REVIEW: Beach Slang: Who Would Ever Want Anything So Broken?

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Beach SlangEvery few years there seems to be the new band that everybody loses their minds over. This year there seems to be two bands doing that, Earth Girls and Beach Slang. Both great bands and seem to have the stuff to be around. But this is clearly about Beach Slang so let’s talk about them. If you like Mega City Four, Jawbreaker or Superchunk you should be listening to Beach Slang. It’s as simple as that. They’ve got all the great power pop/punk/rock mix that makes those bands great and they do it just as well themselves. Beach Slang isn’t some carbon copy Xerox band though; they’ve got their own thing going. In a time where everybody posts what they’re jamming to on Facebook it’s pretty evident that Beach Slang is a hit, either that or I just hang out with people that have impeccable taste because just about everyone seems to be rocking this band. When you hear one or two people talking up a band you might check it out but Beach Slang seem to be growing a nice little following in a very short period of time and I’ll say that these people know what the fuck is up. This is one of the best EP’s I’ve heard this year and it still gets pretty constant rotation. It’s the kind of record where you get bummed that it’s only four songs, but then it’s cool because you realize you can just listen to it on repeat. Don’t sleep on this one or you’ll miss out on some great stuff.

1. Filthy Luck
2. Kids
3. Get Lost
4. Punk Or Lust

Get it from Dead Broke Rekords HERE

Get it from Drunken Sailor Records HERE

REVIEW: Western Grace: Demo 2012

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Western Grace DemoWestern Grace is coming from Muenster, Germany with their demo, it’s three songs that are pretty damn good. It’s a great mesh of bands like Hot Water Music, Texas Is The Reason and Samiam. This demo just gets better and better too, the first song ‘Jeff Bridges’ is a great one, I figured it was going to be the best thing on here. But then ‘Buffalo Cubed’ slows it down a bit and delivers an even better song. Then ‘A Regular Balboa’ closes it out and this song is just fucking fantastic. Not only does this demo have three great songs but it sounds awesome too. It doesn’t really sound like demo recordings at all, this could have easily been just an EP. It really makes me stoked with what they’re going to do in the future. If you like the 90’s pop/punk/emo stuff check out Western Grace’s demo.

1. Jeff Bridges
2. Buffalo Cubed
3. A Regular Balboa

Get it from Western Grace HERE

REVIEW: Baby Ghosts: Ghost In A Vacuum

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baby-ghosts-ghost-in-a-vacuumBaby Ghosts is a great mix of pop punk and low-fi garage, actually make that the perfect mix of those things. I’ve never heard these sounds blended so perfectly. This seven inch has four great songs that are catchy as hell, I love the song titles and the songs themselves even more. Personally I think ‘Gravy Brain’ is the best but all four of them are solid hits. People that dig bands like Vivian Girls, Full of Fancy and Big Eyes should check out this Baby Ghosts record. It’s out on Lost Cat Records and Drunken Sailor Records.

1. Heaven Is A Place In Space
2. Gravy Brain
3. Married Alive
4. Love Me Buy Can’t

Get it from Drunken Sailor Records HERE

Get it from Lost Cat Records HERE

REVIEW: Jetty Boys/Boys Club

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Here from I Hate Punk Rock Records is a split from two great bands, the pop punk veterans that don’t get the credit they deserve the Jetty Boys and a relatively new band Boys Club. The first Jetty Boys song is fast, like faster than most of their stuff normally is. Sounds like they were listening to a lot of Queers and old Screeching Weasel for this one. Jetty Boys second song is a long one (over four minutes) but sounds a lot more like the Jetty Boys. Both these songs are great! Boys Club first song is a slow and awesome song, it seems like the Beach Boys meets Weezer. Their second song is a Warren Zevon cover; it’s a pretty good one too. Not the best cover I’ve ever heard but its pretty quality, though I’d really have preferred another new song over this. Overall this is a really good split by two great bands, if you like pop punk and power pop/rock you’ll want to check this one out.

Jetty Boys
1. No Good
2. 12 Steps

Boys Club
3. Half-Hallowed Heart
4. Excitable Boy

REVIEW: Rations: For Victory

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There’s a lot of great punk coming out of New York today and Rations is no exception, this band hails from Long Island and go right alongside all of the other great things coming from there. They hit that edge of punk that rides the line between being pop punk and just a really catchy version of your regular ol punk rock. A lot of it seems to have a Hot Water Music meets Dear Landlord sound but the more I listen to it the more I was thinking ‘damnit these guys have a giant Credentials feel to them, I wish they would have toured together’. There are eleven tracks on ‘For Victory’, though track seven is really a speech sound clip and ‘All Gone’ is really a swing and as miss as far as I’m concerned, though it does sound much different than the rest of the album. Everything else on here is some top notch tunes; I listened to this three times in a row and only stopped because I had to get out of my car. Not only does this thing sound good but it’s got the looks too. There’s a CD and LP version, both of which are pretty unique. I’m working off the CD version here; it’s got that half clear thing going on that I haven’t seen in a while, so it’s nice to see something different sometimes. I don’t have the LP but I’ve seen it, it’s one sided but they put the blank side to good use and it looks great. If you dig good fast salty pop punk ‘For Victory’ is for you, you can pick it up from 86’d Records now.

1. Alcohol And Sleeping Pills
2. Battery Park
3. Rations For Victory
4. San Loco
5. Shore Road
6. Twenty-Two And Ten
7. …
8. All Gone
9. Good Samaritan
10. (What If…) Jessica Jones Had Joined The Avengers
11. Night Nurse

REVIEW: Rejectioneers: 25 EP

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This EP is the debut release from Rejectioneers. They’ve got it up for free download at their bandcamp site, and I’ve gotta say chances are its well worth your time. It’s a good debut effort, they’ve for five pretty good indie songs, people who are into Jimmy Eat world, Nada Surf and some of the later Ataris (after they were great but before they started to be awful) stuff should be into this. The songs are pretty well written and have some good energy behind them, though I could really do without the intermission track, but still four out of five isn’t bad. So yeah, give these guys a chance, I can’t guarantee you’ll like them but there’s a fair chance that you will, what have you got to lose, it’s free.

1. Murderers
2. Get So Mad
3. Buried Treasure (intermission)
4. Wake Up
5. When It’s Over

REVIEW: The Heaven Switch: The Heaven Switch

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The debut self titled album from the band The Heaven Switch was released back in January. It’s a pretty good album of pop rock, if that’s the kind of thing you’re into but it does have a few problems. The best song on the album is the first song, it’s great. In fact the first three or four songs are really good, from there though it gets a little tiresome. The album picks back up towards the end and I find myself interested again, but not as much as I was at the beginning. If they had cut this down to an EP it would have been fantastic, as it stands it’s a pretty good album. The band has been featured on a whole slew of TV so some of it might sound familiar, and the fact that they’re a TV band isn’t a bad thing, I think they’ve got a sound that compliments that type of thing really well. If you’re into the big sound, heavy polished pop rock thing you should check this one out.

1. Raise A Flag
2. Stolen Car
3. Trainwreck
4. Fault Lines
5. Someday
6. Dam The Flood
7. Surface
8. You Said
9. Best Of Times

Get The Heaven Switch from Amazon HERE

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