REVIEW: Dark Skies

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Dark SkiesIt’d been a good while since we’ve had a good alien movie so I checked out Dark Skies hoping that it would break the dry spell. It had a pretty decent cast of Keri Russell and Josh Hamilton, J.K. Simmons was even in it for a few minutes. Basically there’s a family of four living in a normal neighborhood when strange things start to happen. Their youngest son says the sandman visits him at night, they find things missing or rearranged in their house, birds start flying into their house and the family will sometimes just lose control of their own bodies. After some online research (because that’s always the best idea) they’re convinced that they’re being visited by aliens. They seek out the advice of an expert of these things and he pretty much tells them that they’re fucked. The family decides to try to fight it and there’s a big alien show down, sort of. The movie had a few creepy parts but nothing past that, there were a couple quick scares but not a lot, overall it was alright. It wasn’t bad but it was very far from great, in general I left Dark Skies just feeling let down. If you’re going to see this I’d wait until it comes out where you can redbox it or catch it for free because if you’re still looking for the next great alien movie Dark Skies leaves you still looking.

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REVIEW: Extract

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extractA new movie from Mike Judge (Idiocracy, Office Space, Beavis and Butt-head), fuck yeah, I couldn’t wait for this to come out. Add to that an awesome cast that includes Jason Bateman, Mila Kunis, Ben Affleck and even somewhat small roles for J.K. Simmons and David Koechner! I had been waiting a long time for this movie to come out. So I finally see it, I enjoyed it but there was one major flaw here, and it’s not the movie’s fault. This thing was totally marketed wrong. All the commercials are like “funniest comedy of the year” and shit like that, I wouldn’t even really consider this a comedy. I’d go more of a route of a drama with jokes. It was funny but definitely not an Office Space. Even still go check this out if you get a chance, just don’t go in expecting an hour and a half laugh fest.

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REVIEW: Spider-man, Spider-man, Does whatever a spider can.

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spidermanSpider-Man: Sam Raimi is going to direct a Spider-Man movie? And it’s going to have Willem Dafoe as main bad guy bad-ass Green Goblin? Fuck Yeah! Sign me up. Me along with most of the other comic nerds on the planet were pretty fucking stoked for this movie and I don’t think many were let down. This basically follows your stand Spider-Man origin story that breaks out into facing one of his arch nemeses, Green Goblin. At the time it was the greatest comic book movie ever made, which stood true in my opinion until the sequel came out. Any Spider-Man fan should be happy with this flick. Not to say it’s perfect, it does have a tiny problem or two but nothing that can’t be overlooked. It’s also got Kristen Dunst looking pretty sexy as she does about half the time, unfortunately the other half she looks kinda busted…but that’s not the point. We’ve also got Tobey Maguire, that fucking weird creepy hitch hiker from Fear and Loathing as Spider-Man/Peter Parker (holy fuck, nobody saw that coming). Also if you keep your eyes peeled you’ll catch Stan the man Lee, of course thanks to Sam we’ve got the great Ted Raimi and Bruce Campbell. And last but not least fucking “Macho Man” Randy Savage as BONESAW!!! This is a quality fucking comic book movie.

spiderman2Spider-Man 2: Spider-Man was so fucking great, of course they’re making a sequel, they’ve got to, right? Please. Oh yes they are. This is possibly my favorite comic book movie ever still today. All the main players are back. Sam Raimi is directing, weird hitchhiker Toby Maguire is back as well as Kristen Dunst and a little bit of Willem Dafoe again. Of course We’ve also got our cameos with Stan Lee and Ted Raimi again and a great one from Bruce Campbell. Too bad there’s no Randy Savage this time (I’m holding out for a BONESAW! movie, but we’ll see). This time we’ve got another great Spider-Man arch nemeses, Doc Ock, in the main bad guy role played nicely by Alfred Molina as well as Harry Osborn giving Spidey some problems because boo hoo hoo, he thinks Spider-Man killed his dad. There’s not enough good I can say about this movie so I’m going to keep this pretty short and just say go see this movie if you like Spider-Man, in fact just go out and buy the DVD because its that mega sweet.

spiderman3Spider-Man 3: Now Spider-Man 3, two great films in a row, can they pull the hat trick? Most people say no, I say yes. There’s a lot of hate on this one, and I guess I can see why parts of it do seem kind of hokey and a little rushed but I really like this one. granted its the 3rd in the list of the three movies but its still great in my eyes. Once again luckily we’ve got Sam Raimi back in the director’s seat. We’ve got weird hitch hiker Tobey Maguire and semi beat looking Kirsten Dunst back in their title roles. Stan Lee and Ted Raimi pop up once again. And Bruce Campbell in my favorite roll of his in the series. (Once again, Randy Savage is absent from this one, where’s my BONESAW movie?). Here we’ve got Harry Osborn being cyber ninja Harry to start things out, this part I did absolutely hate, luckily it got better, but that shit was stupid, if he wanted to be the Green Goblin he should have been the Green Goblin. In part three we get introduced to Venom/Eddie Brock, surprisingly played greatly by Topher Grace. An odd choice but I think he pulled it off. We’ve also get Gwen Stacy in the picture and Sandman is running around (played by Thomas Haden Church, (wtf Lowell, shouldn’t you be on Wings?). While I’m thinking about it too I’d like to take a second in this review and correct and injustice from my previous two reviews. I failed to mention James Franco has done a great job as Harry Osborn. And I’ve also neglected to call out J.K. Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson who I think does the best job being his character out of anyone in all three films, Jameson is dead on right out of the comic pages here. Back on track here though. This movie we’ve got Sandman running around being the petty crook he is until he hooks up with Venom, kind of a weird combo but ok it works. As far as Venom goes it starts out as the black goo alien symbiont becoming the black suit of Spider-Man as it should go. This also brings up some of the best/worst scenes in the movie as peter Parker starts to turn into an asshole because of the alien. On the good side of things he’s being pretty pimp-tacular and has a hilarious strut down the street scene which may be my favorite scene in the movie even though its so stupid. However we’ve also got that god awful scene in the jazz club. But I’m side tracking again, Venom and Sandman team up to destroy Spider-Man because, well they’re villains. Spider-Man makes up with cyber ninja Harry which was kind of stupid and this becomes a tag team affair for the final fight. All in all not too shabby. Like I said it was the weakest of the three but still pretty rad, it’s got a place on my DVD shelf.

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