REVIEW: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

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captain-america-the-winter-soldier-poster-chris-evans-helmetNot being a Captain America fan I was pretty surprised when I enjoyed ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ so much. Up until this point it was my favorite Marvel movie, everything about it was pretty much perfect. Now a few years later we get the sequel, Captain America is still trying to get used to living in the future then this Winter Soldier starts attacking. Shit goes south for Captain pretty quickly and he’s a fugitive from SHIELD before he knows it. On top of that secrets about SHIELD are being discovered that makes it seem like this might not be the great organization that they all thought. It breaks down to a small group of SHIELD agents against the rest of the organization in a pretty big rumble. The movie is just fucking fantastic. This is now the best movie that Marvel has made. I cannot highly recommend this one enough. If you like comics, if you don’t, if you like Captain America, if you don’t, I think anyone can enjoy the hell out of this one.

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REVIEW: Echoes

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EchoesBrian Cohn is a man that is a schizophrenic, his father is in the hospital, and one day while visiting he learns he may have been a serial killer. His father tells him to check out an address; in there he finds handmade dolls from what he believes are murdered children. Through this five issue series Brian has to put the clues together and figure out if this is real or if his schizophrenia is working overtime, and if it’s real, does he turn his father in, or cover it up? On top of everything else there’s this cop, Brian isn’t sure if the guy is trying to help him out, if he’s a dirty copy, or if he just likes fucking with him. Writer Joshua Hale Fialkov puts a nice new spin on horror comics with Echoes, really the only single complaint I have about this is five issues was just not enough. I found myself at the end very quickly and wanting more. The art of Rahson Ekedal is a great compliment to the tone of the book too. Horror fans will eat this up fast.

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REVIEW: Red Sonja: Berserker

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STK631708.jpg.square-true_maxheight-285_size-285The newest one shot from Dynamite for Red Sonja is here, Red Sonja: Berserker! And it’s pretty fantastic. Written by Nancy A. Collins with art by Fritz Casas, Sonja starts be befriending a polar bear while hiding out during the winter. After sometime she makes it back to civilization only to be quickly involved in a bar fight after some men mistake her for a prostitute. From there instead of going to jail she is made to fight in an arena. From there as you can imagine things get bloody. I’m a big fan of just about anything with the Red Sonja name on it and asise from the new run of the comic this is the best Red Sonja title in quite some time.

REVIEW: Chronos Commandos

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Chronos-Commandos-CoverWho’d have thought that Titan Comics would put out my favorite comic mini-series of the year? Chronos Commandos by Stuart Jennett is the best time traveling military vs. dinosaurs’ book I’ve ever read (something you’d think there wouldn’t be a lot of but you’d be surprised). Basically we’ve got the Chronos Commandos, they’re an American military squad lead by Sarge, and they try to keep the Nazis from fucking up time. And on the other side you’ve got Richter and his team of Nazis that are trying to win the war by time travel. As you can imagine it gets pretty messy fast, and the added bonus of time traveling through prehistoric times doesn’t make things any easier. If you like time travel, war stories of just wackiness check out Chronos Commandos, it’s pretty fucking great.

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REVIEW: Danger Girl: The Chase!

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DGChaseThe Danger Girl team is back with another new series called The Chase! It’s a four issue series written by Andy Hartnell and illustrated by Harvey Tolibao and published by IDW. All things that are great so far. The team is on a mission to retrieve a briefcase that has…well they don’t know what it has but it’s bad news. They’re trying to keep it out of the wrong hands which is where it currently is, though the case is very sensitive too, it gets some nicks and dings in it through the adventure which you might expect however as the casing gets bashed around weird things start to happen. Storms appear from nowhere, gravity doesn’t matter, and a tiny bit of time travel. As far as the Danger Girl series go this isn’t the best one but it’s still pretty good. Anyone that’s a fan of Danger Girl or action movies should give this one a read.

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