REVIEW: Enter The Dragon

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Robert Clouse directed some fine Kung Fu movies including Game of Death and Black Belt Jones but in 1973 he directed what is considered by a lot of people to be the greatest Kung Fu movie ever made. A large part of that was due to the star of the film, Bruce Lee. It was his American film debut and it was a great one. This was the first Chinese martial arts film to be produced by a major Hollywood studio; it was a co-production with Golden Harvest and Warner Bros. This was also Bruce Lee’s final film appearance before his death; the movie was released in Hong Kong just six days after his death. In this thing we’ve got John Saxon, Jim Kelly, and a little bit of Bolo Yeung. Also doing some stunt work you’ve got Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung, Sammo was also featured in the beginning of the movie fighting with Bruce. The movie itself has a pretty non-standard plot for a Kung Fu movie, Bruce Lee agrees to be a spy for the government on a secret island run by a crime lord. This was done by way of a martial arts tournament that is held there every three years. Saxon and Kelly are the other guys on the side of good in the tournament. While Jim Kelly doesn’t make it all the way through the movie, he does have the most memorable lines. The movie has more than an unusual plot (that being a great thing); it’s got one of the best villains in movie history along with one of the greatest final battles. But speaking of battles, the fight scenes in this are great as you may expect, Bruce Lee puts on a martial arts clinic with various weapons and the deadliest weapon of all, himself. In sort if you haven’t seen this movie, well there’s just no excuse not to have seen it. I personally own multiple copies of it, it’s that damn good.

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REVIEW: Ip Man 2

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Two years ago we were treated to Ip Man, the story of the first martial arts master to teach the Chinese martial art of Wing Chun, also the same man to teach Bruce Lee. The lead role was played by the great Donnie Yen, also appearing in the film was Simon Yam. And on top of that it was directed by Wilson Yip. This very quickly became my favorite Donnie Yen film, which, if you know his work, is an amazingly high compliment. Now we’re faced with the sequel. I was really excited to see this but feared it would let me down because the first movie was such a masterpiece. Back again we’ve got Wilson Yip in the director’s chair. Simon Yam is returning in the same, but smaller role. And Donnie Yen is once again Ip Man. However this time around we’ve got an added bonus, and holy shit what a bonus. Sammo Hung is in the sequel! Here’s the story of Ip Man trying to get his school together, he’s running into problems with money, getting students and finally a corrupt ring of martial arts masters in the area. After some pretty badass fights Ip Man earns the respect of the other masters but refuses to pay money in order to teach so problems continue. This all comes to a head when a western boxing match is arranged. An english boxer is flown in and of course starts shit with the chinese students. A massive brawl breaks out leaving the Englishman the victor, but this is the spark for the boxer’s showdown with Master Hung Quan (Sammo). We get an amazing fight of Rocky IV proportions, in for the rematch is Ip Man vs the boxer. This is easily the best movie fight I’ve seen all year, and maybe even the year before. It’s that goddamn good. This movie isn’t as good as the first, because that may be impossible, but it does come close. If anyone is a fan of martial arts movies in the least bit you MUST see this.

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REVIEW: Tom Yum Goong

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TomyumgoongTony Jaa spent over an hour and a half kicking ass in Ong-Bak; it was some of the most amazing shit I’d ever seen. Best thing sense Bruce Lee, with Tom Yum Goong coming out people either wondered if Tony would be a flash in the pan or if this would be amazing as well. Pretty quickly you realize this movie is going to be awesome, someone steals Tony Jaa’s elephant and he is pissed. Out to get his elephant back and destroy anyone in his way I realized this movie actually Ong-Bak’s Ong-Bak about the time Tony is trapped in a room with about fifty guys and solves this problem by quickly breaking the bones of every man in the room. This was the first movie that I watched for the first time, than immediately turned it on and watched it a second time in a row, it’s that fucking good. Back in the director’s seat is the crazy Prachya Pinkaew, most likely 50% of the reason this movie rules so hard (the other 50% of course being Tony himself). There’s not much else I can say about this movie besides just HOLY FUCK! If you liked Ong-Bak, marshal arts movies or just pure ass kicking’s, this movie is a must see, must own.

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REVIEW: SPAZZ / Lack of Interest – Double Whammy

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spazzlackIf you know either one of these bands you know what to expect and shouldn’t need any talking into to have this record. For those of you that don’t we’ve got one of the best hardcore/power violence bands around Spazz doing a split with my favorite hardcore band Lack of Interest. Plus to sweeten the pot it’s got Bruce Lee vs Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on the cover! This is one of my favorite records in my collection. The Spazz side has six tracks by the brutal vocal, fast playing power violence machine. This includes “Hey Bob, What’s Up?” to close out the side, great closer. The Lack Of Interest Side is the cream of the crop here. I know this may be hard to believe with Spazz on the other side, but Lack of Interest steals the show here. This side of this record is my favorite thing the band has ever done. Also includes my favorite song my this bunch “Family Massacre”. Dude’s vocals in this band are out of this world, makes me so jealous I don’t sound like him. Now a days this record is kind of hard to find and it might cost you a penny or two but it’s well well worth it. This split embodies exactly what the Deep Six Records sound is.

Spazz Side:
1.  Satan’s Scrilla
2.  SoCal Battle Royale
3.  Gilman 90210
4.  Short Songs
5.  Doomriden
6.  Hey Bob, What’s Up?

Lack Of Interest Side:
1.  Mislead And Deranged
2.  Rotgut
3.  Family Massacre
4.  Plastic Armor
5.  Writing On The Wall
6.  No More/Don’t Tell Me

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