hogan bookEverybody knows Hulk Hogan, whether you’re a wrestling fan or not, young or old, you know the name. The 80’s mega star has done a lot of things in his life and this book attempts to sum them up. This is both a great and forgettable book, written by Hulk Hogan himself (which I can see with the inconsistencys listed, but have a hard time believing he didn’t have help), the book does jump around a lot. It’s a great book because it does tell of the Hulkster’s life from when he was a kid to being in bands, to getting the ring for the first time and beyond. The reason this book is forgettable, and laughable at times is because it jumps around a lot and a lot of it just seems like ‘Hogan stories’. My favorite example of this is at one point he skips right from ‘I was eight years old eating a candy bar’ to ‘I was twenty one playing in bars with my band’. Now I don’t expect to hear about everything from the kid years between but he literally made that jump from eight to twenty one on the same page, like he was body slammed into a wormhole. Even with its faults it’s a pretty good book, if you’re a Hogan fan give it a read but this really isn’t for the casual wrestling fan or non-wrestling fan because you do have to put up with a lot of Hogan bullshit. Still somehow the former world champion managed to fill 464 pages with his greatness.

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