REVIEW: Todd Congelliere: People In The Sand E.P.

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Todd Congelliere (you may know him from F.Y.P. and Toys That Kill) is here with a solo EP. Out on Ol’ Tennis Shoes records. This is about as solo as a solo recording can get, it’s mostly Todd and a guitar, there’s some other things thrown in here but you should get the idea. Very different from the bands he’s been in, but still somehow keeps that odd level of weirdness that I love. This is a great record.

‘Too Many Choices’ Too many choices in life can be confusing and overwhelming. This sums it up pretty well. The song is just Todd and a guitar.
Bottom of the Sea’ We’ve got a lot of weird added elements added in here. Playing a glass cup it sounds like? One of those slide whistle toy things? I’m just speculating here. But the guitar is definitely back. All of this comes together to make a pretty great song, about moving to the bottom of the sea.
‘People In The Sand’ This is more of a full sounding than the other songs somehow. The same formula is there, Todd, guitar, bells, a glock? But regardless this is my favorite song. It makes me want to lounge on the beach in a hammock with an alcoholic beverage in my hand.

1. Too Many Choices
2. Bottom of the Sea
3. People In The Sand

Weekly Label Profile: Recess Records

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Name: Recess Records
Lifespan: 1989-current
Web Site:
Notable Releases/Bands: Beatnik Termites, Ben Weasel, The Dwarves, F.Y.P.,I Spy, Propagandhi, Screeching Weasel, Toys That Kill
Info: Started in 1989 in California by Todd Congelliere to put out F.Y.P. records Recess Records has done pretty well for itself since then. They’ve gone from being run out of a bedroom to an apartment to a real warehouse. They’ve put out your small bands that most people don’t know to legends like Screeching Weasel. And are showing no signs of slowing down the punk rock.


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