REVIEW: Spider-Man & Batman: Disordered Minds

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Spider-Man_and_Batman_Vol_1_1This is a pretty rad crossover and the first Spider-Man & Batman crossover, it’s about fifty pages and not only has Batman and Spider-Man but you get two of the most insane villains too, the Joker and Carnage! Carnage and Joker make a great insane combo, they both get captured in the beginning and have chips implanted in their brains to make them docile. Carnage quickly is able to short out this chip, him and the Joker team up. However this team doesn’t last very long, soon it breaks out into a fight in Gotham. This is a pretty great crossover, overall better than most. The only semi complaint I have about it is my love/hate relationship with the art. It looks amazing on the heroes and villains but for people out of costume it just has that weird 90’s look. Anyway, that’s trivial at best. If you like Spider-Man or Batman pick up Disordered Minds and give it a read.

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REVIEW: Batman/Judge Dredd: Judgment on Gotham

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Batman_Judge_Dredd_Judgement_on_Gotham_coverThis is the first of the Batman/Judge Dredd comics. Published way back in 1991 it’s written by John Wagner and Alan Grant, and has art by Simon Bisley. The artwork in this book is nothing short of amazing. This is Simon Bisley at his best, it’s almost like looking at Batman and Judge Dredd by Frank Frazetta, I’d hang every page of this book up on my wall if I could. The artwork is worth your time alone. As a bonus though John Wagner and Alan Grant have also written a great story. Judge Death gets to Gotham City with some inter-dimensional jumping help. It isn’t long before he’s reeking mayhem wherever he goes. It’s also not long before Batman is sent to Mega-City One by mistake. There him and Dredd get into it, the only Batman gets out of facing twenty years of hard time is with the help of Judge Anderson. While Dredd and Batman are at each other’s throats Judge Death runs into Scarecrow and they form a pretty devious team. Now Batman and Anderson go after Death and Scarecrow with Dredd in pursuit of all of them. This book is fucking fantastic. It’s not only one of the best things involving Judge Dredd I’ve ever read, it’s also one of the best crossovers I’ve ever read. Must read for any Judge Dredd or Batman fans.

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REVIEW: Batman The Spirit

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batman-the-spirit-1_cover-artFrom 2007 DC comics published what is now one of my favorite crossovers ever. Two great comic icons in one great book. One thing I really like about this is it shows the similarities between Batman and the Spirit. There’s Gotham City and Central City, Commissioner Gordon and commissioner Dolan and so on. The story starts out with Gordon in Central city, it seems Jim and Dolan are old friends and they’re telling the tale of how the Spirit met Batman. Dolan and Gordon are headed out to a the Policeman’s Benevolent Association’s Annual Law-Enforcement Convention, on their way Dolan is intercepted by Poison Ivy and put under her spell, while Gordon is seduced by P’Gell. At the same time the criminals from both cities are having their own get together, soon Batman and the Spirit’s villains start working together. That’s alright though because it doesn’t take long for Batman and the Spirit to team up, though I do like that the Spirit doesn’t believe that Batman is real. They work well as a team, as you may have guessed and save the day. This book is really incredible, it’s must read stuff for Batman and Spirit fans. I guess I wasn’t the only one that liked it too because it pulled in the 2007 Eisner Award for Best Single Issue, Dave Stewart won the Eisner for Best Coloring and Darwyn Cooke won the 2007 Joe Shuster Award for Outstanding Artist. So yeah, it’s pretty good I guess.

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REVIEW: Batman/Judge Dredd: Vendetta in Gotham

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Batman_Judge_Dredd_Vendetta_in_Gotham_Vol_1_1The second of the Batman/Judge Dredd comics this one was published in 1993 and again written by John Wagner and Alan Grant somewhat sadly we’ve got a different artist this time around. I only say somewhat because Cam Kennedy does a very fine job, I especially like his Batman in this. This time around it seems Judge Dredd comes to Gotham to pick a fight with Batman, soon it’s reveled that he’s actually trying to save Batman’s life which he finds ended in a news paper a Judge had. The death is linked to a plot by the Ventriloquist, an odd villain choice but I like it because you don’t see much of him. There really isn’t much more to the plot besides that, almost half of this book is just Judge Dredd and Batman fighting, which is actually pretty great. At the end it sets up for another Batman Dredd crossover ‘Judgment 3 Die Laughing’ (which is actually the fourth crossover, not sure what happened there. Most of this book really just seems to exist to setup another crossover though, kind of strange but its fine with me because even as filler this was pretty good. Batman and Judge Dredd fans will like this just for the long fight alone.

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REVIEW: Batman Danger Girl: Dangerous Connections

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Batman-Danger_Girl_Vol_1_1In this unlikely crossover the Danger Girl gang goes to Gotham City to get Donavin Conrad. Batman hears of this, he doesn’t seem to be entirely sure who Donavin Conrad is but he’s sure he’s not on the side of good…also he doesn’t like Danger Girl being in his city. Donavin quickly falls in with the Joker, he intends to strike a partnership with him, the Joker has this mind control device but Donavin has the codes to make it work. Joker quickly double crosses him which leads to an odd situation. Speaking of odd, Catwoman shows up during the obligatory Batman/Danger Girl fight…but doesn’t appear in the rest of the story at all. Anyway besides that it’s a pretty good crossover. A pairing that you wouldn’t think would work out very well does seem to work. I especially love the Joker in this story, but then again it’s kind of hard not to like the best villain ever. Batman and Danger Girl fans will be pretty stoked on this one.

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REVIEW: JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time

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24131You may have missed this one coming out, but that’s becuase this direct to video movie was a Target exclusive. There are a few things that I’m not crazy about here, first and foremost is the designs. Some of them are alright (Batman, Bizarro, Solomon Grundy) but for the most part the designs seem to be heavily anime influenced and I for one don’t care for it. Also I’d say that it could be longer (it’s under an hour) but they do well with what they have, the story doesn’t seem rushed at all and really I don’t feel like it should have been longer. The plot itself is pretty great. The Legion of Doom (oh yeah they’re back from the Superfriends universe, complete with the swamp hideout) have a plan to freeze the world’s water. While battling with the JLA the villains plan is thwarted and Lex is frozen until a thousand years in the future. From there Lex gets a device that allows him to travel through time and he sets on a plan to rid the world of Superman and the Justice League. Overall this is a pretty great little movie. One of the better ones involving the Justice League for sure. Any DC fan will enjoy this one.

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REVIEW: Justice League: War

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Justice_League-WarI believe this is the newest comic storyline that DC has adapted into an animated feature. It takes the Justice League: Origin story from the New 52 reboot and basically adapts it. Personally I didn’t really care for the comic, though I’m not a big Justice League fan in general. There’s also been some changes to the DC animated cast, overall the changes are pretty decent except I don’t really care for the new Batman or Superman, and Shazam is pretty annoying, but what’s new there? It’s basically the origin story of the Justice League and a few of its members coupled with an invasion of Earth by Darkseid. All in all it’s pretty decent. I’m not crazy about much of this but somehow it all comes together to be alright. Green Lantern helps out with that a lot.

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