REVIEW: Phantom

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Phantom_2013-movie-poster-300x442I pretty much saw Phantom by accident. I’d seen no trailers for it at all but it was playing at the right time. All I did was look up the plot and saw Ed Harris was in it and I was basically sold. It’s the story of a Soviet submarine that went missing during the Cold War. Ed Harris is the Captain of the sub; David Duchovny is also aboard though he serves more of a sinister role in this one. Unbeknownst to the sub’s crew they’re testing out a secret piece of equipment that masks the sub to other ships in the sea. Testing out this equipment only seems to be part of their mission though; the other half may be to start a nuclear war. Personally I like submarine movies, I like war movies, and I like Cold War stuff so I pretty much loved this movie on all points. There’s not a ton of action because well, most of it takes place on a submarine but it will keep your attention. Watching this made me think of other greats such as Hunt for the Red October. People who dig movies like that will most likely be into Phantom.

REVIEW: A History of Violence

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historyNow here we go, a fucking Cronenberg flick. You can’t go wrong there. Add in Viggo Mortensen, Ed Harris and some mob ties and you’ve got a sweet movie. Basically this guy Tom, lives in this little town. Some guys come in and try to start some stuff with him so he ends up shooting them in a scuffle which makes his former mob buddies aware that hes living there. They come out there to get him, Tom denies he’s Joey (his former name) or knows them. Ends up hes gotta go in and take out some people. This movie is definitely worth your time.

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