crushboyfriendThis is the album you can’t help but sing along to, only thing is if your a dude be prepared to get some strange looks, good news is for you ladies you can stop getting those strange looks. This is more or less your standard catchy pop punk album, so sweet it’ll give you cavities, the catch? It’s a female fronted group, which I totally dig. But being of the opposite gender Hailey, as you may guess doesn’t sing songs about girls but rather songs about boys. It’s a nice change to hear the girls missing the boys here but as I said before, it’ll get you some odd looks when your singing along in your car. Out on Whoa Oh Records (a quality pop punk label) the Unlovables are part of this new wave of pop punk that seems to be coming from the NY/NJ area. Them being from New York is about the only thing I hold against this band. The really good news here is unlike other pop punk powerhouses The Ergs! and the Steinways, the Unlovables are still together. Granted they don’t tour a whole lot, that could be because Mikey Erg is in this band, and as you may or may not know, hes in about 10 other bands so I guess things like touring can get complicated. Crush Boyfriend Heartbreak is the Unlovables first album, but second release, they put out an EP earlier. In my option this is also their best release. Their second album was great as well but this one just inches in at the top spot. If you enjoy some pop punk then you should really dig this album. Catchy, poppy, and great girl vocals, I think I’m in love with this woman.

1. I’ve Cried 4 U
2. If You Were Here
3. I Want A Boy
4. Today’s The Day (I Finally Kissed You)
5. Doot Da Doot
6. Vacation
7. I Already Know
8. Bein’ In Love
9. Counting Sheep
10. It Sucks
11. Feelin’ All Emo (Since I Broke Up With You)
12. Non Stop Thinking of You
13. Inconsolable

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