tangothrashAlright do you want the good news or the bad news first? I’ll pick for you, here’s the bad news. And the bad news has a name – Bad Acid Trip. I’ve listened to this side of the record once, and that was twice too many. Their side of this is so bad that’s all I’m going to say about it, besides the fact that this should have just been a Municipal Waste 7″. Now the good news. Municipal fucking Waste brings they’re best release to us, known as Tango and Thrash we’ve got five thrash-o-raffic songs from the Richmond thrashers, all five about Kurt Russell. This is the greatest tribute record ever, most tributes are some shitty bands covering songs by good bands, and this is Municipal Waste writing songs about a man’s man, Kurt Russell. Each song as the title of a great Kurt Russell movie, its all action and thrash! This is my favorite thing Municipal Waste has ever done, and also features my favorite waste song “Captain Ron (overboard)”! The cover of this record also features a picture of Kurt looking badass as always from Escape from New York. Any thrash/Municipal Waste fan should have this record at all costs; I wish this band still sounded fresh like they did back then.

Municipal Waste
1. Escape from New York (intro)
2. Big Trouble in Little China
3. Captain Ron (overboard)
4. Backdraft
5. Tango and Thrash
Bad Acid Trip
6. You’re no bigger than what annoys you
7. Eptar le gourgeois
8. Who sabotaged Captain Keeanu, orbit whore, and Dr. Scopes’ space ship
9. Hamster ball people of Earth