DaVinciCodeDan Brown wrote the book that had everyone going crazy for a while, then all the nuttiness toned down for a while, then they decided to make a movie out of ‘The Da Vinci Code’ and it started all over again, but worse. Kind of like the movie, which sucked. This book took me a while to get through and for good reason. We’ve got 608 pages, about 300 of them are great, about half way through I feel this book really loses its momentum and just starts to get stupid. First half I was really into, cool mystery type deal, but after that it was pretty lame. By the end I felt kind of cheated, actually really cheated. If you’ve gotten nothing better lying around you might wanna take a flip through this book but I really can’t bring myself to say you should check it out, in fact you’d be better off just skipping it. Also I feel I should point out my disliking the book has nothing to do with the religious implications of the book, in fact that was probably what I liked best about it, how most things thought to be iron clad seemed to be a big conspiracy. Nope, I just didn’t like this book because it sucked.

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