REVIEW: Born Without Bones: Say Hello

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Born Without Bones is here with their album from Animal Style Records. They bring a brand of pop punk that heavily leans into indie rock to borrow some sound. The album is pretty decent though I can’t really say there’s any standout tracks. It’s far from awful, unfortunately it’s also far from a must own, at least for me. There’s a crowd where I can really see this being on the ‘must own now’ list, that includes people that are heavily into Death Cab for Cutie, Jimmy Eat World, The Starting Line…you probally have an idea by now. If that’s what you’re really into then you should give this record a listen, you’ll most likely dig it. For me, I’m more of a traditional pop punk guy, it didn’t do a lot for me except work well in the background while I was sitting around doing a lot of nothing. You can get the record from Animal Style records or if you like digital things it’s up on the band’s bandcamp page.

1. Say Hello
2. Out Of Step
3. Falling Asleep
4. Em
5. Consider This.
6. Sound Of A Crowded Room
7. GKN
8. You
9. Sunday
10. Arachnophobia
11. Privileges
12. The Camera Turns

Get Say Hello from Amazon HERE

REVIEW: Mixtapes: A Short Collection of Short Songs

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Fans of Lemuria, Iron Chic, P.S. Eliot, good indie and pop punk and male/female vocals rejoice. Mixtapes is here with a 7″ for your ears to enjoy, this one is titled ‘A Short Collection of Short Songs’, a pretty spot on title as there are seven songs, most of which are under two minutes, and the whole thing is about sixteen minutes long. Cincinnati, OH’s Mixtapes have been pumping out quality releases since they started and this is no exception, it’s out on Animal Style Records right now and it may be the label’s best release to date.

‘Birthday Party Summer Camp (Helllooo Meggannnn)’ Nice start to this 7″, this is the type of song I think of when I think Mixtapes, it’s a mellow indie tune with a lot of pop to it.
‘The Real Hotel California’ This song rules, it’s a straight up pop punk song with female vocals, which I’m a total sucker for. This is the second best song on the album; it’s a song that’ll always put you in a good mood.
‘Soups Whatever’ Acoustic guitar and a piano makes up the band for this one, dual vocals cover the lyrics; it’s a great mix of everything. This seems like it’d be a great acoustic sing along song. Or hanging out around a fire and enjoying.
‘I’m Like’ Here they’re back to plugging in the band and it’s another pop punk song of the highest quality. It’s got a positive spin on it that should bring up your spirits if you’re having a shitty day.
‘Whit’s End’ Back to the acoustics, piano and dual vocals for this one. I like the other song like this just a little better but this one is great too. It makes me want to take a road trip for some reason.
‘Anna Maria’ Here’s the depressing indie song of the EP. It’s a song that long boring Sunday afternoons and rainy days are made up of. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a really great song, but it’s a downer. And I hope that’s a small Ergs reference in there.
‘Your Little Hoodrat Friend’ This song I didn’t like at first, it’s about as close to punk rock as the band gets. And angry guitar and drum driven song about a girl, one that sounds like a pretty shitty person. But after little while I got into the song, now it’s my favorite song on here.

1. Birthday Party Summer Camp (Helllooo Meggannnn)
2. The Real Hotel California
3. Soups Whatever
4. I’m Like
5. Whit’s End
6. Anna Maria
7. Your Little Hoodrat Friend

Get A Short Collection of Short Songs from Amazon HERE


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