REVIEW: The Foot Fist Way

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footfistwayposterHere’s a little Danny McBride movie that seemed to have somehow slipped under my radar until now. Danny McBride is just a funny dude, so when he’s in something it’s normally funny. In the director’s chair for this one is the man who was in the same spot for Observe and Report and Eastbound & Down – Jody Hill. So I’d be a dirty liar if I didn’t say I was a little disappointed in this one. I figured Jody Hill and Danny McBride, I’d probably be in tears from laughter during the whole movie, this is not the case. Not to say it wasn’t a good flick, it actually took on a slower darker pace than you’d expect, a lot like Observe and Report actually. Danny is the instructor of a Tae Kwon Do school, who’s actually doing pretty well for himself, then his life has a few stumbles and things start to fall apart. There’s definitely some funny stuff in here but I think the saving grace of this one is the breakup speech Danny busts out here, it’s amazing. I’d say if you liked Observe and Report you might want to check out The Foot Fist Way, you might dig it. But don’t be expecting some light hearten comedy this time around.

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REVIEW: Observe and Report

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observereportWriter and director Jody Hill, known most recently for the series Eastbound & Down brings us a cop-ish movie starring Seth Rogen, whom we all know from almost every funny movie in the past two years. We’ve also got a couple of cameo appearances by Danny McBride and Patton Oswalt. Seth Rogen is the head of security at a local mall, a pervert flasher is running lose, mall security is trying to handle the situation but the real police are eventually called in and the two do not work well together. Throughout this we find that Seth not actually wanted to be a police officer instead of a mall security guard but he is also bipolar. This combination provides for some strange and sometimes straight up mean comedy, this I am a fan of. During much of the movie the audience I saw this with sat silent or horrified while me and a few others laughed heartily. This movie is hilarious but don’t plan on taking your kids and expecting them not to have a lot of questions about it. However if you found yourself laughing at Robin Williams wheedling a knife and yelling “PUT IT IN YOUR MOUTH” in One Hour Photo you can buy your ticket to Observe and Report with no reservations.

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