REVIEW: Not Yet!: It’s A Small World, Alcohol

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CoverThis is Not Yet!’s first release, and it’s a pretty damn impressive one. You get pop punk in the vein of Rational Anthem, Dear Landlord and Off With Their Heads. The only bad thing I can say about this is its only four songs, way less than I want. Every one of these songs are great, they’re written well and played just as good. The man behind the band Jose, is a pretty great dude and I think it really comes through listening to these songs. I’d already rank Not Yet! up pretty high on the list of currently running pop punk bands, and as you may know that’s a tough list to get highly ranked on. You can get the CD from SP Records and if you’re a sick fuck that likes tapes John Wilkes Booth Records has them too. If you like pop punk such as the above mentioned bands then don’t sleep on Not Yet!

1. East Bay Breeze
2. Pointless
3. Cincinnati Agony
4. Westbound Sign

Get it from Not Yet! HERE

REVIEW: V/A: Sea Creatures No. 1

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sea_creaturesThis is the first compilation/four band split 7″ in a series from Merman Records. If the first volume is a good indication this should be a great series, however this did come out a while ago and I haven’t seen a second one, hopefully we get one soon. We’ve got bands from all over here New Brunswick and Toronto are represented on Side A, LA and the Windy City on the B. Before we even start on the music that’s in this thing you’re going to notice the cover, it’s pretty great artwork done by I fucking love the cover art for this. Two of these bands I’m real familiar with, the other two, not so much. The first one is one I know well, Fear of Lipstick they’ve got a fast catchy song pop punk that I think is the best one on this thing. The Roman Line is a band I hadn’t listened to too much of, this song is really good though. It reminds me of the Slow Death a little bit. Regal Beagle is the other band on here I know well, very Queers/Ramones type surf pop punk stuff. This song is no exception; it’s a surf pop party song, a lot of fun and pretty great. And closing out is The Neutron Bombs, a band that I don’t think I’d ever even heard before. They sound like a band that’s been around way longer than they have, like someone that should be touring with The Damned. The song they have on here is pretty decent, it’s my least favorite on this thing but it’s still really good. So through and through you’ve got four really great songs for one small price with a great package, you really can’t go wrong with this thing.




Side A

  1. Fear of Lipstick – Did Ya Know?
  2. The Roman Line – Squeaky Wheel Gets The Grease


Side B

  1. Regal Beagle – Party Again
  2. The Neutron Bombs – Not Listening

Get it from Merman Records HERE

REVIEW: The Manges: Plan Honolulu – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

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Adobe Photoshop PDFThe new 7″ from The Manges comes from One Chord Wonder records. It’s just two songs but it’s two of the best songs that The Manges have put out in a while. These songs have reenergised how much I like this band, espically ‘I’m Giving Up’. They’re a couple of quick catchy pop punk tunes with a bit of that Queers surfy sound hanging around in there. If you want a copy don’t sleep too long, they’re only doing three hundred of these, fifty of them are a limited edition blue with a different color.


1. Plan Honolulu
2. I’m Giving Up

Get it from One Chord Wonder Records HERE

REVIEW: Lili Champ: XYZ

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CoverLili Champ has release a four song EP on their bandcamp. While it may take me a little bit longer to beable to sing along (these songs are not in English) that isn’t a problem. They’re so catchy you can jam to them even if you don’t know what exactly you’re listening to. Lili Champ is a great band that doesn’t get enough recognition and releases like ‘XYZ’ just keep proving that more people should be listening to this.

1. Hasta Pronto
2. Andes
3. El Ancla
4. En Órbita

Get it from Lili Champ HERE

REVIEW: Beach Slang: Who Would Ever Want Anything So Broken?

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Beach SlangEvery few years there seems to be the new band that everybody loses their minds over. This year there seems to be two bands doing that, Earth Girls and Beach Slang. Both great bands and seem to have the stuff to be around. But this is clearly about Beach Slang so let’s talk about them. If you like Mega City Four, Jawbreaker or Superchunk you should be listening to Beach Slang. It’s as simple as that. They’ve got all the great power pop/punk/rock mix that makes those bands great and they do it just as well themselves. Beach Slang isn’t some carbon copy Xerox band though; they’ve got their own thing going. In a time where everybody posts what they’re jamming to on Facebook it’s pretty evident that Beach Slang is a hit, either that or I just hang out with people that have impeccable taste because just about everyone seems to be rocking this band. When you hear one or two people talking up a band you might check it out but Beach Slang seem to be growing a nice little following in a very short period of time and I’ll say that these people know what the fuck is up. This is one of the best EP’s I’ve heard this year and it still gets pretty constant rotation. It’s the kind of record where you get bummed that it’s only four songs, but then it’s cool because you realize you can just listen to it on repeat. Don’t sleep on this one or you’ll miss out on some great stuff.

1. Filthy Luck
2. Kids
3. Get Lost
4. Punk Or Lust

Get it from Dead Broke Rekords HERE

Get it from Drunken Sailor Records HERE

REVIEW: Isotopes: The First Four Seasons

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CoverDo you listen to the best baseball themed band of all time? Have you been meaning to check the Isotopes out but haven’t had a chance yet? Have you never heard of the Isotopes but like Baseball and punk? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions then you’re in luck! Isotopes have released ‘The First Four Seasons’ it’s a compilation of the Isotopes first four EPs (all of which are not out of print) plus some unreleased tracks, oh and they’re all remastered! This is the perfect collection for anyone worth a damn. Its sixteen great punk songs about baseball, what more can a person ask for? I love the Isotopes, and you should to. If you haven’t already purchased The First Four Season you should right now! Isotopes are Hall of Fame bound for sure!

1. Heatseeker
2. Operation: Vamos
3. Ballad Of Rey Ordonez
4. Just To Bring You Home
5. Around The Horn
6. Rule 21
7. Take Me Out To The Ball Game
8. You Gotta Freeze
9. Suicide Squeeze
10. Poison In The Clubhouse
11. Infield Fly
12. Goodnight Havana
13. First Day Of Spring Training
14. Tigerblood
15. Suicide Squeeze (Previously Unreleased Version)
16. Curse Of Jim Eisenreich

Get it from The Isotopes HERE

REVIEW: Parasites / BraceFace / Jetty Boys / Outrights 4-way split 7″

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CoverHere’s a 7″ record that I was pretty excited for, a four way split between the Parasites, BraceFace, Jetty Boys and Outrights. It comes by way of Eccentric Pop records and features a new song by each band! The Outrights are the only band I hadn’t heard of on here. Their song ‘Let’s Dance’ is a pretty rad rock/power pop song though there’s not a lot to the lyrics besides the song title. The Jetty Boys always with their long songs have the longest on this with ‘Stranger’ but it’s also super fucking catchy like their songs also are. I really don’t know how they do it, normally with a pop punk song over two minutes they don’t hold up too well but the Jetty Boys do it every time. Though the real gem of this record is the other side, it’s got the paring of the legendary Parasites and local (for me) pop punkers BraceFace! The Parasites song ‘Never Mean That Much To You’ is incredible, I love the new footing the band got when they released ‘Solitary’ and this song is one that would fit perfectly on there. This is by far the best song on here. Finally we’ve got BraceFace with ‘Cold Feet’ you’d think following the Parasites would be a disadvantage but BraceFace steps up to the plate with the second best song on the record. This one goes in my BraceFace top five. If you haven’t gotten into these guys yet you need to jump on that shit. Listening to them back to back with a band like the Parasites really shows you how good they are. So what’s not to like about this record? Four new and great songs by four rad bands go buy it.

1. Parasites – Never Mean That Much To You
2. BraceFace – Cold Feet
3. The Outrights – Let’s Dance
4. Jetty Boys – Stranger

Get it from Eccentric Pop Records HERE

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