REVIEW: Sarah Silverman: The Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption, and Pee

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Personally I’m a fan of Sarah Silverman so I was pretty excited to read this book, and I came in a little unprepared. The first part of the book is pretty fucking depressing, though it is leading up to her long bout with depression so I guess that makes sense but I didn’t really see that coming. But it’s not all downers there’s a lot of great things in this book, in fact most of it is pretty great. It covers her stand up, shows, movies, controversy she gets involved with. You get a pretty good idea of what it must feel like to hang out with Sarah for a bit. The book also has some hate mail that she’s gotten over the years, I’m glad she included this because some of the stupid ignorant shit that people have said to her over the years is so mind boggling that you can’t do anything but laugh at it. It clocks in at around two hundred and fifty pages so it’s a pretty decent read, while the book might not be for everyone it’s a must for Sarah Silverman fans and I think most fans of stand-up comedy will find a lot of this pretty interesting.

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REVIEW: Artie Lange: Too Fat To Fish

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Informative, funny, depressing. This book is all these things and more. Personally I’m a big fan of biographies and comedians, and one of those comedians happens to be Artie Lange, so it’s no surprise I enjoyed this book a lot. It’s pretty much a biography; it starts off with Artie as a little kid and goes all the way to the end of making ‘Beer League’. It has its ups and it’s very low downs. It gives a lot of insight on movies, TV, and unfortunately drugs. Like I said before I like Artie Lange but it’s amazing that he’s still around with all the falls that he takes in here. There are some really great things in the book, the stories he tells about going to World Series games with his father, and the stuff during the making of dirty work had me laughing pretty hard. Unfortunately the swing goes the other way too and you hear really in depth about Artie’s drug problems from a cocaine problem to pain killers to heroin, it’s pretty fucking scary. If there’s any positive thing about that side of the story it’s that maybe it’ll keep some kid off that shit, it seems like a life destroyer, and fast. I dug this so much I’ve got both the hard copy of the book and the audio book. The book is about 320 pages, the audio book I think came in around seven hours, both are very enjoyable. Though much like the story it tells the audio book has some down sides. A few chapters in Artie comes in and announces he won’t be finishing it because of heroin withdraw and that some friends will take over the rest of the reading. The chapters with Artie are by far the best, I don’t think anything really compares the author reading the book but the guys that filled in did a pretty good job for the most part. Fans of comedy, biographies or just good stories should be checking out Too Fat To Fish.

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REVIEW: Life In The Ring

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John E. Oden takes on the task of writing a boxing book, sure this has been done hundreds of times over but this time it’s a different kind of book. There’s a few things that make this book unique, first off it isn’t focused on the tragedy of the sport as so many now a days do. What this book does is take on a biographical stance on multiple boxers, telling some of their history, how they got started and in many cases the fight that made their careers. In just over 170 pages we take a look at Muhammad Ali, Oscar de la Hoya, Jake LaMotta, George Foreman, James J. raddock, Joe Calzaghe, Floyd Patterson, Bernard Hopkins and the Klitschko, Vitali and Wladimir. The author also gives us a look at Jack Dempsey, Gene Tunney, Joe Louis, Max Schmeling and their career defining fights. While there may be a lot of repeat information that you’ve heard before if you follow boxing or boxing history you may be surprised to find a lot of information you didn’t know. Each chapter is around five pages which help make this a page turner but none of this seems rushed. This book is a must read for any boxing fan.

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REVIEW: Run to the Hills: Iron Maiden, the Authorized Biography

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Run to the Hills is more or less a biography on the greatest band in history – Iron Maiden. Not only are these guys the best Heavy Metal band to walk the earth but no one can touch them musically in any shape or form. This is their story as told by Mick Wall and Chris Ingham. Filled with stories of Steve Harris starting the band, stories from the road, getting management and putting out their first to their last album. If you’re a Maiden fan, which you should be, this is a must for reading material. 393 pages of metal greatness.

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REVIEW: I Am Jackie Chan: My Life in Action

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Ah Jackie Chan, one of the greatest martial arts actors of all time, but you may wonder how he got to be that way. Well Jackie is here to answer that question with a book written by the stunt hungry always smiling man who seems to be made of rubber. Clocking in a 416 pages it starts you out with Jackie as a kid going to the Peking opera because his family thought this would be the best direction for their son to go. We go through his life at the school, how at times it seemed to be too brutal that anyone would survive but eventually he graduated. We go from there to seeing how Jackie started out in stunts and movies with his brothers Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao. You get some great stories about things like how Jackie had to make his own furniture in his apartment because he couldn’t afford to buy any to his brushes with organized crime, and his fight to get films made in both Hong Kong and America. The book ends around the time that “Rush Hour” comes out so it’s somewhat current even at this point. Includes a list of his films, top stunts and injuries. A must read for any Jackie Chan fan, fucking great book.

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