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Insubordination Fest is just about my favorite time of year. A few days of fun and pop punk is a great way to start the summer. They just announced the lineup, and here it is (complete with links in case you’re unfamiliar with some of the bands)

June 21 – 23
The Ottobar
Baltimore MD

Be My Doppelganger
Beatnik Termites
Billy Raygun
Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits
Candy Hearts
City Mouse
Dan Vapid and the Cheats
Dear Landlord
Emily’s Army
Fatal Flaw
House Boat
Lipstick Homicide
Mean Jeans
Mikey Erg
Night Birds
Plow United
Slow Death
Teenage Bottlerocket
Weekend Dads

Weekly Label Profile: Don Giovanni Records

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Name: Don Giovanni Records
Lifespan: 2003-Current
Web Site:
Notable Releases/Bands: Full of Fancy, The Measure [sa], Pregnant, Dustheads, The Ergs!, For Science, The Steinways
Don Giovanni Records has been around about eight years, in that time they’ve pumped out almost forty releases. Some people might not think that sounds like a lot but when you look at the products they’ve brought forth to the world you can tell it’s very much a case of quality over quaintly. And while everything they put out might not be the greatest they’ve released some of my favorite pop punk albums of all time. They’ve branched from that pop punk bubble to some harder straight punk and rock titles but I think they’re best stuff has always been their pop releases. Full of Fancy’s latest album marked their latest and 36th release, another top notch notch in their belt. Hopefully we see a continued line of great things from Don Giovanni, because when I hear they’ve got something new coming out I always take note, and you should too.

Weekly Label Profile: Insubordination Records

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Name: Insubordination Records
Lifespan: 1996-Current
Web Site:
Notable Releases/Bands: Apers, Backseat Virgins, Be My Doppleganger, Beatnik Termites, Copyrights, For Science, Hard-Ons, Proteens, Radio With Guts, Unlovables
Started by Reggie Silvestri and Pat Kim in 1996 for Beatnik Termites albums, the label quickly grew from there and Chris Thacker was welcomed on board. In 2004 Mark Enoch brought Knock Knock Records into Insubordination Records and things continued to grow from there. Even today Insubordination records is well known for putting out quality pop punk for many years now, not to mention the now yearly Insubordination Fest in Baltimore, 3 days of pop punk that everybody loves

Weekly Label Profile: It’s Alive Records

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Name: It’s Alive Records
Web Site:
Notable Releases/Bands: The Copyrights, Zatopeks, Teenage Bottlerocket, The Apers, Dear Landlord, For Science, Steinways, The Dazes, Barrakuda McMurder, The Methadones, The Dopamines, The Festipals, Get Bent, House Boat
It’s Alive is one of my current favorite labels, everything they put out is gold. Not only do they put out great tunes but Jenna and Adam who run it are awesome. Some labels have mp3 downloads or nothing, It’s Alive has a better concept, for an extra $1 they’ll throw in a cdr of records so you can rip them or listen to in your car. I’m a huge fan of this. Their mission? Put out awesome records by great bands. So far they’re knocking that out of the park. Recently they put out the House Boat album “The Delaware Octopus”. They were awesome enough to put out 50 “Tour” Editions with the release. Fans were so excited for this they crashed the site while trying to get to it for three hours. The way I see it, that’s one hell of a compliment.

REVIEW: Psyched To Die: Year One

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psychedtodieyear1Psyched to Die is made up of members from bands all over the punk community, however they sound like none of the previous bands, Psyched to Die is some good old fashioned hardcore, one of the better ones to come around in a long time. “Year One” is a compilation of their first two seven inches “Scatter Brained” and “Sterile Walls” (out on Dirtnap records and Grave Mistake/Firestarter Records, and their eight song demo. Added bonus is an extra track tacked on. The whole bundle is brought to us by the guys at Dirtnap Records. If you looking for a good hardcore album, or looking to complete your Psyched to Die collection in one shot, or if you just don’t feel like ripping your Psyched to Die records into mp3’s you should hurry out and pick this up. If nothing else we’ve got ‘Permanent Solution’ on here twice, that alone should be enough of a sell point.

1. Scatter Brained
2. Conditioned To Fail
3. Punch Press
4. Admitting Defeat
5. Onward Armageddon
6. Permanent Solution
7. Five Year Plan
8. OCD Life
9. New Hampshire Man’s Quandary
10. Staged Reality
11. Sterile Walls
12. Permanent Solution
13. Final Bath
14. Defeated
15. Zen And The Art Of Being A Fuck Up

Get Year One from Amazon HERE

REVIEW: Insubordination Fest 2007 CD/DVD

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insubInsubordination Fest 2007 happened, a lot of people went, but if you didn’t get the chance Insubordination Records was kind enough to put out a CD/DVD complication of the Fest. We’ve got twenty eight tracks, one each (more or less) by a different band that played Insubordination Fest. I’m not the biggest fan of compilations, but I missed the fest and this has a ton of pop punk greatness on it. Sound and video quality is quite good, and you can generally come by this pretty cheaply. So if you’re a fan of some of the groups listed here it’s worth picking up, you’ll get your money’s worth quickly.
1. Chinese Telephones – Better Than The Next
2. Sick Sick Birds – Second To Last
3. Paper Dragons – Midnight Bike Rides
4. Short Attention – Cabbage / The Moon
5. The Riptides – Ottawa
6. The Unlovables – If You Were Here
7. The Ergs – Most Violent Rap Group / Pray For Rain
8. Head – Am I Fresh?
9. Hi-Life – California Girls
10. The Varsity Weirdos – Codependency
11. Banner Pilot – Bender
12. The Backseat Virgins – Beating Heart
13. For Science – Leeloo
14. Dead Mechanical – The Only Bad Thing That Ever Happened
15. The AV Club – Girl From Mars
16. The Guts – Easy Come, Easy Go
17. Wimpy Rutherford – I Like Young Girls/This Place Sucks
18. The Leftovers – Hypnotized
19. The Parasites – Hang Up
20. Ben Weasel – Joanie Loves Johnny
21. The Steinways – Are You Fucking Kidding Me?
22. Ben Weasel – Cindy’s On Methadone (DVD only)
23. The Retarded – Gasoline
24. The Beatnik Termites – Somebody Else’s Baby
25. The Apers – It’s All Over You Know
26. The Copyrights – Thinking With The Lights On
27. Teenage Bottlerocket – Radio
28. The Mr. T Experience – She’s Coming (Over Tonight)

Get it from Insubordination Records HERE

REVIEW: The Test Patterns s/t 7″

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testpatYago from Gito Gito Hustler and Dan from, well a few bands, team up to make The Test Patterns. This international super group is kind of like Gito Gito Hustler on Pixy Stix and cocaine – sweeter and faster. This super catchy assault of four songs out on Shit Sandwich records is a good listen. Dan and Yago split vocals on most of the bands releases, although personally I prefer the Yago songs, most of Dan’s aren’t too shabby. If you like Gito Gito Hustler, For Science, early Screeching Weasel, or Hi-Standard you should dig this high powered self titled 7″.
1. Fall In Place
2. Flower Of Mind
3. You’re So Cruel
4. Take It Back

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