Top 30 Albums of 2013

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So this may have been the hardest year since I started to rank these albums. 1-3 are all separated by a space so small you need a microscope to see it. Before that though Some collections that came out this year that fucking rule and you should buy but I didn’t count because they’re not actual albums.

Kent State: The Wrong Side of History
Cleveland Bound Death Sentence: Cleveland Bound Death Sentence
Copyrights shits fucked, Isotopes: The First Four Seasons

Also The Headies: ‘Meta-Pop’ finally came out on record this year, again I decided not to double dip this year so it’s not on the list but it’s beyond incredible.

1. Rational Anthem: Whatevermind
2. Lipstick Homicide: Out Utero
3. Motorhead: Aftershock
4. R.A. The Rugged Man: Legends Never Die
5. What-A-Nights: What-A-Nights LP
6. Paper Dragons: Die To Please
7. Dead Mechanical: OK Night
8. Wringer: Bullfighter
9. The Slow Death: No Heaven
10. Radioactivity: Radioactivity
10. Iron Chic: The Constant One
12. Dead Uncles: Stock Characters
13, Night Birds: Born To Die In Suburbia
14. Big Eyes: Almost Famous
15. Harmonica Shah: Havin’ Nothin’ Don’t Bother Me
16. Iron Reagan: Worse Than Dead
17. Peeple Watchin': Somethin’ Ta Tell Ya
18. Dead North: Teenagers
19. Hit Reset: Ruin My Life
20. Rough Kids: The State I’m In
21. Rumspringer: Stay Afloat
22. Kinder Words: I’ve Seen Them Given
23. Sugar Stems: Can’t Wait
24. Broadway Calls: Comfort/Distraction
25. Running Wild: Resilient
26. Vacation: Candy Waves
27. The Jons: In The Hold and out of the Water!
28. Superchunk: I Hate Music
29. Sinclair: Sinclair
30. Crusades: Perhaps You Deliver this Judgment with Greater Fear than I Receive It

Rational Anthem, the first band with back to back #1 albums


Top 15 Splits of 2013

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1. Blendours/Old Wives: Here We Go Again
2. Lipstick Homicide/Turkletons
3. Toys That Kill/Future Virgins
4. Smokejumper/American Lies
5. The Quarantines/Trashkanistan
6. The Real Danger/The Windowsill
7. Peabodys/Rock ‘N’ Roll Television
8. Mean Jeans/Big Eyes
9. The Connection/The Cry
10. Brick Mower/Black Wine
11. Rad Company/Tight Bros.
12. Mean Jeans/Underground Railroad to Candyland
13. The Capitalist Kids/The Ex-Boyfriends
14. Pity Party/Bad Mammals
15. Maxies/Kingons



Top Music of the first half of 2013

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Top 15 Albums – First half of 2013:

1. Rational Anthem: Whatevermind
2. R.A. The Rugged Man: Legends Never Die
3. What-A-Nights: What-A-Nights LP
4. Paper Dragons: Die To Please
5. Big Eyes: Almost Famous
6. Iron Reagan: Worse Than Dead
7. Peeple Watchin': Somethin’ Ta Tell Ya
8. Rough Kids: The State I’m In
9. Dead North: Teenagers
10. Sugar Stems: Can’t Wait
11. Broadway Calls: Comfort/Distraction
12. Christopher Lee: Charlemagne: The Omens of Death
13. Bad Religion: True North
14. Shirks: S/T
15. NONA: Through The Head

Top 10 EPs – First half of 2013:

1. Night Birds: Maimed For The Masses
2. Martin: The Worst Part
3. Pity Party: Do A Little Dance
4. creeps: Our Time
5. Iron Chic: Spooky Action
6. Invitational: Fucking Dangerous
7. Science Police: You Are Under Arrest in the Future
8. Wargames: 9 Trax / No Nightmare
9. Bankrupt: Goodbye Blue Monday
10. The Fur Coats: Goddamn, I’m a Handsome Man!

Top 10 Splits – First half of 2013:

1. Lipstick Homicide/Turkletons
2. Smokejumper/American Lies
3. Mean Jeans/Big Eyes
4. Toys That Kill/Future Virgins
5. Brick Mower/Black Wine
6. Rad Company/Tight Bros.
7. Pity Party/Bad Mammals
8. Matt Pless & Melissa Lucciola
9. A Page Of Punk/Werewolves On Motorcycles
10. Mikey Erg/Barrakuda McMurder

Top 5 Demos – First half of 2012:

1. Boys: Demo 2013
2. Black Tower: Demo
3. Whiff: Winter Demo 2013
4. Kinder Words: Demo 2013
5. The Little Richards: Down The NHT Demo


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29 Weds – Portland, OR @ The Know
30 Thurs – Boise, ID @ The Crux
31 Fri – Salt Lake City, UT @ Blue Star Cafe

1 Sat – Denver, CO @ Rhinoceropolis
2 Sun – Omaha, NE @ Middle House
3 Mon – Iowa City, IA @ Public Space One
4 Tues – Chicago, IL @ 86 Mets
5 Weds – Pittsburgh, PA @ Roboto Project
6 Thurs – Philly, PA @ The Great Indoors
7 Fri – Washington, DC @ Casa Fiesta (*w/ Night Birds)
8 Sat – Richmond, VA @ Gallery 5 (*w/ Night Birds)
9 Sun – Brooklyn, NY @ Death By Audio
10 Mon – Boston, MA @ Charlie’s Kitchen
11 Tues – Montreal, QC @ TRH Bar
12 Weds – Ottawa, ON @ Pressed
13 Thurs – Toronto, ON @ Skramden Yards
14 Fri – Detroit, MI @ Trumbullplex
15 Sat – Springfield, IL @ Black Sheep (Dumb Fest)
16 Sun – Milwaukee, WI @ Linneman’s (RRRC Episode 5 Premiere)
17 Mon – Minneapolis, MN @ Triple Rock
18 Tues – Fargo, ND @ The Aquarium
19 Weds – Winnipeg, MB, Canada @ The Windsor Hotel
20 Thurs – Regina, SK, Canada @ The Mercury Cafe
21 Fri – Calgary, AB, Canada @ Bamboo (Sled Island)
22 Sat – Calgary, AB, Canada @ The Palomino (Sled Island)

REVIEW: Big Eyes: Almost Famous

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BigEyes_AlmostFamous_4pOutBig Eyes didn’t waste much time getting their second album out. This one is out on Grave Mistake Records and as I suspected it’s fucking great. Top to bottom it’s filled with the great 90’s rock influenced pop punk that Big Eyes is made up of. It’s the type of stuff you can’t help but like. Just listen to these and try not to tap your toe or bob your head, it’s not possible. This album is top to bottom great; it sets a pretty high bar for the rest of the albums that have yet to come out this year. Being Unkind,
The Sun Still Shines and Can’t Catch a Break really stand out as the best of the best, though there’s not a downer song on the whole thing. If you dig pop punk this should be on your shopping list for sure, or already in your ear.

1. Nothing You Could Say
2. Wanted Sometimes
3. Being Unkind
4. Losing Touch
5. Half the Time
6. The Sun Still Shines
7. Ain’t Nothing but the Truth
8. Can’t Catch a Break
9. A Matter of Time
10. I Think of You
11. You Can’t the Only One

Get it from Grave Mistake Records HERE

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