REVIEW: Louise Distras: Shades of Hate Unplugged EP

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CoverThis ‘Shades of Hate Unplugged’ EP from Louise Distras features acoustic versions of songs from her single ‘Stand Strong Together’ and ‘Shades Of Hate’ plus two never heard before songs ‘Bullets’ and ‘People Of The Abyss’ taken from her debut album ‘Dreams From The Factory Floor’. All four of these songs are great; though I think my favorite is ‘Shades of Hate’ it’s just a really great song that comes together perfectly. Though ‘Bullets’ is a close second, it’s really catchy without being poppy which is kind of a hard thing to pull off. There’s a lot of examples of acoustic punk bands, most of them fall into the folk punk thing but Louise Distras does it without going to the folk sound, this is truly acoustic punk and she’s really great at it. You can download the Shades of Hate Unplugged EP for free on her website, if you dig acoustic music and punk I highly recommend you check this out.

1. Stand Strong Together
2. Shades of Hate
3. Bullets
4. People Of The Abyss

Get it from Louise Distras HERE

REVIEW: Teenage Moods: Grow

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TM-GROW25 Diamonds is releasing the second Teenage Moods LP ‘Grow’, and I’m glad they did. This album is fucking great. It’s a nice mix of garage rock and power pop. I haven’t heard a band quite like this in a very long time, there are bands that have elements of this but none that really put it together like these guys do. Every one of these songs rules and I just can’t stop listening to this album, it gets better every time I listen to it. Anybody that likes rock, garage or power pop should really check this album out; chances are there’s a lot in it for you.

1. Bright Looms
2. Rock Man
3. Golden Lasso
4. Electric Aloha
5. Glow
6. You Made Stars Shoot Out Of My Eyes
7. Black Noon
8. You
9. Tear Drops Will Fall
10. Baby Plastic Baggy
11. Snake Eyes
12. Making Notebooks Full
13. Young Wish

Get it from 25 Diamonds HERE

REVIEW: The Shirks: S/T

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The Shirks STGrave Mistake Records drops an LP on us that I’ve been very excited to hear, The Shirks self-titled album! After some really great 7″s the band finally released a full length, something I wasn’t sure would ever even happen, it took five releases for it to happen. The Shirks are one of the best bands that few people talk about, which could be because they have very little online presence, but people that are in the know on this band are stoked. One of the best things coming out of DC right now is these guys and this record proves exactly why that is. Eight songs make up this album and they just get blazed through in around fifteen minutes. Basically what this is is the great rock punk combination that The Shirks have managed to master from their 7″ records and done better and more often. If you’re a fan of the band already then this record is something you should own as soon as possible, if you don’t know these guys yet then this is a perfect chance to reward yourself with hearing this band. I really didn’t think they’d ever be able to top their ‘Cry Cry Cry’ 7″ but I think they may have just achieved that with this album. This is definitely a ‘too hard to pick a favorite song’ type of album. They’re all great; they will all get listened to many times over.

1. Motherhood of the Wolf
2. Sex Gear
3. Dirty Teen Wolf
4. Bad Area
5. 9:30 Dicks
6. Nakitomi Liz
7. Don’t Tell Me
8. I Don’t Want to Work It

Get it from Grave Mistake Records HERE

Get The Shirks from Amazon HERE

REVIEW: Pretty Pretty: Demo

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FolderEvery once in a while I’ll hear a demo that will catch me and I’ll just listen to it over and over, this is one of those demos. Pretty Pretty has an awesome mix of garage rock and power pop that I can’t pull away from. I don’t even know how many times I’ve listened to these six songs already; let’s just say it’s a lot. They remind me a lot of Full of Fancy but leaning more towards the rock side of things then they did. This is a demo that’s not to be missed; all of these songs are great, so much so that I can’t even pick a favorite out of them. This is just one big helping of great songs, dig in.

1. Too Kind
2. Basement Dark
3. High Anxiety
4. Counting Hours
5. Like Antiques
6. Heart Aches

Get it from Pretty Pretty HERE

REVIEW: She Rides/Dripping Slits: Crucial Fix

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SheRidesSplitNegative Fun Records brings us a split from She Rides and Dripping Slits. I’ve heard She Rides before and liked them a lot, but this was my first encounter with Dripping Splits. The first She Rides song ‘Grease in the Wheels’ is great; it’s like some metal influenced rock. There are tons of riffs and all that sort of great stuff, the song is pretty great. The second song ‘Rage Forever’ isn’t quite as good but it is much faster so some people might dig this one more. It seems to be more of a hardcore influenced rock song; the vocals do fucking rage on this song, there’s no denying that. Both the songs of the She Rides side are pretty rad. Dripping Slits seem to be a great choice for a split with She Rides, they seem to pull from somewhat the same type of influences. The band seems like they listen to a lot of early Whiplash, Venom and hardcore punk but they’re still blanketed with a rock sound so they come up with a pretty unique blend. Much like the She Rides song I dig the first song ‘Soul Foul’ more than the second ‘Let’s Get Rough (to Death From Above)’ but both still rule. If you like fast rock, metal or hardcore give this split a listen, the mix might not work for you or it could be that perfect storm of sound mixes.
She Rides:
1. Grease in the Wheels
2. Rage Forever
Dripping Slits:
1. Soul Foul
2. Let’s Get Rough (to Death From Above)

Get it from Negative Fun Records HERE

Get She Rides/Dripping Slits – Crucial Fix from Amazon HERE

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