REVIEW: World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War

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World_War_Z_book_coverMax Books (The son of the great Mel Brooks) has written one of the best, maybe the best, zombie book ever written. It is a person by person account of a global zombie war. The book is told through interviews of various people all done after the war has ended, they all tell of a different period during the war and from a different part of the world. The zombie invasion spread differently in different parts of the world. These interviews take you through the initial appearances of the zombies, the denial the world had then the panic once everything set in. You learn how people tried to migrate to the extreme north to get away and finally when the world decided to fight back. This book is really great start to finish; the story that is told is one that seems to chronicle a real world war that had taken place. Even years later (when these interviews take place) you still hear how they have not completely recovered. If you’re a fan of zombies this is a must read book.

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REVIEW: You Only Live Twice

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You Only Live Twice 05You Only Live Twice is the eleventh James Bond novel (and twelfth book) by Ian Fleming, it also happens to be the last novel by Ian Fleming to be published in his lifetime, more where published after his death. This one came out in 1964 and still stands out pretty well today. For those of you who haven’t read the James Bond books I’ll say that the book Bond is very different from the movie Bond, though it is not so much the case in this one. For whatever reason Fleming decided to make this James Bond a little more reminiscent of Sean Connery’s James Bond. Even still you’ve got the entire Ian Fleming stamp on this. In the books there is a villain that appears three times, Blofeld, his other appearances are in Thunderball, and On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. This is the third and final appearance of Bolfeld. In this book Bond is slipping, he’s screwed up a couple missions and is drinking his days away, all this is apparently because of the murder of his wife at the hands of Bolfeld, and the marriage was short, just a day. Bond is sent on a diplomatic mission to Japan as sort of a last chance. Once in Japan he befriends the man he’s dealing with and they work out a trade. Japan’s secrets in exchange for James Bond going on an off the grid mission. In Japan a man has been building an island of death. The island is a place full of poison plants and deadly creatures, it has become a hot spot for suicides for the country and they want it stopped. James is sent on a secret mission to kill the man in charge of the island. Like about half of the Bond books I’ve read this one takes a while to get going, though this one is longer than normal, about half the book is buildup. But once the story gets going it’s off and running. The book isn’t amazingly long (two hundred and fifteen pages) but I polished it off pretty quickly. People who like James Bond or just general spy type stuff should enjoy this one, but don’t give up on it if the first couple chapters have you somewhat bored.

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REVIEW: American Gods

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So there are the old Gods, the ones we’ve heard myths and stories about for years, going back to greek mythology, ancient religions and whatever else you can think of. But now a days most people don’t care about them anymore, we have new Gods. The new Gods of today we all know but might not think of that way, TV, Radio, the Internet. So the question that we have here is what happens when the old Gods are tried of getting ignored and want to take back the glory they once had. Neil Gaiman tries to answer that here in American Gods. The story mostly centers around Shadow, who from the start is having a pretty shitty time. He’s in jail, but he’s getting out, but then his wife dies. From there it doesn’t get much better for him. Overall after I finished I basically enjoyed the book, the main problem is for most of the book nothing really happens. It’s a whole lot of small information coming to you that doesn’t have a payoff until about the last hundred pages of the book. At the end of the book it’s a pretty great payoff but it’s an uphill battle getting there. If you feel like investing some time here it will turn out pretty well but if you don’t long periods with nothing going on you might wanna look at something else.

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REVIEW: Andromeda Klein

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Andromeda Klein isn’t the most popular kid in school, in fact her best and only friend (besides her cat) just recently died, on top of that she has bad hearing, fragile bones and low self-esteem to boot. Her life is basically working at the local library, avoiding her mom and magic. Now when I say magic I don’t mean she’s working on card tricks, she’s more into the works of Aleister Crowley. This comes in handy sometimes because she’s been having these strange dreams that are trying to tell her something, luckily she can intrepid some of them and will hopefully get to the bottom of it. This she has to balance out with school, saving books at her library and dealing with “friends” a guy who’s trying to be her boyfriend and the one she wants to be her boyfriend ignoring her. This isn’t your typical teen novel, nor what I would expect from this author but in the end I liked it. The biggest thing was expecting the whole occult/magic theme to drop and it never did, once I realized it was here to stay the book was somehow more enjoyable. Written by Frank Portman aka Dr. Frank, the same Dr. Frank from the pop punk band The Mr. T Experience. This is his second book, the first, “King Dork” was one of the best books I’ve ever read and seemed to be a pop punk novel. This one had the same outcast teen ideas of the first, and most of his songs, but took a different road. While “Andromeda Klein wasn’t as good as “King Dork” it was a good read. And if anyone has read Dr. Frank’s first book, keep a sharp eye out and you’ll catch a pretty cool cameo appearance if you’ve got a decent memory. Clocking in at 432 pages, I can’t wait for Frank’s next book (or album).

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REVIEW: Together We Were Eleven Foot Nine

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While at 169 pages this isn’t the longest baseball book ever written it may be my favorite. Jim Palmer is one of the greatest pitchers of all time, Earl Weaver is one of the greatest (if not the greatest) managers of all time. Together they were a great time, a friendship filled with what some people might as a love hate relationship. Written by Jim Palmer and Jim Dale this takes us from 1965 to 1983, a pretty complete list if I do say so myself. This is filled with great Palmer and Weaver stories, a great read for any baseball fan and a must read for any Baltimore Orioles fan.

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REVIEW: Armed to the Teeth With Lipstick

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Blag Dahlia from punk rock band the Dwarves teams up with illustrator Marc Rude to bring us ‘Armed to the Teeth With Lipstick’. While not the longest book in the world, only 130 pages, it does not sell you short on fun or weirdness. Basically think of this as an old school detective story, set on Mars. Filled with enough drugs, sex and violence to make you think about signing up for rehab after you’re done reading. The only thing that may be more sick and twisted than the words that Blag has stained the pages with is the illustrations by Marc Rude, the pictures are great and disturbing at the same time. They kind of remind me of the Naked Lunch when I’m looking at them. If you’re a fan of detective stories, weirdness or just flat-out twisted stuff you should check this one out, I enjoyed the hell out of it.

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REVIEW: Run to the Hills: Iron Maiden, the Authorized Biography

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Run to the Hills is more or less a biography on the greatest band in history – Iron Maiden. Not only are these guys the best Heavy Metal band to walk the earth but no one can touch them musically in any shape or form. This is their story as told by Mick Wall and Chris Ingham. Filled with stories of Steve Harris starting the band, stories from the road, getting management and putting out their first to their last album. If you’re a Maiden fan, which you should be, this is a must for reading material. 393 pages of metal greatness.

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