So there are the old Gods, the ones we’ve heard myths and stories about for years, going back to greek mythology, ancient religions and whatever else you can think of. But now a days most people don’t care about them anymore, we have new Gods. The new Gods of today we all know but might not think of that way, TV, Radio, the Internet. So the question that we have here is what happens when the old Gods are tried of getting ignored and want to take back the glory they once had. Neil Gaiman tries to answer that here in American Gods. The story mostly centers around Shadow, who from the start is having a pretty shitty time. He’s in jail, but he’s getting out, but then his wife dies. From there it doesn’t get much better for him. Overall after I finished I basically enjoyed the book, the main problem is for most of the book nothing really happens. It’s a whole lot of small information coming to you that doesn’t have a payoff until about the last hundred pages of the book. At the end of the book it’s a pretty great payoff but it’s an uphill battle getting there. If you feel like investing some time here it will turn out pretty well but if you don’t long periods with nothing going on you might wanna look at something else.

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