REVIEW: I Swallowed the Key to My Heart #1, #2, #3

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swallowkey1keytomyheart2_lgswallowed3-coverThese three books are a must for any Liz Prince or comics about relationships fans. The third issue serves as a prequel of the first two, though if you have all three you may just as well read them in one, two, three order because it’ll work just as well. It tells a bit about how Liz is single and all. The first issue starts on New Year’s Eve 2006, and pretty much brings you through Liz’s relationship and how weird things can get. The second issue picks up where she’s already in a relationship and jumps into a new one, things always take a strange turn. All of these are pretty enjoyable to read, you’ll rip through them pretty quickly, they’re only twenty-ish pages each but they’re full book size so you get a lot of comic for your buck. Very highly recommended for people that like fun comics and weird relationshipy things.

Get it from Liz Prince HERE

REVIEW: Superman/ThunderCats

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SupermanThunderCatsA one-shot comic that came out in 2004 it’s obviously a crossover of Superman and the Thundercats. Basically a Mumm-Ra plan goes haywire and sends the Thundercats to Metropolis where, just like all crossovers the good guys fight each other until they decide to team up. They make pretty short work of Mumm-Ra’s gang and win the day. This thing is forty eight pages but it flies through, it barley seems like a twenty page book. That’s pretty much my only complaint, I wish there had been more to it, and it’s a super fast story that doesn’t really allow you the time to really get to like it. Though I did really like the big reveal at the end that was by far the best part of the book. DC pretty much nailed their target audience here, Superman and Thundercats fans will both enjoy this one.

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REVIEW: Essential Werewolf By Night Vol. 2

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Essential_Werewolf_by_Night_Vol_1_2For those of you that don’t know the Essential series by Marvel is basically a collection of reprinted comics, they’re nice collections, decently priced but they’re in black and white. A lot of people scoff at the black and white prints, I don’t even like them for most things, but I’m into it for the horror comics, I think because it reminds me of watching the classic monster movies. The Werewolf By Night series was Marvel’s wolfman; these were written in the 70’s so they still actually have a lot of that old horror movie feel to them. Some of them are like something Hammer may have adapted. But these are still Marvel so from time to time you’ll see something like Hangman, Moon Knight, Morbius, Man-Thing, or Ghost Rider pop up. It doesn’t happen often but it does happen, luckily these are written well enough it doesn’t take you out of the story, most of the time it still works. Some of these stories features him in fights with the Frankenstein Monster, a mad scientist turned Jekyll & hyde-esq monster (which happens to be my favorite story) and fights with gypsies, wizards sorcerers and unspeakable monsters! As great as this collection is there are two stories I didn’t like, the first seemed a little out of nowhere and too sci-fi for me and the second is a pretty lame one involving Iron Man. In fact I blame Iron Man completely, but these are a very small part of this great collection. The team-up story was a little flat as well, but even that was still fun. As I said these are decently priced the cover price on this thing is seventeen bucks and considering that it includes Werewolf By Night issues 22-43, Giant-Size Werewolf issues 2-5, and Marvel Premiere issue 28, I’d consider twenty six comics for seventeen bucks a hell of a deal. Especially for this caliber of comic.

Get Essential Werewolf by Night, Vol. 2 from Amazon HERE

REVIEW: Batman The Spirit

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batman-the-spirit-1_cover-artFrom 2007 DC comics published what is now one of my favorite crossovers ever. Two great comic icons in one great book. One thing I really like about this is it shows the similarities between Batman and the Spirit. There’s Gotham City and Central City, Commissioner Gordon and commissioner Dolan and so on. The story starts out with Gordon in Central city, it seems Jim and Dolan are old friends and they’re telling the tale of how the Spirit met Batman. Dolan and Gordon are headed out to a the Policeman’s Benevolent Association’s Annual Law-Enforcement Convention, on their way Dolan is intercepted by Poison Ivy and put under her spell, while Gordon is seduced by P’Gell. At the same time the criminals from both cities are having their own get together, soon Batman and the Spirit’s villains start working together. That’s alright though because it doesn’t take long for Batman and the Spirit to team up, though I do like that the Spirit doesn’t believe that Batman is real. They work well as a team, as you may have guessed and save the day. This book is really incredible, it’s must read stuff for Batman and Spirit fans. I guess I wasn’t the only one that liked it too because it pulled in the 2007 Eisner Award for Best Single Issue, Dave Stewart won the Eisner for Best Coloring and Darwyn Cooke won the 2007 Joe Shuster Award for Outstanding Artist. So yeah, it’s pretty good I guess.

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REVIEW: Avengers X-Sanction

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Avengers X-SanctionCable returns for the first time since his recent death in this four part series. He’s trying to save Hope, says he only has twenty four hours to do it before the Techno-organic virus finally takes over and kills him, and he’s here to stop the Avengers. Apparently in the future Hope has died and the Avengers are to blame so Cable takes it upon himself to go to the past and take out the Avengers. He takes them down systematically using weapons and technology from the future. These fights are great, most of them are pretty short but they’re really entertaining, which I think is really difficult to do in this age of comics. This is going to be the setup to some Avengers vs x-Men storyline, and I think it did a pretty good job at that. There are some surprises at the end of the last issue which I won’t spoil because this is still pretty new but I was actually kind of wowed at them. I think four issues was way too short for this; I’d have liked it better if it was like six issues. I was eating these books up faster than they could put them out. Anyone that likes Cable this is a must read because it’s basically four comics of Cable kicking a lot of ass.

Get Avengers: X-Sanction from Amazon HERE

REVIEW: Batman/Judge Dredd: Vendetta in Gotham

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Batman_Judge_Dredd_Vendetta_in_Gotham_Vol_1_1The second of the Batman/Judge Dredd comics this one was published in 1993 and again written by John Wagner and Alan Grant somewhat sadly we’ve got a different artist this time around. I only say somewhat because Cam Kennedy does a very fine job, I especially like his Batman in this. This time around it seems Judge Dredd comes to Gotham to pick a fight with Batman, soon it’s reveled that he’s actually trying to save Batman’s life which he finds ended in a news paper a Judge had. The death is linked to a plot by the Ventriloquist, an odd villain choice but I like it because you don’t see much of him. There really isn’t much more to the plot besides that, almost half of this book is just Judge Dredd and Batman fighting, which is actually pretty great. At the end it sets up for another Batman Dredd crossover ‘Judgment 3 Die Laughing’ (which is actually the fourth crossover, not sure what happened there. Most of this book really just seems to exist to setup another crossover though, kind of strange but its fine with me because even as filler this was pretty good. Batman and Judge Dredd fans will like this just for the long fight alone.

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REVIEW: Batman Danger Girl: Dangerous Connections

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Batman-Danger_Girl_Vol_1_1In this unlikely crossover the Danger Girl gang goes to Gotham City to get Donavin Conrad. Batman hears of this, he doesn’t seem to be entirely sure who Donavin Conrad is but he’s sure he’s not on the side of good…also he doesn’t like Danger Girl being in his city. Donavin quickly falls in with the Joker, he intends to strike a partnership with him, the Joker has this mind control device but Donavin has the codes to make it work. Joker quickly double crosses him which leads to an odd situation. Speaking of odd, Catwoman shows up during the obligatory Batman/Danger Girl fight…but doesn’t appear in the rest of the story at all. Anyway besides that it’s a pretty good crossover. A pairing that you wouldn’t think would work out very well does seem to work. I especially love the Joker in this story, but then again it’s kind of hard not to like the best villain ever. Batman and Danger Girl fans will be pretty stoked on this one.

Get Batman Danger Girl: Dangerous Connections from Amazon HERE

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