Weekly Band Profile: Power Quest

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Name: Power Quest
From: Southampton, England
Web Site: http://www.power-quest.co.uk/
Lifespan: 2001–present
Genre: Power Metal
Best Release: Wings of Forever
Power Quest Demo
Wings of Forever
Magic Never Dies
Master of Illusion
Power Quest may have had more members than most metal bands, in fact their former members list looks more like a punk band than a metal band. But don’t let that fool you, Power Quest is a damn good metal band. They’ve got great vocals and great guitar work, and when it comes to power metal that may be the most important things. Sharing members with other bands such as DragonForce, Arthemis, Threshold, and Liquid Sky you can see there’s no shortage on talent. Rumor is a new album is coming out in 2010 so be on the lookout for that.

REVIEW: Rational Anthem / The Strait A’s: Use Your Delusion

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Traffic Street Records puts out a lot of cool shit, like this split. Rational Anthem and The Strait A’s make a great pair. Two songs from Rational Anthem and three from The Strait A’s. The first Rational Anthem song is fun and great to sing along to, their second song is more of your average punk song (not that that’s a bad thing) but it’s got some great sing along parts in it. Two more top-notch tunes from Rational Anthem. The Strait A’s side of the record is faster, higher pitched and more poppy than the reverse. ‘Pet Porject’ blazes through before you even realized it’s started. From there the catchy tunes continue to the insultingly titled ‘Pop Punk Boys Are Girls’, too bad it’s a great song. Then to close out the The Strait A’s side of the record an almost average quick song, but damn if it isn’t good too. Five great songs, on a great label (with some pretty sweet cover art), you can’t go wrong with this one.

Rational Anthem
1. You Tell Me
2. Call the Weather

The Strait A’s
3. Pet Project
4. Pop Punk Boys Are Girls
5. Gotta Make the First Move

Weekly Band Profile: Leatherface

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Name: Leatherface
From: Sunderland, United Kingdom
Web Site: http://www.leatherface.uk.com/
Lifespan: 1988-present
Genre: Punk/Rock
Best Release: BYO Split Series, Vol. 1 (split with Hot Water Music)
Cherry Knowle
Fill Your Boots
The Last
Live in Oslo
Discography Part One
Discography Part Two
Dog Disco
The Stormy Petrel
Razor Blades And Aspirin
Smokey Joe
Not Superstitious
I Want The Moon
Seconds Out, Round One (split with The Boo Radleys, Doctor Phibes. and Scorpio Rising.)
Compact & Bijou
Hops & Barley (split with Wat Tyler)
Do the Right Thing
Mackem Bastards
Little White God
Your Choice Live Series (split with Jawbox)
BYO Split Series, Vol. 1 (split with Hot Water Music)
Bonus Live
Frankie Stubbs is the closest thing you’re going to get to a punk rock Lemmy, unless of course you’re talking about Lemmy himself. Leatherface is also draws some parallels with Motorhead, they both seem to draw heavily on rock n roll but add their own spin on it. They’ve done a split with Hot Water Music, which was a perfect ‘raspy vocals’ pairing. They’ve been going strong for over 20 years now and I’m hoping they don’t stop anytime soon.

Weekly Band Profile: Van Canto

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Name: Van Canto
From: Germany
Web Site: http://www.vancanto.de/
Lifespan: 2006-Present
Genre: Metal, Power Metal
Best Release: Hero
A Storm To Come
Van Canto is one of the most unusual bands you will find. What makes them stand out? They are an a cappella metal band. You read that right, a metal band, no guitars or anything, just straight vocals. They do have a drummer which is a bit of a sellout, but I’ll let it slide because they also do a lot of awesome covers (Manowar, Nightwish, Blind Guardian, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Metallica and Grave Digger). I’ll admit the first time I heard Van Canto I thought it was hilarious, and a bit weird, but they quickly grew on me and now I’m eagerly awaiting their 3rd studio album. The bad really is something you’ve got to hear for yourself, what you’ve got in your head as what they might sound like does them no justice.

REVIEW: Get Bent: Dead It

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Get Bent is just a good band, from the first time I heard their demo I knew it. Vocals reminiscent of Hot Water Music, but catchyer on the music side of things. It’s Alive Records brings out this three song 7″ which will be in heavy rotation around here. My only problem with this is the same issue I have with most really good EP’s and singles, its way too short. You really get into it, then all at once it’s over. That being said I think the second song “Things Not Done Changed” is the hit off of here. Do yourself a favor and look into Get Bent. 500 black vinyl, 500 clear vinyl.

1. To A Buddy At War
2. Things Not Done Changed
3. On Excuses

Get it from It’s Alive Records HERE

Get Dead It from Amazon HERE

Weekly Band Profile: The Doors

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Name: The Doors
From: Los Angeles, California
Web Site: http://www.thedoors.com/
Lifespan: 1965–1973
Genre: Rock, Rock and roll, Psychedelic rock, acid rock, Classic rock
Best Release: The Doors, Strange Days, Morrison Hotel, L.A. Woman (As you can see, this wasn’t an easy choice)
(Albums only, not including Demos, Live, Compilations, Archives or Singles)
The Doors
Strange Days
Waiting for the Sun
The Soft Parade
Morrison Hotel
L.A. Woman
Other Voices
Full Circle
An American Prayer
One of my favorite bands of all time, Jim Morrison, Ray Manzarek, John Densmore, and Robby Krieger formed The Doors. However due to Jim Morrison being fucking crazy and writing 99% of the material most people just know him. They had a great career surrounded by a lot of conversely mostly due to Jim. In the end Morrison died in Paris, or so one story goes. Like Elvis that’s also up in the air as to weather or not Jim Morrison is really dead. That’s an entire story all on it’s own so I’m not even going to attempt to branch out to it, look it up if you’re interested. During the time they were a band with Morrison they only put out top notch albums, all of them are great. However after the leader died the band kept trying to go and put out two more albums, both of which are fucking awful.

REVIEW: The Festipals: Gold Magic

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Members from Charlie Brown Gets A Valentine, Dead Mechanical, Sick Sick Birds, Nancy and The AV Club. come together to make the Festipals, a band that’s so far much better than half the ones just mentioned (no disrespect to those bands). The sound is actually somewhere between Charlie Brown Gets A Valentine and Sick Sick Birds. I first saw them perform at Insubordination Fest 2009 where they had some songs available. And now It’s Alive Records does what it does best and brings us a great record. The five song debut 7″ from The Festipals is good good stuff. There’s not a bad song on here. 1000 mixed color vinyl (380 charcoal, 155 black, 125 silver, 105 rust, 60 pink, 50 mint green, 45 cream, 35 cyan, 25 violet, 20 peach)

1. Revolver
2. Pledge This
3. Souvenir
4. Let’s Not Pretend
5. All The Angles

Get it from It’s Alive Records HERE

Get Gold Magic from Amazon HERE

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