SHOWS I SEEN: BraceFace/Beatnik Termites/The Dewtons/Trashkanistan (last show!) – March 7, 2014 – The Sidebar – Baltimore, MD

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The Sidebar – Baltimore, MD
Friday, March 7, 2014

This is being written while still covered in beer and sweat and the hangover starting to set in. All thanks to the following:

Trashkanistan – Possibly the most fun band Baltimore has to offer…and now they’re gone. If you say you didn’t have fun seeing Trashkanistan at any point, my only guess would be that you were in a coma at that time. Though even in a coma I’d have to assume you’d have a blast seeing this band. Always fun beyond expectations with a song catalog that’s pretty much hit after hit they went out there for their last show and again showed how great of a band they are/were. This is the most fun I’ve had since Insub Fest, it was a fucking blast. If you missed this set tonight you missed an incredible time. I’ll miss this band a bunch but if you’ve gotta go it may as well be after a set like this.

The Dewtons – The Dewtons are always pretty fun to see. They’re not my favorite band but they’ve got some good songs and always a lot of energy so I guess really there’s not much more you can ask from a band.

Beatnik Termites – It was really fucking weird seeing a basically completely new lineup from Beatnik Termites. The only one I recognize now is Pat. But that’s not too bad because they still sound great. It’s always fun seeing the Beatnik Termites, and if I ever say different punch me in the face.

BraceFace – I’ve seen BraceFace a bunch of times. They’re one of the better Baltimore bands and they’re really fucking good. And even with that this was still one of; if not the best time I’ve seen them. Their songs are great and they put on a fun show, there’s not much more you can ask for. Though I guess if you’re going to be a jerk and demand more, there’s always th

SHOWS I SEEN: City Mouse/The Headies/Bummers – November 7, 2013 – Bummers beach house – Newark, DE

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Bummers beach house – Newark, DE
Thursday, November 7, 2013

Bummers – Bummers are always great, they’ve got a full band now and they continue to kick ass every time I hear or see them. They did a Jawbreaker cover at this show too, solid set as always.

City Mouse – This was my third or fourth time seeing City Mouse but it was also by far the best City Mouse set I’ve seen. They were really really great and played just about all of my favorite songs. I think they may have hit a new level of greatness.

The Headies – The Headies were the Headies, great as always and they’re always a blast to see. I really cannot praise this band enough!

SHOWS I SEEN: Lipstick Homicide/Boys – October 24-25, 2013 – Bummers beach house – Newark AND DE, Charm City Art Space – Baltimore, MD

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Lipstick Homicide and Boys were touring together and playing two back to back shows really close to me so I had to go to both, right? First I made the trip the Delaware for yet another great show, seriously Delaware always has some great shows, and I’ve never been to a bad one there. Keep it up guys! Then the next day it was off to Baltimore for another great show at my favorite place of all time the Charm City Art Space!

Bummers beach house – Newark, DE
Thursday, October 24, 2013

Bummers – I think this is the first time I’ve gotten to see the Bummers with a full band for their entire set (last time I got there late like a jerk). I’m guessing they’re just a full time full band now and it’s great. If you haven’t checked this band out I highly recommend you do it now. I believe they’ve got a record coming out soon on Bloated Kat Records, but it’s not soon enough, I want it now!

Boys – I had really high expectations seeing Boys because I’d listened to that demo somewhere around a billion times already and had never seen them before, yet they still totally blew me away. This band is incredible, if you’re not listening to them you’re fucking things up. And if you’ve had the chance to see them and didn’t, just quit at life. Go see this band whenever you can, they’re really really great.

The Murderburgers – Murderburgers are a band that I’ve been on the fence about. I liked some things they’ve put out but just as some pretty good pop punk. However after seeing them this time, they were a ton of fun and I decided I needed to buy some records.

Lipstick Homicide – Lipstick Homicide is one of the best bands in existence, they will melt your face with greatness every time you see them. This time was of course no exception. This was my seventh time seeing Lipstick Homicide in 2013 (out of eight) and out of those times that I’ve seen them this was one of the best, most fun sets of the year.

The Headies – The Headies are another band that you should know, and if you don’t you’re doing yourself an extreme disservice. Listen to their records; go to their shows, their one of the most fun bands around. It’s always a good time when you’re seeing the Headies. They mixed up the set a bit from the past few times that I’ve seen them but it’s not like that’s a problem for a band that doesn’t have any bad songs. Great set as always.

Martin – Martin wasn’t on the bill but they played a surprise set which was really great especially because I’d never seen them before. It was a rad short little set, looking forward to seeing this band again and hopefully many more times.

Charm City Art Space – Baltimore, MD
Friday, October 25, 2013
FTS FEST 12 Series

Lipstick Homicide – I don’t know how many times I can say Lipstick Homicide is one of the greatest bands both live and recorded. It’s just a fact. This night was especially great though because they covered a Rational Anthem song, there aren’t real words to describe how happy that made me. Hopefully I see this band as many times (or more) next year as I did this year.

The Murderburgers – Murderburgers turned me into a big fan the night before this. Tonight I bought the records I said I was going to buy yesterday after they were great once again. This is a case of I wish I’d seen the light of this band sooner.

Braceface – Braceface is a great pop punk band from Baltimore. I’ve seen them a bunch but not near enough times. Their songs are catchy as hell and they’re always fun to see. They had a great set tonight as they usually do. Bands like this remind me that pop punk isn’t dead in Baltimore.

Boys – Boys were great the night before and tonight was no different. Boys totally blew me away with their greatness for a second time in a row. When this band comes out with an album it’ll be an album of the year contender for sure. And I see them always being one people’s ‘best band’s I’ve seen this year’ list all the damn time.

Solid Citizen – I missed Solid Citizen, I blame the beer that I was drinking and the people that made me drink it!

SHOWS I SEEN: Goblin – October 4, 2013 – The Ottobar – Baltimore, MD

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The Ottobar – Baltimore, MD
Friday, October 4, 2013

I like many people have liked Goblin since I first heard them on the Suspiria soundtrack. Since then they’ve done a lot of great soundtracks (most of Dario Argento’s good ones) and some quality albums. Finally they tour the US and I of course bought a ticket as soon as they went on sale. The Ottobar was super packed which wasn’t really a surprise because it was sold out. But this was one of the fullest I’ve seen the place. There is only one other time I can remember it being more packed. Secret Chiefs 3 opened up. They, like Goblin, are an instrumental band. The songs they played seemed to be heavily horror themed influenced, and they all wore robes like some kind of cult. I dug them a lot, and purchased a few CDs that they had for sale. Secret Chiefs 3 were the only opening band, next was Goblin. Simply put, they were everything I had hoped for, and more. Goblin is hands down the best band I’ve seen this year. They were amazing. They played a nice long set, but as far as I was concerned they could have played for hours longer. They were fucking fantastic. If you ever get the chance to see this band, don’t hesitate!

SHOWS I SEEN: Brian McGee/Wringer – May 8th 2013 – Home Grown Cafe – Newark, DE

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Home Grown Cafe – Newark, DE
Friday, May 8th, 2013

Bummers – Sadly I came in part way through Bummers set so I missed some of it but not all of it. Bummers had a full band for the first time that I’ve seen them. It was a different sound but cool for sure, the full band sounds great. Some of the songs I still preferred the solo way though. But they did ‘Breakfast for Dinner (Sometimes)’, it’s a great song but the full band version just destroyed the solo version.

Wringer – My first time seeing Wringer, they were a lot of fun and pretty great. They’re a band that if you get a chance to see them make sure you do because it’s worth it for sure. I hope I get to see these guys a ton more times.

The Scandals – This is the only band on the bill that I didn’t know coming in, the first song I wasn’t crazy over but after that they were pretty good. I dug these guys; I’m going to check out more by them for sure.

Brian McGee – This was the second or third time I’ve seen Brian, he played a short set but it was pretty rad. He played some new songs and some Plow United songs, it was a good one.

The Headies – What do I need to say about the Headies? They’re great and an insane amount of fun every single time they play. You really can’t ask for more out of a band than the Headies give you. If you don’t hate fun then you must see the Headies every chance you get.

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