REVIEW: Diarrhea Planet: Aloha!

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I know what you’re thinking, Diarrhea Planet? Really? That’s their name? I can’t say I endorse the name, but I can get behind the band. What you get out of Aloha! is five fucking great punk garage songs. All five of these are hits, though admittedly it does start off with the weakest song. The high point is right in the middle ‘Ghost With A Boner’ is not only a ridiculous title but it’s a pretty incredible song. Diarrhea Planet might not be for everyone but people who like garage rock, or even bands like Wavves will most likely be into this.

1. Power Moves
2. Get Stimulated
3. Ghost With A Boner
4. Coral Beard Harris
5. Where Were You?

REVIEW: Captain, We’re Sinking: With Joe Riley

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Evil Weevil Records is here bringing us three new songs from Captain, We’re Sinking. It’s a three song EP that is just over six minutes; it’s pretty short so you know you’ll be listening to it a lot. Captain, We’re Sinking continues to bring their Latterman style of pop punk to us with great songs that have lasting power. This EP is pretty great, except for one thing, the song titles are way too long for my liking. I’m down for a fun song title but come on, except for the first track that one can stay how it is. But regardless that’s just some superficial bullshit, what’s on this record is top notch, if you’re into bands like Rumspringer, and Iron Chic you’ll need to check this record out.

‘The Ballad of Ichabod Crane’ I can’t argue with a song that has a great name, it’s a great song too so I’d have no reason to have beef with this jam. Right out of the gate the band brings it fast and catchy. This is a goddamn good pop punk song, and the best song on here.
‘Manners Are Their Own Reward, Gentleman’ A lot of energy for this one, the vocals almost touch on screaming at some parts which I’m generally not a big fan of, but it’s alright for this song. They’re two great songs for two on this record with this one. It’s probably the worst song on here, but seeing as how it’s a quality tune that’s a good sign for this EP.
‘Captain, We’re Sinking-Foster Brothers’ The most chill song on this record and probably the most like the stuff I like best from the band. They close it out with exactly the type of thing I was hoping to hear.

1. The Ballad of Ichabod Crane
2. Manners Are Their Own Reward, Gentleman
3. Captain, We’re Sinking-Foster Brothers

REVIEW: Big Eyes: Demo

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Big Eyes is here with their demo and everybody’s excited, or at least you should be. A pop punk trio with female vocals this is the perfect band for lovers of the Muffs and Ramones. The band is made of former members of Seasick, Kicking Spit, Hellhole, and Cheeky, so you know they come from a good background. This 7″ contains four songs that are all great, its ten minutes of 90’s pop punk bliss. It’s so damn good I can’t even choose a favorite song. The only real complaint I have about this is I wish the vocals were a little easier to hear. But I’m hoping for a lot of great releases from this band, this is a great way to start things out, don’t sleep on this one!

‘I Prefer To Be Alone’ An intro and back beat you might know but with lyrics and a feel all to the band’s own. It’s like a surf pop song with a mean edge to it.
‘Since You Left’ The guitar and bass work reminds me a bit of something ALL might do, but the rest of the song has a Muffs feel to it. It’s a song subject that has been written about since the beginning of time, when your other half leaves and you’re left alone.
‘You Ain’t The Only One’ A rock song with even parts mixed toughness and pop. This is probably the best constructed song on the demo.
‘All Alone’ We end things close to the way we started them out, a rock song with some pop and surf mixed in. More loneliness in the song, this almost seems to be a theme of the band.

1. I Prefer To Be Alone
2. Since You Left
3. You Ain’t The Only One
4. All Alone


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