My First time is a collection of stories of people’s first punk shows. This book has its ups and downs; it really depends on who is writing the story. Some of these are really great, but then there are some that are pretty shitty and boring. Then there’s a few that don’t even tell of the show. Compiled by Chris Duncan this originally started out as a zine, or part of one. At some point it fell to AK Press who put it out as a book instead. Weighing in at 181 pages all the stories average about three pages each so it won’t be killing you to read them. Because of the short stories, or chapters it makes for a pretty quick read too. I always find it interesting to read about this type of thing, kind of a small part or a window to an autobiography, or just talk of the scene at the time. Here’s a small quick taste of what you’ll get.

Andrew Scott - The general insanity of the show, thinking the floor was going to cave in and everyone is going to die.

Andy Shoup – Amping himself up to stage dive only to chicken out…then later find out Keith Morris of the Circle Jerks told the story of how he almost broke his neck stage diving and asked everyone not to when Andy went for a piss break.

Jillian Lauren – Her friend Jackie sweeping her into the punk rock world when gone she had for a visit. Then later at the show getting knocked out in the pit, by a random flying foot. Only to be rescued by the boy who knocked her out, and instantly fall for him when she regained consciousness.

Jamie Reilly – This is a real heart breaker, Jamie got tickets, and got the older girl he was crushing on to agree to take him/go on a date. Then she gets grounded. Finally getting to the show then gets mistaken for an acid holder.

Blag Dahlia (the Dwarves) – One of my favorites even though this really has nothing to do with the show. A show he couldn’t get into so instead he and a friend sit on the curb, smoked weed and drink. Then with a walk to the liquor store an argument ensues with a drunken girl and her asshole boyfriend.

Anna Brown – Doing acid, then because she can’t go home tripping she goes to Gilman. There she finds a cute boy and plays some basketball and gets welcomed to the punk community.

Russ Rankin (Good Riddance) – Generally talks about the amazingness of the Gilman community.

David Boisineau – This motherfucker, this fucking motherfucker saw the Descendents when he was 11! Goddamn!

Sto Cinders – The sorted tale of underage drinking, and seeing Sick of it All at the 9:30 club in DC.

Joe Queer (The Queers) – The tale of the show is sort of glazed over here, we mostly get a great story of him and wimpy doing acid and tripping while trying to drive home.

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