REVIEW: Matt Pless: Short Tales and Tall Stories

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mattshorttallIn 2010 Matt Pless dropped ‘Short Tales and Tall stories’; it’s a collection of acoustic demos and unreleased songs. Some of these being demo’s means not everything is new but everything is great. I love listening to demo versions of songs and with Matt’s acoustic backing everything is perfect. The Unreleased songs are some real good ones as well, I’m real glad this collection happened because I’ve listened to it a fucking ton. If you know Matt Pless than you know the quality that you’re going to get out of this and the treasures that this collection may hold. If you’re unfamiliar with Matt you need to change that, he’s got an acoustic folk pop punk sound that’s unmatched and his song writing is on par with just about anything else going. Don’t wait, get on this right now.

1. Ashtray
2. Amber Lee
3. What You Will
4. Dirty Needles
5. In the Past Tense
6. Talkin’ Information Blues
7. Glassy Eyes
8. Down at the Gallows
9. Clean on the Other End
10. White Picket Fences
11. Pick Up the Pieces
12. Some like it Hot
13. Four Leaf Clover
14. The Joker and the Fool
15. The Girl of My Dreams
16. Bugs
17. My Crooked Ways
18. If I Was a Fountain
19. My Dark Room
20. Everything to Me

Get it from Matt Pless HERE

REVIEW: Matt Pless & Melissa Lucciola: Split Seven Inch

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MATTPLESS_SPLIT_COVERMELISSALUCCIOLA_SPLIT_COVERThis is a split that I wasn’t expecting but am pretty happy that it exists. I’ve been a fan of Matt Pless since his 3 Prong Outlet days and his solo stuff just continues to be great but now with a folk sound instead of pop punk (though not totally abandoning all of the pop punk sound), I believe this is the first time he’s been on vinyl though. The first Matt Pless song, ‘Dirty needles’ is one that’s been around for a while but I’m glad it was included on here because it’s one of my favorites, it really combines the folk and pop punk sounds perfectly. His second song ‘Of Love & Loss’ is a new song if I’m not mistaken. It’s a slow folk song, and it’s really good too, I’ve listened to it about five times now. Melissa Lucciola only has one song on here ‘Miss You’, and this is the first time I’ve heard anything by her but I like it. The best way I think I can describe her is like a lounge singer. She has a great voice and this song is really good. I immediately looked up more Melissa Lucciola as soon as I finished listening to this. If you’re into folk and lounge music this is a great split to pick up.

Matt Pless
1. Dirty Needles
2. Of Love & Loss

Melissa Lucciola
1. Miss You

Get it from Fake Art Records HERE

REVIEW: Among Giants: Truth Hurts

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Among Giants Truth HurtsOrlando’s Among Giants is back with a new album full of acoustic folk punk goodness. The album starts off a little slow; I don’t really care for ‘Late Nights’ but it picks up fast after that. By the time you get to ‘Get Your Shit Straight’ you know you’re into a real good album. There’s a few times where the acoustics are dropped such as ‘There is a Ghost’ but personally I like the acoustic songs way better. Fans of Paul Baribeau, Failures’ Union, Wingnut Dishwashers, and Captain Chaos should check ‘Truth Hurts’ out, it’s pretty damn good.

1. Late Nights
2. The Pond
3. A Letter
4. Cross Your Heart
5. What’s the Point?
6. Get Your Shit Straight
7. All I want
9. Pack Rat
10. Albert Rhymestein
11. That Time of Year

Get Truth Hurts from Amazon HERE

Get it from Among Giants HERE

REVIEW: Larry and His Flask: Hobo’s Lament

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LarryLarry and His Flask have a new EP out on Paper + Plastick out, while I’m not a fan of that label I can get down with this band for sure. They hail from Oregon and play some country music that has some bluegrass and punk folk thrown in there. This EP is pretty great, it’s the first thing I’ve heard from them in a while and it doesn’t seem like they’ve lost a step at all. Six songs that are all great, they’re fast paced but bring it way down when it needs to be. I think the title song ‘Hobo’s Lament’ is the best on there, though it’s got some stiff competition. Anybody that likes real country music might be into this stuff, I know I am.

1. Closed Doors
2. Big Ride
3. My Name Is Cancer
4. Hobo’s Lament
5. Swing
6. So Long

Get it from Larry and His Flask HERE

Get Hobo’s Lament from Amazon HERE

REVIEW: Jud Norman: Baby Step

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Jud NormanBaby StepJud Norman is the singer and bassist for the band Research Turtles; here he’s got a new solo album ‘Baby Step’. Jud Norman has the alt-rock and indie elements of Research Turtles but adds some folk sound into the mix to make it even better. This album is real good; it’s the kind of thing you can just sit back and relax to as you let it play. I hope Jud keeps up with this solo style thing because this is good and I think it can get even better.

1. Baby Step
2. Cool and Cold
3. One and Two
4. It’s Easy
5. Roll On
6. Electricity
7. Someone
8. She Got Something
9. Come On Back
10. Crash
11. Alison Masshart
12. I’ll Wait
13. I Like You
14. Stormy Skies

Get it from the Research Turtles site HERE

Get Baby Step from Amazon HERE

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