Releases Worth Getting June 19, 2012

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Hey Dude: Season 3
Project X
Jeff, Who Lives at Home
Louie: Season 2
Municipal Waste & Toxic Holocaust: Toxic Waste
The Dopamines: Vices
Del & Parallel Thought: Attractive Sin
Manowar: The Lord of Steel

REVIEW: Del the funky homosapien: It Ain’t Illegal Yet

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There was about an eight year dry spell for Del albums but since he’s come back he’s been rolling out albums like no one else. One thing that’s hard to keep up when you’ve got such a high volume of products like this is the quality, but somehow Del continues to pull it off. Here’s another album from the funky homosapien, released as his past few have been via donation based download. I think what stands out most about this album is the beats, they sound like they were produced by an alien working in his basement. Some of them are really fucking weird but they all work, it’s great. Del still has his great flow and lyric base here as well, it’s another all around outstanding album by the man. Make sure you go get it as soon as you get to a computer…like now!

1. Don’t Stop Rappin’
2. Excuse to Let Loose
3. U don’t hear me tho
4. That Feelin
5. Spittin Sawblades
6. The Rhyme
7. Easter Eggs
8. Hiero Mind Body Soul
9. Motomouf
10. Violate
11. Dont Stop Rappin

Get it from Del HERE

New Del Album

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From the Depths of Sir Dzl’s Funk lab come the latest Journal entries of Funk! An Ill blend of his traditional funk, battle raps and the Futuristics of Deltron zero! You Pick the Price! This is Del’s 2nd Pick your Price Album. Due to the continued success of Automatik Statik We decided to continue this method. Here are the levels:

*Minimum $3
*$15 and up you get the limited signed hard copy (pressed by skull candy and arnette eyewear) of the cd

* $30 and up you get the limited signed cd, a set of skull candy headphones/or ear buds.

*$50 and up you get the cd, Headphones, and a limited edition tour poster signed by Del to YOU

*$100 and up you get The Hierollers pack! Signed cd and 5 different tour posters, Del shirt (men’s, m-xxl), women’s (sm-lrg) and a personal Phone call from Sir Dzl Himself!

*$500 and up you get The Hierollers pack Plus a custom beat by del.

*$1000 and up you get The Hierollers pack, Plus a song with your input (you guys can talk about how it should be, sound and content

*$3000 and up you get the Hierollers pack, A custom song and you can fly out and spend a day with del!

***10,000 you get an Ep! A 5-7-song project where you get to work with del on the concept, vibe and the content! With you credited on the album! Come spend a day with Sir DZL and add your 2cents on the project you want Del to make! Real Talk!

You can get it here:

Top 20 albums of 2009

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Alright this is the first time I think I’ve attempted this, a couple notes first here. I’m leaving ‘Iron Maiden: Flight 666′ of the list here because Iron Maiden is in a league of their own and will always capture the top spot with an unfair advantage. Second note I’m also leaving off ‘Death: For The Whole World To See’ it was released this year but actually happened in the 70’s, so I’m not sure if it qualifies. If I leave it on it would most likely be in the top 5 because it is amazingly awesome. Also I’m not including 4 that would have most likely made it, “R.A. the Rugged Man: Legendary Classics Vol 1″, “Deep Sleep: Three Things At Once”, “Psyched To Die: Year One” and “Drag the River: Bad at Breaking Up” because they are compilations. And lastly I’m not including “Judas Priest: A Touch of Evil: Live” because it is a live album.

1. Parasites: Solitary
2. Dear Landlord: Dream Homes
3. House Boat: The Delaware Octopus
4. Propagandhi: Supporting Caste
5. Teenage Bottlerocket: They Came From The Shadows
6. Wizard: Thor
7. Chad Price: Smile Sweet Face
8. Jon Snodgrass: Visitor’s Band
9. Mean Jeans: Are You Serious?
10. Del The Funky Homosapien: Funk Man (the stimulus package)
11. Sick Sick Birds: Heavy Manners
12. Jetty Boys: Sheboygan (review coming soon)
13. Anvil: This Is Thirteen
14. The Riptides: Tales From Planet Earth (review coming soon)
15. Del the Funky Homosapien/Tame One: Parallel Uni-Verses
16. The Vivian Girls: Everything Goes Wrong
17. Delay: Plain Language
18. The Riverdales: Invasion USA
19. Spinal Tap: Back From The Dead
20. The Apers: You Are Only As Strong As The Table You Dance On

REVIEW: Del The Funky Homosapien: Automatik Statik

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Del took eight years to give us a new album after Deltron 3030. Since the release of his new album he’s been pumping them out on a pretty regular basis. He was stock piling or holding out on us or something. Most of these releases have come for free on his website. This new one “Automatik Statik” was another web site download, but this time instead of just giving it away you had to make a donation, which is an even better idea. You can get the new Del album for as little as $3! As far as the album itself it’s what you’d come to expect from Del. The beats are fun and interesting for the most part, his flow is great as always, we’ve got eleven new Del songs that fit nicely into his catalog, no throw away stuff here. Head on over to Del’s spot on the web and get this.

1.Dzl Funk
3.For those who know
4.Weapon x Militant
5.From a-to-z
7.Monkey Wrench
8.I Got Whut U Need
9.Make An Ass of Urself
10.Sheen and Glow
11.Super Cool

Get it from Del HERE

REVIEW: Del The Funky Homosapien + Tame One: Parallel Uni-Verses

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Gold Dust Media helps us get some more of those Del tunes he’s been cranking out lately. This time Del has teamed up with Tame One, and let me just say this album is fucking awesome. This may be the best thing Del’s released since Deltron 3030 and the best Tame stuff in a while too. The beats aren’t Del’s normal style but everything else is unmistakable.

1. Intro (Magic)
2. Keep It Up
3. Flashback
4. The Franchise
5. Specifics
6. I’m A
7. Before This
8. We Taking Over
9. Life Sucks
10. Teddy
11. Special
12. Gaining Ground

Get Parallel Uni-Verses from Amazon HERE

Weekly Band Profile: Del The Funky Homosapien

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Name: Del The Funky Homosapien (Del tha Funkee Homosapien, Del, Deltron)
From: Oakland, California, U.S.
Web Site:
Lifespan (music): 1990–present
Genre: Rap, Hip-Hop
Best Release: Deltron 3030
I Wish My Brother George Was Here
No Need for Alarm
Future Development
Both Sides of the Brain
Deltron 3030
Eleventh Hour
Funk Man (The Stimulus Package)
Automatik Statik
The Best Of Del tha Funkee Homosapien: The Elektra Years
Del’s Leak Pack #1
Del’s Leak Pack #2
With Hieroglyphics:
Hiero B-Sides
Hiero Oldies Compilation
3rd Eye Vision
Full Circle
Hiero Imperium Presents The Building
Over Time
At The Helm
With Gorillaz:
with Tame One:
Parallel Uni-Verses
Cousin of Ice Cube, Del may actually be better, but gets less than half the fame. He’s been at it for almost 20 years and Del’s always on point. He’s done solo albums, projects with other people and has put out stuff as part of Hieroglyphics. Deltron 3030 may be the best hip-hop album of all time, too bad it took eight years for him to follow-up with something. But it seems he was stockpiling in that time because sense then he’s been steadily releasing albums. If you’re looking for some good stuff you can never go wrong with the Funkee Homosapien.

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