REVIEW: The Tone: Demo

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CoverThe Tone is a new band from Mike that use to be in The Eeries. Similar to the Eeries it’s got a heavy old rock vibe to it but there’s also a nice amount of power pop sound. This is their demo, it’s only five songs but that’s more than enough to get the band down, and it’s a band you don’t wanna miss out on. If you dig stuff like The Poppees and Paul Collins’ Beat then The Tone should be right up your alley. You can score the 7″, the digital version or the tape if you’re into that.

1. Long, Long Time
2. I’ve Got Your Troubles (You’ve Got Mine)
3. Don’t Wanna Go
4. Boss
5. Not Long Now Soon

Get it from The Tone HERE

Get it from Piss Drink Records HERE

Get it from Eye Vybe Records HERE

REVIEW: The Novice: s/t 7″

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NoviceThanks to Dirtnap Records we get The Novice self-titled 7″. It features Jeff Burke of Marked Men/Potential Johns so you already know it’s good. Sadly this little record only has two songs, but they’re both super catchy that’s somewhere between power pop and garage rock, they sort of remind me of some of the Potential Johns stuff but with more rock injected into them. After hearing these two songs I can’t stress how much I wish this was an album, or even an EP, just something to give me more of these songs. They’re so goddamn good. Go get this record right now before you can’t anymore.

1. What You Want
2. Your Crime

Get it from Dirtnap Records HERE

REVIEW: Teenage Moods: Grow

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TM-GROW25 Diamonds is releasing the second Teenage Moods LP ‘Grow’, and I’m glad they did. This album is fucking great. It’s a nice mix of garage rock and power pop. I haven’t heard a band quite like this in a very long time, there are bands that have elements of this but none that really put it together like these guys do. Every one of these songs rules and I just can’t stop listening to this album, it gets better every time I listen to it. Anybody that likes rock, garage or power pop should really check this album out; chances are there’s a lot in it for you.

1. Bright Looms
2. Rock Man
3. Golden Lasso
4. Electric Aloha
5. Glow
6. You Made Stars Shoot Out Of My Eyes
7. Black Noon
8. You
9. Tear Drops Will Fall
10. Baby Plastic Baggy
11. Snake Eyes
12. Making Notebooks Full
13. Young Wish

Get it from 25 Diamonds HERE

REVIEW: Pretty Pretty: Demo

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FolderEvery once in a while I’ll hear a demo that will catch me and I’ll just listen to it over and over, this is one of those demos. Pretty Pretty has an awesome mix of garage rock and power pop that I can’t pull away from. I don’t even know how many times I’ve listened to these six songs already; let’s just say it’s a lot. They remind me a lot of Full of Fancy but leaning more towards the rock side of things then they did. This is a demo that’s not to be missed; all of these songs are great, so much so that I can’t even pick a favorite out of them. This is just one big helping of great songs, dig in.

1. Too Kind
2. Basement Dark
3. High Anxiety
4. Counting Hours
5. Like Antiques
6. Heart Aches

Get it from Pretty Pretty HERE

REVIEW: The New Warden: Still Life

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CoverJohn Wilkes Booth Records brings us ‘Still Life’ from The New Warden. This album is good, I mean like really fucking good. New Warden has a style of pop punk that has just a bit of power pop slid in there and they’re very good at it. Every one of these songs on this album is a hit. Hell even as soon as ‘Jeanbreaker’ starts you know you’ve purchased a great album. I’ve listened to this thing a lot and it still holds up as staggeringly good after hearing it the fiftieth time as it did the first. Anyone that likes power pop and pop punk needs to check this album out as soon as you can.

1. Jeanbreaker
2. The “I’m Busy Helping Other People” Riff
3. Long Walk Home
4. One Life
5. (The Story of) The Story of the Hurricane
6. Still Life
7. The Best Little Heroin Spoon in American
8. Paper trails
9. Black hearts
10. Compass Rose
11. Berry/Bar Conundrum

Get it from John Wilkes Booth Records HERE

Get it from The New Warden HERE

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