REVIEW: Perfect Teeth: Perfect Match/Issue #0

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Perfect Teeth is a comic song combo that comes from some people that you probably know.
The song is pretty great, it’s got Jon Snodgrass on vocals and it’s not quite like anything he’s done before yet it’s not a far cry either. However I guess that makes sense since if you take a look at the band. The song was written by Vinnie Fiorello from Less Than Jake, but the band itself is Stephen Egerton of the Descendents on guitar, bass and drums, Jon Snodgrass of Drag The River/Armchair Martian on vocals and guitar, so as you might imagine, this should be great just based on that. Best thing I can say is if you’re a Snodgrass/Drag The River/Armchair Martian fan be sure to check this out. Even if you’re not familiar with Jon or any of those bands, think along the lines of the Descendents family tree to get a good foothold of what you’re getting into. I really dig this; I hope there’s an album in the works.
The comic part is a free digital download you can get from Paper and Plastick’s website. The comic written by Vinnie Fiorello from Less Than Jake and Matt Anderson, and drawn by Peter Wonsowski and Matt Jordan. Idea behind this collaboration is that the song you’re hearing is the real life version of the band in the comic. I like the art in here, the style seems to change slightly even though this thing is only twenty pages. In the comic there are ‘monster invasion’ bands, similar to the ‘British Invasion’ of old, but with bands formed by actual monsters. The movement seems to be started accidently by Nick Payne, not a real vampire, but his success sent record executives to start making frequent visits to monster venues. Turns out the real monsters don’t like Nick too much, but there was a band, Perfect Teeth, they had a number one hit with ‘Perfect Match’ (the song that came streaming with this). With real monster bands like Perfect Teeth having hits the fakes like Nick Payne pretty much fell off everyone’s radar. Most of the comic takes place in an interview with the lead singer of Perfect Teeth and Nick Payne. I’m not sure how strong the set of legs would be on this if it was actually a series, it could probably run as a mini-series through. I liked this way more than I expected to, it was a pretty quick and easy read, and I think that’s more of a credit to the writing than anything else. Check this out if you get a chance, it’s a pretty good way to spend a few minutes.
With a side note my small and weird complaint is the format. The comic download is a pdf, which makes sense, it’s probably the easiest and most widely used format for something like this, chances are it’s the way I’d have released it. But having it as a cbr or cbz would have made it so much better on my tablet.

If anyone knows where I can get an actual download of this song let me know. This whole stream thing isn’t cutting it for my life.

REVIEW: Joey Cape and Jon Snodgrass: Liverbirds

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Joey Cape is a pretty talented dude from the band Lagwagon. And Jon Snodgrass is a guy you might know from Armchair Martian, and Drag the River, he’s a favorite of mine. The two of them come together to bring us a split album. A lot of acoustic tracks being laid down, and a lot of it (all of it) is great stuff. I think this is some of the best stuff to date that Joey Cape has done, and Jon, he continues to pull it out being top quality as I’d expect. These two compliment each other really well on this record, if you’re a fan of either, or just of the acoustic/folk/country stuff you should be checking it out.

Joey Cape:
1. To All My Friends
2. Whipping Boy
3. Making Friends
4. Angry Days
5. Alien
Jon Snodgrass:
6. Break You Frame
7. Jessicas Suicide
8. Losing Everyone
9. Spiderman Wolfman
10. Mexican Song

REVIEW: Joey Cape & Jon Snodgrass Who Wants to Get Down?

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Suburban Home Records brings us a split from two great song writers. Joey Cape from Lagwagon, and Jon Snodgrass from Drag the River and Armchair Martian, one song from each. Joey Starts out the proceedings with “I’m Not Gonna Save You” I was never a big Lagwagon fan and only recently started listening to Joey’s solo stuff. His album is pretty decent, this song really should have been on the album, because as good as most of that album is, this song is better than 80% of what made the cut. The flip side Jon is up to bat with “Brave With Strangers” Jon recently released a solo album that sounded somewhere in between some of Armchair Martian’s more country stuff and Drag the River. If you’ve heard that solo album this is in the same vein, leaning more toward his Drag the River country side of things. Unlike Joey’s song this one actually made the cut for the solo album. In fact this song opens up Jon’s solo album, it’s nice to hear it again and makes a great partner for the former Lagwagon member’s song. Normally you’d see me complaining about releasing a song that’s already out, but Jon’s a solid guy so I’ll let him slide with this one.

A: I’m Not Gonna Save You (Joey Cape)
B: Brave With Strangers (Jon Snodgrass)

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REVIEW: Drag The River/The Dents: Found All The Parts

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dragdentYou like catchy punk bands with female vocals, and you like great country music that makes you thirsty for whiskey but you don’t know which one you want to listen to, what do you do? Well Suburban Home Records has the solution to the problem. Here we have a split with The Dents and Drag The River, each take turns putting a song down on the record; in fact this eight track record only has four songs. After a listen or two you can guess which ones are written by which bands and what songs are the cover versions, I like this idea for a split record. The Dents are a pretty good punk band from Boston with some catchy female vocals, and this is the best thing they’ve ever put out, every track of theirs is really good, however they run into a problem, the problem? The other band on the split is the one and only Drag the River. Too band for the Dents as good as they are Drag the River is simply better. They take each song on here and make it their own, both the songs that are theirs and the ones that are written by the Dents. Drag the River just totally owns this split and they make no apologies for it. Jon Snodgrass & Chad Price from Armchair Martian & ALL respectively are back with their country band bringing us four songs that prepare you to reach for your medicine and calm that dull voice in your head that tells you to stay sober, in the end, as always, the booze wins over the brain and you can settle down with a bottle, listen to this record and know all is well.
1. D.T.R. get over it or get it over with
2. Dents get over it or get it over with
3. D.T.R. Crawling
4. Dents Crawling
5. D.T.R. last one standing
6. Dents last one standing
7. D.T.R. trainwreck
8. Dents trainwreck

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REVIEW: Jon Snodgrass: Visitor’s Band

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jons_visitorsAlright I’ll start out by saying this, If you’re a fan of Drag the River or Armchair Martian and you don’t own this yet, just stop reading now and go pick this up. If you like the above two bands then you should know exactly what to expect here, it’s Jon from both DTR and Armchair Martian with his first solo album. A slightly rock infused country album with lots of visitors making up the band, hence the title of the album. We’ve got people from Two Cow Garage, Chad Rex, Joey Erg, Chris Pierce, Eric Powers, and more. After listening to this bad boy a few times I can already tell it will be in constant rotation whenever I’m drinking or just trying to have a chill day, great record. Not surprisingly put out by Suburban Home Records, the guys who have brought us a number of great stuff including most of Drag the River’s catalog.

1. Brave With Strangers
2. Thru The Fan
3. Remember My Name
4. Song For Jake Nichols To Sing
5. Finally
6. Fast In Last
7. Long Way Found
8. Fast One Sloe
9. Not That Rad
10. Murderfield
11. Visitor’s Band

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