REVIEW: Beach Slang: Who Would Ever Want Anything So Broken?

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Beach SlangEvery few years there seems to be the new band that everybody loses their minds over. This year there seems to be two bands doing that, Earth Girls and Beach Slang. Both great bands and seem to have the stuff to be around. But this is clearly about Beach Slang so let’s talk about them. If you like Mega City Four, Jawbreaker or Superchunk you should be listening to Beach Slang. It’s as simple as that. They’ve got all the great power pop/punk/rock mix that makes those bands great and they do it just as well themselves. Beach Slang isn’t some carbon copy Xerox band though; they’ve got their own thing going. In a time where everybody posts what they’re jamming to on Facebook it’s pretty evident that Beach Slang is a hit, either that or I just hang out with people that have impeccable taste because just about everyone seems to be rocking this band. When you hear one or two people talking up a band you might check it out but Beach Slang seem to be growing a nice little following in a very short period of time and I’ll say that these people know what the fuck is up. This is one of the best EP’s I’ve heard this year and it still gets pretty constant rotation. It’s the kind of record where you get bummed that it’s only four songs, but then it’s cool because you realize you can just listen to it on repeat. Don’t sleep on this one or you’ll miss out on some great stuff.

1. Filthy Luck
2. Kids
3. Get Lost
4. Punk Or Lust

Get it from Dead Broke Rekords HERE

Get it from Drunken Sailor Records HERE

REVIEW: The Tone: Demo

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CoverThe Tone is a new band from Mike that use to be in The Eeries. Similar to the Eeries it’s got a heavy old rock vibe to it but there’s also a nice amount of power pop sound. This is their demo, it’s only five songs but that’s more than enough to get the band down, and it’s a band you don’t wanna miss out on. If you dig stuff like The Poppees and Paul Collins’ Beat then The Tone should be right up your alley. You can score the 7″, the digital version or the tape if you’re into that.

1. Long, Long Time
2. I’ve Got Your Troubles (You’ve Got Mine)
3. Don’t Wanna Go
4. Boss
5. Not Long Now Soon

Get it from The Tone HERE

Get it from Piss Drink Records HERE

Get it from Eye Vybe Records HERE

REVIEW: Alkaline Trio: My Shame is True (Deluxe edition with the Broken Wing EP)

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AlkalineShameBack in 2001 Alkaline Trio was one of my favorite bands and everything up to ‘From Here to Infirmary’ is still killer, ‘Good Mourning’ stumbled some but was still real good. Sadly after that the band hasn’t done much that I’ve cared for. Actually they just turned into a really bad band despite Dan’s best efforts to keep things good. ‘This Addiction’ did have some good songs (all Dan ones) so I had hope that the new album would return to form. It seems they made an attempt but the album is way too inconsistent to say for sure one way or the other. About every other song on this is good, or at least decent, though there are a few pockets of bad songs in a row. This still isn’t the Alkaline Trio I use to know and love but there are a couple of songs that are worth something on there. The deluxe version of the new album, My Shame is True, includes the Broken Wing EP, which was released the same day. Why it was released the same day and as an EP doesn’t make much sense to me but whatever, spotify has the deluxe version up and that’s what I’m working from here.


‘She Lied To The FBI’ To my shock and surprise this song isn’t bad at all, it’s actually really catchy. It’s a little more poppy than I’d expect from these guys but that’s not bad at all.
‘I Wanna Be A Warhol’ Ugh, this kind of crap is more what I expected. Sadly this song just blows. I don’t like the vocals, the lyrics, the background vocals; basically I hate everything about it.
‘I’m Only Here To Disappoint’ Luckily we get back to the good stuff soon, this actually sounds like a song that was left off of ‘Good Mourning’. I dig it.
‘Kiss You To Death’ This song I don’t care for at all. At first it almost seems like they’re trying to write a song that sounds like old Alkaline Trio but it just completely fails.
‘The Temptation of St. Anthony’ Much like ‘I’m Only Here To Disappoint’ this reminds me of something that would have been on ‘Good Mourning’, but without having Matt’s fucked up vocals that he had on that one. Another song that’s not bad, though this one isn’t great, it is pretty decent. I don’t care for it towards the end though.
‘I, Pessimist’ These guys just can’t stay on track, another bad song. It almost sounds like an older Rise Against song, but a poor imitation of one.
‘Only Love’ Another bad song, I’m not sure if this song is more just bad or boring, it might be somewhere in the middle.
‘The Torture Doctor’ This song isn’t really bad, but I have a hard time calling it good too. It’s kind of the same line repeated over and over after about the third time you’re tired of hearing it.
‘Midnight Blue’ This is a pretty decent song though it doesn’t sound like an Alkaline Trio song at all.
‘One Last Dance’ This song though does sound like an Alkaline Trio song, a very boring one.
‘Young Lovers’ A pretty solid Dan song.
‘Until Death Do Us Part’ I literally forgot I was listening to music during this song. It’s so bland it just fades into the background.
‘Balanced On A Shelf’ This song isn’t much better than the previous, it’s very unremarkable.
‘Pocket Knife’ This song might be alright if it didn’t have that annoying effect on the vocals, as it is they totally ruin a potentially good song.
‘Broken Wing’ A pretty decent Dan song, not amazing but the best of this EP for sure.
‘Sun Burns’ A pretty good song but it goes on for too long. The first minute or half or so is good….then you totally forget about it.


1. She Lied To The FBI
2. I Wanna Be A Warhol
3. I’m Only Here To Disappoint
4. Kiss You To Death
5. The Temptation of St. Anthony
6. I, Pessimist
7. Only Love
8. The Torture Doctor
9. Midnight Blue
10. One Last Dance
11. Young Lovers
12. Until Death Do Us Part
13. Balanced On A Shelf
14. Pocket Knife
15. Broken Wing
16. Sun Burns

Get My Shame is True from Amazon HERE

REVIEW: The Fur Coats: Goddamn, I’m a Handsome Man

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FurCoatsManThe Fur Coats are here with their ‘Goddamn, I’m a Handsome Man’ EP; it’s got four songs full of garage pop punk goodness. It’s out on Artistic Integrity Records, Seven Dead Arson Records, and Dirt Cult Records. They have a pretty distinctive sound which is a nice change of pace. All four of these songs are really good too, though the title track ‘Goddamn, I’m a Handsome Man’ is the best one. If you like garage and pop punk The Fur Coats is a band you should check out, it’s catchy as hell but not your generic pop punk.

1. What The Fuck Do I Do Now?
2. Goddamn, I’m a Handsome Man!
3. Tell Me Something I Don’t Already Know
4. And U R

Get it from Artistic Integrity Records HERE

Get it from Seven Dead Arson Records HERE

Get it from Dirt Cult Records HERE

REVIEW: Western Grace: Demo 2012

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Western Grace DemoWestern Grace is coming from Muenster, Germany with their demo, it’s three songs that are pretty damn good. It’s a great mesh of bands like Hot Water Music, Texas Is The Reason and Samiam. This demo just gets better and better too, the first song ‘Jeff Bridges’ is a great one, I figured it was going to be the best thing on here. But then ‘Buffalo Cubed’ slows it down a bit and delivers an even better song. Then ‘A Regular Balboa’ closes it out and this song is just fucking fantastic. Not only does this demo have three great songs but it sounds awesome too. It doesn’t really sound like demo recordings at all, this could have easily been just an EP. It really makes me stoked with what they’re going to do in the future. If you like the 90’s pop/punk/emo stuff check out Western Grace’s demo.

1. Jeff Bridges
2. Buffalo Cubed
3. A Regular Balboa

Get it from Western Grace HERE

REVIEW: Flamingo 50: Tear It Up

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Flmingo 50Drunken Sailor Records is putting forth another great record, this time its Flamingo 50’s album ‘Tear It Up’. I hadn’t heard a ton of their stuff before listening to this, my only contact with them before with their split with The Measure [sa], which I did enjoy. This album is just on another planet though by comparison. Every song here is really good, there’s no real down point in the album. This is an album I think people that listen to the Gateway District and The Measure [sa] would be super into. I know I’m digging it. This is yet another album that should be on your radar this year.

1. Count To Three
2. Annie Hall
3. December Sun
4. Face The Wall
5. I’ll Show You What For
6. Last Time
7. Losing Out
8. Roll On Rolly Wheel
9. Velocity Exercise
10. Tongue Tied
11. Wrong Time Wrong Place
12. Mile After Mile

Get it from Drunken Sailor Records HERE

REVIEW: Louise Distras: Shades of Hate Unplugged EP

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CoverThis ‘Shades of Hate Unplugged’ EP from Louise Distras features acoustic versions of songs from her single ‘Stand Strong Together’ and ‘Shades Of Hate’ plus two never heard before songs ‘Bullets’ and ‘People Of The Abyss’ taken from her debut album ‘Dreams From The Factory Floor’. All four of these songs are great; though I think my favorite is ‘Shades of Hate’ it’s just a really great song that comes together perfectly. Though ‘Bullets’ is a close second, it’s really catchy without being poppy which is kind of a hard thing to pull off. There’s a lot of examples of acoustic punk bands, most of them fall into the folk punk thing but Louise Distras does it without going to the folk sound, this is truly acoustic punk and she’s really great at it. You can download the Shades of Hate Unplugged EP for free on her website, if you dig acoustic music and punk I highly recommend you check this out.

1. Stand Strong Together
2. Shades of Hate
3. Bullets
4. People Of The Abyss

Get it from Louise Distras HERE

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