REVIEW: NoBunny: Brace Face

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Do you know NoBunny? Douche Master Records does, that’s why they put out this new single from NoBunny. Featuring three songs and one of the oddest covers I’ve seen in a long time. NoBunny is like a great fusion of pop rock and garage rock that doesn’t sound as bad as you’d think. NoBunny sort of sounds like a dude grew up listening to poppy rock n roll from ages ago, then discovered garage bands and finally one day found AC/DC existed. Here are three great songs that you should be listening to right now.

‘Brace Face’ Super poppy low-fi rock. This song is catchy as fuck, it’d totally go on a mix tape for a girl.
‘It Tastes Just Like A Milkshake’ Another super catchy song, but this one is more early 60’s rock catchy than a total pop tune.
‘Your Mouth’ It sounds like some sort of disturbing kids song. Super creepy weird and fucked. I love it.

1. Brace Face
2. It Tastes Just Like A Milkshake
3. Your Mouth

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REVIEW: Gentleman Jesse and His Men: She’s A Trap

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Douche Master Records brings us some more power pop from Gentleman Jesse and His men. This time it’s just a two song single, but I’ll take it over nothing. Once again Jesse comes and brings forth a great slab of vinyl that any fan will no doubt need to own.

‘She’s A Trap’ A pretty catchy pop song, my only complaint is ‘She’s A Trap’ gets repeated way more than it needs to. Knock down to under a thousand repeats and you’ve got a really good song.
‘I Won’t Say Goodbye’ And what we’ve got here is another case of the B side of a record totally kicking the A side’s ass. A slowed down rock song, like you’d expect to hear being played on the slow dance floor in the 50’s. It’s brilliant.

1. She’s A Trap
2. I Won’t Say Goodboy

Get She’s A Trap from Amazon HERE


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