REVIEW: Lawless

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Based on the book ‘The Wettest County in the World’ by Matt Bondurant, adapted by Nick Cave and directed by John Hillcoat. Featuring Tom Hardy (in his best role ever), Guy Pearce and Gary Oldman (shortly). Sadly the film also has Shia LaBeouf, but whatever, fuck that guy. The Bondurant brothers are moonshiners, they’ve got a good thing going in the county, no one bothers them and they’re making some decent money. Everything is going pretty well until one day a hot shot lawman from Chicago comes to town and gives all the moonshiners the option to pay him or get shut down. Everyone in the county jumps on board except the Bondurants, which causes a lot of shit. The Bondurant brothers are equipped for a war, especially since the one brother, Forrest (Tom Hardy) is pretty much invincible (or as the annoying bitch that talked through the entire movie next to me put it “invisible”), Forrest is really one of the great badasses of movie history. The movie is pretty much everything I like out of these flicks. We’ve got a good story, some great violence, and some amazing characters; I’d say this is one of the better movies about this era of history that I’ve ever seen. Anyone that likes bootleg running, gangsters and getting in wars with cops needs to see Lawless.

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REVIEW: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

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It’s been a while since I’ve seen a good spy flick so I was pretty happy when I saw the trailer for Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. And when I saw it had Gary Oldman I was totally sold. What I didn’t know is it had a strong cast through the whole movie, during the opening credits I was just getting even more excited for what was ahead. Based on a novel by John le Carré it’s the story of a retired intelgance man trying to find a mole within British Intelengence. There’s plenty of flashbacks as a good part of this takes place in the 70’s, that part of the movie looks espically remarkable but it also ties together real well with the present day stuff. You really don’t realize how much this movie is sucking you in as your watching it, at one point I realised I was hunched over in the theater with my elbows on my knees totally enthrawed with what was going on. It’s a solid spy movie, but it’s not one of the elete great ones, I can’t really place it but it’s missing something. But reguardless it’s a really good movie, anyone that’s into mysteries and spy stories will be totally into this movie.

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REVIEW: The Book of Eli

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It’s been a good while since there’s been a Post Apocalyptic movie, and even longer since we’ve had a good one. Luckily The Book of Eli is here to fill that void. Starring Denzel Washington as a badass man with a bible walking the earth to wherever his faith directs him. Along the way he runs into obstacles on the road which are easily overcome until he comes across a town, here we meet the main villain for the picture played by Gary Oldman as his right hand man henchman is Ray Stevenson. They’re after the bible which Eli poses. The town also has the girl that seems to be in every movie I watch now, Mila Kunis. I enjoyed the hell out of this movie. It’s almost two hours long, but it held my attention the entire time. One of the better movies to come out this year, it’s a little slow paced but if you don’t have a short attention span you’ll probably dig it.

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