sounds like Propagandhi doing a CoC song, and by that I mean it’s pretty goddamn awesome. I did however think Propagandhi would metal up the guitar work a little more than they did. Last mention here is the album cover, it is metal as fuck. If someone described the owl featured album cover I wouldn’t think much of it but seeing it, fuck! It looks like a power metal album cover, I’d totally blindly buy this just based on album cover.

1. Sacrifice: “Anthem” (Rush)
2. Propagandhi: “Technocracy” (Corrosion of Conformity)

Get Sacrifice – Anthem / Propagandhi from Amazon HERE

REVIEW: Helstar: Glory of Chaos

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Have you been itching for some good metal lately? Find that a lot of bands out right not don’t measure up? Well go out and grab you some Helstar. Their new album ‘Glory of Chaos’ will meet all of your metal needs. It’s almost an hour of heavy metal that incorporates parts of power metal and speed metal that rips through your speakers infusing your bones with metal music until you can’t take it anymore. Pretty impressive for some guys from the US too if you think about it, this shit is out on AFM records and has only been out since November so it shouldn’t be too hard to find. If you get the limited edition version of this you also get two bonus tracks, both covers. One Saxon cover and one Scorpions cover, I’ve never been a big fan of either but Helstar takes them and makes them their own, which mean both are great.

‘Angels Fall To Hell’ An amazing way to start the album, the vocals remind me of Rob Halford in his prime at some points. The guitars are raging, this is everything I fucking love about metal!
‘Pandemonium’ We waste no time blasting into the second song, evil guitars hammering down lays the background for this gem. Two tracks in and I already love this album.
‘Monarch Of Bloodshed’ By now you can guess how things go, the thunder of chainsaw metal riffs into a badass metal song, this is pretty par for the course. Best song on the album so far, this shit is pretty fucking evil.
‘Bone Crusher’ With a name that could almost double as a horror movie title this one starts out with full speed ahead, this is some great stuff to listen to when you’re in a shitty mood.
‘Summer Of Hate’ A change of pace, this song starts off way more slow and melodic than anything else so far, that doesn’t last too long though. Soon it’s kicked back in with the music that sounds like Halford has a mean streak.
‘Dethtrap’ This wastes no time with the angry metal raining down, it sounds a little Slayer like, but still with that power edge.
‘Anger’ Continuing on the path with the Slayer like sounds ‘Anger’ is a pretty spot on title for this. There seems to be a little more grit in the vocals on this one.
‘Trinity Of Heresy’ A sweet solo brings us into the song but it only lasts a few seconds as the rest of the band comes in quickly to help make things even better, this is the best intro on the album. The rest of the song is fucking badass too, one of my favorites.
‘Alma Negra’ The thrash in the band just kicks down the door and runs in for this song. Shredding at supersonic speeds this song rules my world.
‘Zero One’ Really short, less than a minute, which stands out on an album with songs between four and six minutes. This is about as close to acoustic metal as you’re going to get. It’s pretty good but not great, enjoyable.
‘Heavy Metal Thunder’ One of the two limited edition bonus tracks, a Saxon cover, and a fucking badass one. Saxon wishes they ever sounded this good.
‘Animal Magnetism’ The second bonus track from the limited edition, a Scorpions cover, and much like the previous one Helstar just takes the song and runs with it making it sound better than it ever has and probably ever will.

1. Angels Fall To Hell
2. Pandemonium
3. Monarch Of Bloodshed
4. Bone Crusher
5. Summer Of Hate
6. Dethtrap
7. Anger
8. Trinity Of Heresy
9. Alma Negra
10. Zero One
Limited edition bonus tracks:
11. Heavy Metal Thunder (Saxon Cover)
12. Animal Magnetism (Scorpions Cover)

Get Glory of Chaos from Amazon HERE

REVIEW: Halford: Made of Metal

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I love metal; it’s probably my favorite form of music ever. So that of course means I love Judas Priest, they’re one of the greatest metal bands of all time. However I’ve personally never been a fan of front man Rob Halford’s solo stuff. I enjoyed The Fight, just not Halford. But he gets another shot at it, here’s here again with the album ‘Made of Metal’, and out of my love and respect for this music I had to check it out, Blaze Bayley recently put out the first post Maiden album I liked, so why not metal god Rob Halford? Well he doesn’t quite make it this time, but he comes damn close. This is by far Halford’s best album, there are a lot of really good songs on here, unfortunately it’s splattered with a lot of half way decent, generic and boring things too. If you’re a fan of metal you should check it out just don’t go expecting the next Judas Priest album.

‘Undisputed’ This song is pretty fucking awesome. We’re off to great start with a song that sounds like it could be a Judas Priest song from the last two albums. Plus the song is cool because it’s for the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world!
‘Fire And Ice’ Not quite as cool, but a solid metal song. Very power metal.
‘Made Of Metal’ I like this one even less than the previous, we seem to be going downhill in quality but it’s still good metal so far. This is pretty generic though, I feel any decent heavy metal band could do this song.
‘Speed of Sound’ Fuck yes, back to awesome Priest quality metal. This song actually reminds me a fucking lot of Electric Eye.
‘Like There’s No Tomorrow’ Another fucking awesome one, this is starting to get back to kicking a lot of ass. Halford really gets to show that he’s still got a good set of pipes at his age here.
‘Till The Day I Die’ Wasn’t expecting this, it’s basically a country song, well a metal country song. I’m on the fence about it though, it’s an ok song, but that’s about it.
‘We Own The Night’ First song I just don’t like. Just seems like a bad metal song, it’s pretty boring except some guitar parts.
‘Heartless’ Better, still not really good though. Sounds more like a glam metal song most of the time.
‘Hell Razor’ Fucking finally, back to the Priest style. I know Rob is trying to do his own thing but this style suits him best because it rules.
‘Thunder And Lightning’ Another song that I don’t really like. It’s alright, more of a rock song than a metal song.
‘Twenty-Five Years’ Maybe the worst song on the album, tries to be a power ballad I guess but it just turns out boring.
‘Matador’ Back to the good stuff, this song makes you feel like a man. One of my favorites on the album, definitely my favorite that doesn’t sound like Judas Priest.
‘I Know We Stand A Chance’ Back to the generic stuff. This has been my biggest problem with Rob’s solo stuff; it’s always been just ok generic metal.
‘The Mower’ Again like the opening song; this reminds me of something from the last two Judas Priest songs, really heavy, really metal, and really good.

1. Undisputed
2. Fire And Ice
3. Made Of Metal
4. Speed of Sound
5. Like There’s No Tomorrow
6. Till The Day I Die
7. We Own The Night
8. Heartless
9. Hell Razor
10. Thunder And Lightning
11. Twenty-Five Years
12. Matador
13. I Know We Stand A Chance
14. The Mower

Get Made of Metal from Amazon HERE

REVIEW: Rampant Decay/Insult

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Punk and metal fans of fast angry music sit up and take note, this split is for you. We’ve got Rampant Decay and Insult together for almost nine minutes and nine songs blazing out your speakers. Rampant Decay gets three of the nine on here, but they’re also much longer than the Insult songs. Insult is with us for six of the tracks. Rampant Decay dishes up a dose of hardcore, black metal crust and thrash mixed into a blender that crosses these genres into one savage milkshake of anger. Insult takes more of a straight punk/thrash approach to things. Personally I dig the Insult side way more (not to say the Rampant Decay side isn’t good, because it is!), it’s just more up my alley. High speed songs blasting through your brain in less than a minute’s time, with one exception. This shit is awesome. If you dig fast music you should be looking into this split.

Rampant Decay:
1. Apocalyterian
2. Pigshit
3. I Wish All My Friends Were Dead

1. Get Killed
2. Hate your Face
3. Sheople
4. Blabbermouth
5. Shitbag
6. Diddler On Parole

REVIEW: Anal Cunt: Fuckin’ A

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Anal Cunt has been out of the game for a while, in fact they haven’t released an album since 1999. Well here they’re back with Fuckin’ A, it’s out on Patac  Records and I don’t think the band has lost a step. Now Anal Cunt isn’t for everybody, but fans of the band will be more than happy with this album, it rips through ten songs in just under a half hour. A lot of people have said the best thing about Anal Cunt is their song titles, well the band hasn’t slept with that part either with some great ones like ‘I’m gonna Give You AIDS’ and ‘I Wish My Dealer Was Open’. The band continues its thrash/hardcore style that it’s come to be known for. Vocals spit lyrics at you like acid and we’ve got plenty of heavy metal riffs to compliment it. This album kicks ass through and through, in fact this may be one of the bands best to date.  If you’re a fan of Anal Cunt don’t wait to pick this up.

1. Fuck Yeah
2. Crankin’ My Bands Demo on a Box at the Beach
3. Loudest Stereo
4. Kicking Your Ass and Fucking Your Bitch
5. Hot Girls on the Road
6. Whiskey, Coke, and Shits
7. All I Give a Fuck About Is Sex
8. I’m Gonna Give You AIDS
9. Yay! It’s Pink!
10. I Wish My Dealer Was Open

Get Fuckin A’ from Amazon HERE

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