REVIEW: Jonesin': The Dream is Dead

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Traffic Street, Dirt Cult, Muy Autentico, and No Breaks teamed up to put out what should have been Jonesin’s last record. I say should have been because somewhere down the line the band decided not to break up. So what we have here instead of Jonesin’s final 7″ is the band’s debut EP, put out by, yes four labels. Not only four labels but four great ones. Each one has a different variation color of the record so be a nerd and go get ‘em all. As for the contents of the record all four songs are fucking awesome, start to finish this record shreds. I’m really decided the band decided not to break up and not to let this record slip into the never released abyss.

”Lone’ A pretty good thirty second build until the heavy vocals drop in on you. It’s hard to keep punk down dirty and still be catchy, this song pulls it off well.
‘Nothing At All’ Even better than the last song, it’s even got some background whoa-oh’s. Actually, best song on here.
‘Just So You Know’ Slightly slower, like an angry gritty Hot Water Music, without as much duel vocals.
‘(Take Me to the) Antique Roadshow’ Another one sort of reminds me of Hot Water Music, or at least Gainsville, but with more of a punk attude to it.

1. ‘Lone
2. Nothing At All
3. Just So You Know
4. (Take Me to the) Antique Roadshow

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So as I said before sometimes I miss good stuff coming out, here’s a few, buy them:
  • The Gamits – Parts
  • Jonesin’ – The Dream is Dead 7″
  • Superchunk – Majesty Shredding (Actually not out yet, but coming soon!)

REVIEW: Jonesin’ & Dude Jams: Split

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Four songs, Jonesin’ and Dude Jams, this already sounds fun! First is a self titled Jonesin’ song, you can never go wrong with self titled song, they’re always great and this one is no exception, super fun. The second song is even better this one is just a goddamn good song, I can see it being a crowd pleaser at shows. Dude Jams are on the second half of this, ‘Shit Fit’ is pretty damn catchy and a little snotty rock, great stuff here. Their second song speeds things up a lot, like Dwarves speed, another great song by Dude Jams and another great split.

1. Jonesin’ – Jonesin’
2. Jonesin’ – Coming Around
3. Dude Jams – Shit Fit
4. Dude Jams – Dumb Fuck


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