REVIEW: Dagwood: Paradise

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CoverDagwood has released a few things and they’ve all been really good but now they’re here with their first album ‘Paradise’, it’s got seven new songs and three rerecorded from their demo (which I’m really glad about because those songs rule). It’s ten great pop punk songs imported from Connecticut. These guys really do it right, they’re pop punk without being bubblegum, they’ve got enough elements of rock and punk thrown in to give them their own sound. Songs like ‘Bone Dry’, ‘No Brain’ and ‘Time Alone’ really show that off. They also use some acoustics on ‘Time Apart’ which is a nice change up. If you haven’t checked out Dagwood yet ‘Paradise’ is a perfect place to dive in, if you like punk, rock and pop punk you should hit this up.

1. Paradise
2. Guilt
3. Bone Dry
4. Planning/Projecting
5. Closing Up
6. No Brain
7. Time Apart
8. Time Alone
9. Mental Cave
10. Yesterday’s Energy

Get it from Dagwood HERE

REVIEW: Dagwood: Demo

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Dagwood is a pretty new punk band but they’ve got some great songs already. Here’s where they started off with a three song demo. As far as demos go the recording is pretty good, you can definitely tell it’s a demo but quality wise it’s on the higher end of what you’d expect. All three of these songs are really good, the opening track ‘No Brain’ is a little standard but it’s tight. The second track, ‘Bone Dry’ is awesome; it’s easily the best song on this thing. It just seems to have more heart than the other two songs (not that they’re hollow by any measure). The third song ‘Yesterday’s Energy’ has a lot of great stuff going on in it. There are even some almost metal riffs, but mostly the song has more or less a post-punk type of feel to it. I wouldn’t call this band pop punk, but that is probably what you should lean toward when you’re thinking in the punk rock spectrum when trying to find Dagwood. If this demo is any indication there’s going to be a lot of really good stuff coming out of this band.

1. No Brain
2. Bone Dry
3. Yesterday’s Energy

Top 15 Demos of 2011

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Not much to say about this one, there were some good demos this year. Here’s the 15 best of em.

  1. Spruce Bringsteen: God Bless Destruction- The Demo
  2. The Masked Intruder: Demo
  3. Amateur Thieves: Demo 2011
  4. Whiff: Fall Demo ’11
  5. Deep Pockets: Demo
  6. Crow Bait: Three Tickle Guys EP
  7. Betty Nico: Demo
  8. Caffiends: Redneck Hot Tub Time Machine
  9. The Leather Jackets: Demos
  10. Big Soda: 2011 Demo
  11. Awkard Age: Demo 2011
  12. Only An Island: Demo
  13. Jabronis: Demo Of The Century
  14. Dagwood: Demo
  15. No Childern: Demo


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