REVIEW: The Capitalist Kids/Tight Bros

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TOX20largeToxic Pop Records brings us this great split between to incredible newer pop punk bands. First up is the Capitalist Kids with two of their songs and a cover. Their two songs are fast catchy and just all around great. Pretty much the stuff we’ve come to expect from this band. The third song is a Bee Gees cover. I’ve never been a big Bee Gees fan but their version of this song is pretty good. Tight Bros don’t waste any time with their side, they’re kicking ass right out of the gate with ‘Little Bird’ which is just as good as if not better than anything on their incredible LP. Their second song ‘Markers’ as a bit of a weird flow to it but it’s still really great, it fits them perfectly, with other bands they might have been able to pull that one off. And just when you think they’re done Tight Bros finishes you off with ‘Relocate Me’ a song which is almost as good as ‘Little Bird’. Their side of the record is simply incredible. I like Capitalist Kids a lot and their side is great, but Tight Bros simply owns this split. I recommend you pick it up as soon as possible.

The Capitalist Kids
1. Special Looks
2. What Have You Got To Hide
3. Claustrophobia (Bee Gees)

Tight Bros
4. Little Bird
5. Markers
6. Relocate Me

Get it from Toxic Pop Records HERE

Top 25 Albums of 2012

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1. Rational Anthem: Sensitivity Training
2. John K. Samson
3. Sick Sick Birds: Gates of Home
4. Like Bats: Midwest Nothing
5. Mean Jeans: Mean Jeans on Mars
6. Billy Raygun: Billy Raygun
7. Mixtapes: Even On The Worst Nights
8. The Headies: Meta-Pop
9. Propagandhi: Failed States
10. The Capitalist Kids: Lessons on Love, Sharing and Hygine
11. Delay: Rushing Ceremony
12. Masked Intruder: Masked Intruder
13. The 20Belows: Late Nights
14. The Hextalls: Rock You to Sleep
15. The Dopamines: Vices
16. Teenage Bubblegums: Learn From Yesterday, Live For Today, Pray For TOmorrow
17. Gentleman Jesse: Leaving Atlanta
18. Pebaluna: Carny Life
19. Fear of Lipstick: Seasons
20. Midnite Snaxxx: S/T
21. The Eeries: Home Alone
22. Batfoot!: Brain Dead
23. Pacer: Making Plans
24. Hold Tight!: Blizzard of ’96
25. Brickmower: MY Hateable Face
25.5. Sundials: When I Couldn’t Breathe


Rational Anthem Sensitivity Training

Releases Worth Getting August 6, 2012

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Grave Digger: Home at Last
Jon Snodgrass: More Buddies, More Fun
The Capitalist Kids: Lessons on Love, Sharing, and Hygiene
Clue: The Movie
Rio Grande
Spaceballs (25th Anniversary Edition)
WWE: Superstar Collection – Daniel Bryan

Support These Labels

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I want to take a minute and call out a couple labels that I don’t think are getting the attention that they deserve. One is from here in the states and the other is over in Japan.
First off is John Wilkes Booth Records. They’ve done a fantastic job of picking up the slack left by the demise of Traffic Street Records. They’ve put out some great stuff by great bands including Billy Raygun, What Happened, Rational Anthem, Like Bats, Not Yet, Big Eyes, and Lipstick Homicide. And on top of that they’ve got a great distro (which includes Bloated Kat Records whom they work closely with, they also put out a lot of awesome shit like Mikey Erg, Rational Anthem and Dead North records).
The other label I wanted to give some recognition to today was SP Records. They’ve put out a ton of great stuff like The Cry!, Like Bats, Batfoot, Capitalist Kids, Young Governor, King Friday (King Friday is a must own), Porcelain Boys (another must), and Riccobellis. But I think they need special attention for their Short-Run CD series. A lot of people scoff at CD’s now a days but fuck those people. I own almost every one of the CD’s in this series and they’re all great. Munice Girls, Fashanu, Nona, Nerd Gets the Girl and Prabu Pramayougha to name a few.
If you have some extra cash (or even if you don’t) make sure you support these guys. (And you’re other small time labels putting out great music) (non-Japanese Customer store)


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