REVIEW: JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time

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24131You may have missed this one coming out, but that’s becuase this direct to video movie was a Target exclusive. There are a few things that I’m not crazy about here, first and foremost is the designs. Some of them are alright (Batman, Bizarro, Solomon Grundy) but for the most part the designs seem to be heavily anime influenced and I for one don’t care for it. Also I’d say that it could be longer (it’s under an hour) but they do well with what they have, the story doesn’t seem rushed at all and really I don’t feel like it should have been longer. The plot itself is pretty great. The Legion of Doom (oh yeah they’re back from the Superfriends universe, complete with the swamp hideout) have a plan to freeze the world’s water. While battling with the JLA the villains plan is thwarted and Lex is frozen until a thousand years in the future. From there Lex gets a device that allows him to travel through time and he sets on a plan to rid the world of Superman and the Justice League. Overall this is a pretty great little movie. One of the better ones involving the Justice League for sure. Any DC fan will enjoy this one.

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REVIEW: Justice League: War

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Justice_League-WarI believe this is the newest comic storyline that DC has adapted into an animated feature. It takes the Justice League: Origin story from the New 52 reboot and basically adapts it. Personally I didn’t really care for the comic, though I’m not a big Justice League fan in general. There’s also been some changes to the DC animated cast, overall the changes are pretty decent except I don’t really care for the new Batman or Superman, and Shazam is pretty annoying, but what’s new there? It’s basically the origin story of the Justice League and a few of its members coupled with an invasion of Earth by Darkseid. All in all it’s pretty decent. I’m not crazy about much of this but somehow it all comes together to be alright. Green Lantern helps out with that a lot.

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REVIEW: Batman/Judge Dredd: Die Laughing

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DreddBatmanLaughingDie Laughing came out in 1998, it is the fourth and last (so far) crossover of Batman and Judge Dredd. As with the others it’s written by John Wagner and Alan Grant with art by Glenn Fabry, Jim Murray, and Jason Brashill. The art in this thing is awesome too, it’s the best since the first book, but not quite up to that amazingness, oddly though the second book in this (it came out as two books) seems to have slightly different, not quite as good art for some reason, but it’s close. Basically what happens is the Joker gets a hold of the belt from the first crossover that allows him to make a dimensional jump to Mega-City One, something goes wrong though and not all of him is transported. His body stays in Gotham City in a coma like state. While in Mega-City One the Joker quickly takes over a gang and frees the now captured Dark Judges. His plan is to get immortality for freeing them, and he does. Judge Death makes Joker a Dark Judge and as you can imagine chaos insures. Judge Anderson meanwhile jumps to Gotham to warn Batman, and Batman goes to Mega-City One to team up with Dredd and stop the Judges again. The book overall is really fun, it’s the best Batman/Judge Dredd crossover since the first one, and almost as good as that one. I’d highly recommend this one to any Batman or Judge Dredd fans.

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REVIEW: Batman: The Doom That Came to Gotham

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Batman_The_Doom_That_Came_To_Gotham_1_This is one of the stranger Batman Elseworlds stories I’ve read, well stranger while still keeping it good that is. The Doom That Came to Gotham is a three book story that takes place in the 1920′s, most of your favorite Batman world people are in there, yet slightly different, in pretty clever ways too. Bruce Wayne seems a bit crazier than normal, even has a gun, which is very un-Batman. But all of that isn’t what really brands this story, what puts its mark firmly here is the heavy H.P. Lovecraft influence on everything. You’ve got Lovecraft type monsters and demons around every corner, it’s pretty damn crazy, and makes things hella entertaining. To go along with this is some wonderful art that not only captures the era nicely it also illustrates the Lovecraft monsters in a way that makes them nightmarishly real. If you’re into demons and very old horror tales then The Doom That Came to Gotham is a Batman story for you.

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REVIEW: Punisher and Batman: Deadly Knights

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Deadly KnightsPublished in 1994 and written by Chuck Dixon this is the second crossover with The Punisher and Batman, though the first involving Bruce Wayne. This takes place after the first crossover; they even reference the first involving Azrael a few times, though if you haven’t read it you’re not missing anything. It isn’t connected in anyway and that crossover wasn’t very good anyway. In Deadly Knights the Punisher heads back to Gotham to find Jigsaw. Jigsaw has his sights set on taking over some of the mob families in Gotham with the help of the Joker. This book does kind of setup the similarities between Batman and Punisher, there’s a ton of internal dialog for both characters however in the end Batman pretty much outclasses the Punisher in every way. Robin and Microchip are also in this one, though not for very long, they basically hack a computer and that’s it. The book is 52 pages and a good chunk of that is the shootout, it’s the longest one I can remember reading in a while, though I guess with the Punisher it makes sense. This is a decent read, much better than the first crossover but still overall it’s just eh. Kind of disappointing but still not bad. Unless you’re a super Punisher or Batman you probably don’t need to read it.

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