REVIEW: Forever Hardcore: The Documentary

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forever-HardcoreThis was a great surprise of a documentary, I came into this not expecting a whole lot but came away with a ton. This is a documentary about the great wrestling promotion Extreme Championship Wrestling. It’s an independent documentary, not a WWE one which gives it a nice new angle on things. The bad thing about it not being WWE produced is it doesn’t look as slick as it could have and they don’t have rights to any of the ECW stuff so there are no matches or clips or any of that cool stuff. It does however have interviews, fucking tons of interviews. This is a pure interview style documentary; it’s about two hours of talking to some of the men that made ECW. There are tons of guys missing that I’d like to have seen here but it also has a ton of guys that can talk like experts on the subject, it’s got Kid Kash, Simon Diamond, Terry Taylor, Sabu, Sandman, Joey Styles, Blue Meanie, Shane Douglas, Terry Funk, Jerry Lynn, New Jack, James Mitchell (Sinister Minister), Raven, Todd Grisham, Francine, Gabe Sapolsky, Gary Wolfe (Pitbull #1) and some others. It’s really damn impressive. About the only thing I didn’t like about this was New Jack, he comes off as just as shitty a person as he is a wrestler, dude is fucking awful. Besides that dose of awfulness this thing is excellent. You get a lot of insight to what made and broke ECW, a lot of stories you may know if you followed ECW but even if you did there’s still a good amount of stuff that will most likely be new to you, I know it was for me. Even though this doesn’t have a lot of flash it’s one of the better wrestling documentaries I’ve seen. If you were a fan of ECW you’ve got to see Forever Hardcore.

The DVD version I’ve got is the director’s cut, its two discs and has extended interviews and some matches.

The matches are definitely the weak point of this DVD. These matches are NOT ECW matches, I believe they’re XPW matches. The commentary on these is AWFUL, easily some of the worst wrestling commentary I’ve ever heard. It almost makes the matches unwatchable.

Terry Funk vs. Sabu - Sadly this match is pretty boring, it just seems kind of like they’re going through the motions of many matches of the past. Pretty underwhelming.
Shane Douglas vs. Chris Candido - After the lack luster showing from Funk and Sabu I wasn’t expecting much from this, especially considering both Douglas and Candido are very much past their primes at this point. However as a pleasant surprise this match was pretty damn good. It’s no five star match of the year affair but it was damn well enjoyable. This turned out to be the best match on here.
New Jack vs. Vic Grimes - I did not watch this match, fuck these guys.
Jerry Lynn vs. Chris Hamrick - Jerry Lynn works his ass off to make this match decent and pulls it off for the most part. Hamrick is average at best and so is the match, it’s worth watching if you’ve got nothing else going on though. Really one of the only two matches even worth watching.
Sandman vs. Konnan, Psicosis, MMW - Before the match Sandman and Konnan show just how awful they are on the mic, the match itself isn’t much better than that, ugh.

Terry Funk vs. Sabu
Shane Douglas vs. Chris Candido
New Jack vs. Vic Grimes
Jerry Lynn vs. Chris Hamrick
Sandman vs. Konnan, Psicosis, MMW

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Releases Worth Getting June 5, 2012

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