REVIEW: Mikey Erg: Fucifier

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CoverThis is a Mikey Erg record but it’s nothing like you’re expecting. This is NOT a pop punk record. What you get is five thrash songs from Mikey, all of the songs are under a minute long. A fast, loud and angry Mikey Erg is what Bloated Kat Records unleashed upon us. And if that isn’t strange enough this thing isn’t even a normal record, it’s a fucking flexi disc. What’s a flexi disc you ask? You might remember them if you’re old enough, it’s pretty much a cheap flimsy thin piece of vinyl (or plastic for all I know) that has the record pressed into it on one side. It’s square, it’s weird, but it’s better than a tape. If you want to hear Mikey Erg like you’ve never heard him before then Fucifier is what you’re looking for, the pentagram on the cover should tell you all you need to know.

1. Chicago Pussy
2. Second City
3. onezerothree
4. Dum Cos I Said So
5. The Art Of Stupidity

Get it from Bloated Kat Records HERE

Get it from Mikey Erg HERE

REVIEW: Iron Reagan: Worse Than Dead

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CoverRichmond, VA always seems to have a ton of great metal and punk music coming out of it, Iron Reagan just proves that once again. The band is made up of members of Municipal Waste and Darkest Hour. This band kind of reminds me of the early days of Municipal Waste, high energy, fast, and crazy but with slightly less thrash in them. This band is less of a thrash band and more of a true crossover like D.R.I. and they’re pretty fucking great. Their demo came out last year and I listened to it more times than I can count now they’re here with their album ‘Worse Than Dead’ by way of Magic Bullet. It’s got nineteen songs and goes by in twenty four minutes, as you can imagine it rips. The band blazes through every ones of these songs while not missing a beat. This is one of the tightest albums of this genre I’ve heard in a very long time. Anyone that likes thrash, hardcore, punk, crossover…well shit that sounds like D.R.I. meets Municipal waste needs to get on this. Out on Magic Bullet and A389!

1. Drop The Gun
2. Slightly Out Of Focus
3. I Predict The Death Of Harold Camping
4. Cycle Of Violence
5. Eyes Piss Tears
6. Insanity Plea(se)?
7. A Joke A Fraud A Fake
8. Rats In A Cage
9. We Know You
10. Paycheck
11. Midlothian Murder Mile
12. The Debt Collector
13. I Ripped That Testament A New Asshole
14. Bodies
15. Eat Shit And Live
16. Two Examples
17. Snake Chopper
18. Warp Your Mind
19. Walking Out

Get it from a389 Records HERE

Get it from Magic Bullet Records HERE

REVIEW: Municipal Waste/Toxic Holocaust split

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This is a split I was pretty excited for, even though I’d have been way way more excited if this was Municipal Waste before they signed to Earache Records, but from the sounds of their last album since leaving that label they’re getting back on track, and Toxic Holocaust is always on point. Sadly it turns out Municipal Waste haven’t quite gotten there yet. Both of the Waste songs sound like a band trying to sound like Municipal Waste. They don’t seem to have that pure thrash heart that they use to. The vocals are a little weak and the riffs are very tired, still I’ve heard much worse…from this band even. That brings us to the other side, Toxic Holocaust is here making a strong argument to be the king of thrash that the punk kids listen to. The first song ‘We Bring Em Hell’ just punches you in the face with the strong mean vocals from hell and the thundering guitar riff. This is how thrash should be; this is how Toxic Holocaust does it. If you thought the first Toxic Holocaust was good, hell you ain’t heard nothing yet. The second song ‘Altar-ed States’ is pure thrash bliss. This song is just fucking incredible, it’s a little slower than I tend to like my thrash but by no means is it a slow song, this is pure evil wonderful thrash. If nothing else this shows you side by side that Municipal Waste really needs to get back on their game, because there are plenty other bands like Toxic Holocaust that can climb the thrash mountain with no problem.

1. Trapped in the Sites
2. Mourning Sex

3. We Bring Em Hell
4. Altar-ed States

Get Municipal Waste/Toxic Holocaust from Amazon HERE

REVIEW: Tartar Control: Holy Crap!

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Two Mormon missionaries and a robot named Robot make up the band Tartar Control. What would a band like this sound like? Well it’s something like part Peelander-Z, part Good Clean Fun and part Kreator. They’re pretty much a hardcore thrash band, not what I was expecting from the album cover or anything I saw before I listened to this album. At first I wasn’t sure if this was a gimmick or if they were in fact, a Mormon band. This album has a whopping thirty tracks on it, granted there are more than a few skits on here, which aren’t all funny, but they’re completely necessary for the tone of this thing. If I had gone through and listened to this without the skits I most likely would have written this off as an alright thrash band and been done, but with the skits it turns this whole thing into something so much more amazing. It took me a little while to jump on board with this, but not too long. There was a skit where the band was playing a metal house, the owner kicked them out because instead of selling tickets they baked them into pies and gave them to their friends. Then it kicks into the song ‘Satanists Are Fucking Dicks’ a big dumb smile hit my face and I was on board. If you like thrash and hardcore and gimmick bands Tartar Control is for you. And if you like robots, stick around for the hidden track.

1. Hello
2. Jesus is Love
3. Salt Lake
4. Child Molester
5. Lazy Fuck
6. The Metal House
7. Satanists Are Fucking Dicks
8. Diabolical
9. Chimney Sweep
10. Drinking Gasoline
11. Self Defense
12. NoHo Dojo
13. Burn It to the Ground
14. Pretty Stupid
15. Marshmallow Squares
16. My Grandma Fights
17. You’re So Fat
18. Pony King
19. Smoking Crack
20. Screaming Contest
21. Oxygen Is For Fags
22. Joe Was a Humpback Whale (But Now He’s Dead)
23. Alaska
24. Fuzzy Bunnies
25. Cramps Don’t Mean You’re Pregnant
26. Love
27. Tickle Me Elmo
28. Sodomy Basket
29. Peach Cobbler Party
30. Goodbye

Get Holy Crap from Amazon HERE

REVIEW: Birth A.D.: Stillbirth of a Nation

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Birth A.D. does a couple great things with this album; first off they’ve created a pretty solid album with lots of awesome songs. Its twenty minutes where you can just let your mind go and enjoy listening to music like you’re fucking fourteen again. Which brings the next thing they do really well here, these songs for the most part aren’t overly complicated. They’re simple, but good. They get in, make the point, have fun, and move on to the next one. They also display talent for almost two types of music here, a lot of songs are just punk song, but there’s also a ton of thrash, basically wherever I turned I was into it. Fans of old angry fast punk rock, thrash and cross-over and bands like D.R.I., S.O.D. and C.O.C should, no, need to check this album out. It’s a fucking great one!

‘Equal Opportunity’ The intro/outtro of the phone ring is a little weird but it’s a quality punk rock song here.
‘Failed State’ We’ve got more of the metal edge showing here with a straight up thrash song.
‘Kill Everybody’ This one sounds like a disorganized hardcore song, besides the simple chorus and the breakdown, this song isn’t quite up to snuff, especially after following the last two great songs.
‘Bring Back the Draft’ Back to the simple quality of thrash here, songs like this are what I think of when I hear crossover-thrash. Not a punk song but not full on thrash metal either.
‘Cause Problems’ Your basic simple punk rock song.
‘No Jobs (Don’t Work)’ Now this is a song really after my heart. This is what I like to call the everyman theme song. Fuck jobs.
‘No, Man’ Another fucking awesome fast punk thrash jam, we need more stuff like this today.
‘Parasites Die’ One of the more thrashy songs on the album, especially from the guitar parts, it’s also one of the more pissed off songs. Every punk/thrash album needs some anger.
‘This Scene Sucks’ Songs like this come up every so often, and they’re normally true most of the time. It’s not something you haven’t heard before but I’m not going to ignore it, I always like this song, whatever form it takes.
‘Blow Up the Embassy’ Ending things here is another punk-thrash anthem. This song isn’t bad but lyrically it seems like it was written by a sixteen year old, luckily the music can carry it.

1. Equal Opportunity
2. Failed State
3. Kill Everybody
4. Bring Back the Draft
5. Cause Problems
6. No Jobs (Don’t Work)
7. No, Man
8. Parasite Die
9. This Scene Sucks
10. Blow Up the Embassy

Get Stillbirth Of A Nation from Amazon HERE

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