REVIEWS: Archers And Arrows/Bottle Knowledge split

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Switzerland’s Archers and Arrows are back, and this time they brought Bottle Knowledge along for the fun. Together they bring a six song split that’s pretty damn good. Archers and Arrows first song on the split is hands down the best song on here, it’s fucking great. Though I wasn’t too into the second song they have on here. The third song they have it alright, I’m pretty indifferent on it, it’s pretty good but I think they killed any chance of another song being good after that first one. Bottle Knowledge has three post punk type songs, all three of them are really good, but personally I think the second ‘L’Aiglon’ blows the other two out of the water. Still even the other two songs are really good; I’ll be looking more into these guys. I think the Bottle Knowledge side half is more solid but Archers and Arrows has the best song, so it’s really hard to call who has the best part of this split. It pretty well evens out to something you just need to check out because it’s solid on both sides.

Archers And Arrows
1. Sing And Play
2. Archers and Arrows
3. A Minute

Bottle Knowledge
4. Statue of Salt
5. L’Aiglon
6. Dregs and Divination

REVIEW: Archers and Arrows: Archers and Arrows

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Archers and Arrows are a punk band from Lausanne, Switzerland. They’ve got a pretty unique sound; it’s kind of a Latterman/Get Up Kids/hardcore/emo sound. I know that might not sound appealing at first but these guys take it and totally own the sound. They make it work better than I would ever think possible. Here is their self titled EP; it’s got five songs, so that should be enough to get you acclimated to the band. The first song ‘It’s So Cool, We Will Die All Together’ is simply off the charts good, it’s a perfect example of how this blend of styles can make great music. The second track ‘The Support’ is pretty good, its starts out great, but it has a bit too much of the hardcore vocals for my taste. Then they’ve got ‘Swan Song’ this really shows the Get Up Kids part of the band’s sound, it’s almost the best song on here, if it wasn’t for the opening track. The fourth song ‘Truncated Humanism’ totally kicks this into a different gear, it’s a lot faster. It sounds more like a straight up punk song or a hardcore song than the others except they don’t use the rough vocals, which I think totally makes this song work and I’m glad they didn’t go that way. It’s a total kickback to the 90’s with this song. The last song on here ‘The Young Carpetbaggers’ is another hardcore/punk song but not as good as the previous. This may be the weakest song on this thing but it’s still pretty good. This band blends so much together I can’t even say “if you’re into blah blah blah” check these guys out because they’re not really nailed down to anything. I’m just going to leave it at go listen to Archers and Arrows.

1. It’s So Cool, We Will Die All Together
2. The Support
3. Swan Song
4. Truncated Humanism
5. The Young Carpetbaggers

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