Ah, Horse Hockey is a friendly band with friendly songs. As much as that may sound over sugarcoated they’re not too sweet to take, you can see for yourself with this handy EP. Five songs that last, fifteen minutes but the memories that they may inspire will last forever. The band has the feel of just some random friends sitting around, hanging out and having fun playing some songs. They’re a punk rock band that barrows the relaxed feel of country (though make no mistake they’re not another folk-punk band, not anything close). There are songs you can sit around and have a few beers with some friends to. The songs are constructed, written and played well, hell even the song titles are great. However it does say on the album that they’re from ‘the land of pleasant living’, which would be Natty Boh country, not Philly, but I’ll just assume they’re fans of the Boh, which makes them good people, listening to this makes them seem like they’d be a good bunch of people to hang out with.

‘You Turned Off Blink 182 For This Shit?’ The intro for this goes on a little too long for me (a full minute), but once the song kicks into gear it’s a nice chill rocking tune. This is definitely a drinking with friends song.
‘Motherfucker, Do I Look Like Tony Hawk?’ The title might sounds like this is going to be a harsh song but it’s really way more relaxed than the title lets on. A catchy tune that would go great with a sunny day.
‘My Name Is Also Brayan…n…t’ This one kicks up the gear a little more, faster, catcher, a little more punk rock. It has kind of a Hot Water Music feel to it. This is one of my favorites.
‘Go Cut Your Lawn, Then We’ll Talk About Friendshipcore’ Basically a straight rock tune here, but the kind you could throw in a power pop mix. Maybe the catchiest song on the EP.
‘From The Land Of Pleasant Living’ A lot like the song before it, a pop rock gem that you can’t help but feel good when you listen to it.

1. You Turned Off Blink 182 For This Shit?
2. Motherfucker, Do I Look Like Tony Hawk?
3. My Name Is Also Brayan…n…t
4. Go Cut Your Lawn, Then We’ll Talk About Friendshipcore
5. From The Land Of Pleasant Living