Underground Defenders Prods are the guys bringing us these ten tracks of thrash metal. The first thing I notice before I even start to listen to this album is the cover. This is the first album cover in a while that I’ve actually stopped for a second and thought ‘woah, that’s badass’. The first thing I notice when listening is the recording quality, it’s pretty bad, but I’ve heard worse. But if you’re a trash fan you’ll recognize the sound, Hirax, Whiplash, Slayer, Municipal Waste, it’s all there. The whole album sounds less like a thrash band’s album and more like a fan’s tribute to thrash. With some better recordings this could be a top 10 album of the year.

‘Enemy’ Sounds like a lost Slayer song, the recording helps with this. They’ve got better solos than Slayer though.
‘The Rest’ More of that old thrash sound, this one is a little more paved over than the previous though.
‘Heretic Cult’ This song pretty much rules, its like Whiplash and Municipal waste formed a super group.
‘Burn With Me’ Metal song, metal riffs, metal lyrics, this song is metal as fuck!
‘Cold Blood’ More Slayer fanfare, right down to the solo.
‘W.U.F.A.N’ I’m not sure what it is about this song but it doesn’t really pop out like the rest of them, I’d say it comes up flat but I don’t want to imply that it’s a bad song.
‘Thrashing Madness’ Ah this might be my favorite song on here, its thrashoriffic!
‘Third World Mediocrity’ Sounds like the thrash version of a dinosaur stalking, hunting and destroying its pray.
‘Collective Psychosis’ Good name for this song, it’s just whirling insanity.
‘Sweet Creatures’ Nice way to wrap things up, this song has some of the slow break downs and some sweet solos, a combo which I’m normally not a giant fan of but it works really well here.

1. Enemy
2. The Rest
3. Heretic Cult
4. Burn With Me
5. Cold Blood
6. W.U.F.A.N
7. Thrashing Madness
8. Third World Mediocrity
9. Collective Psychosis
10. Sweet Creatures