SPIRITtvThis I came across on my internet travels, oh how I love the internet. Unbeknownst to me in 1987 ABC did a TV pilot for The Spirit, sense there’s no fan clammer for the DVD release of The Spirit Season 1 you can guess it wasn’t picked up. Running just over an hour it captures a lot of the fun goofiness that is The Spirit. The Spirit played by Sam J. Jones whom you may recognize as Flash Gordon from 1980 and written by Steven E. de Souza who has penned such works as 48 Hrs, The Flintstones, Beverly Hills Cop III, and an epsode of the “Tales from the Crypt” TV show. He also worked up the screenplays for Running Man, Die Hard, Die Hard 2, Hudson Hawk, Jude Dredd and Commando. So as you can see we’ve got a decent writer here, that may be why this doesn’t suck. Now I’m not saying this is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen but the key word here is fun. The story basically follows the plot line of cop witnesses his friend die, a friend who was working on a tell all crime book. He goes to investigate this murder and is duped into getting shot himself, he survives the shooting but everyone thinks he’s dead so he just goes with it and picks up the identity of the Spirit to fight crime. The video quality of the copy I got was about old VHS quality but that’s pretty damn good from a twenty two year old TV show pilot. It might be a good idea for any Spirit fans to devote some time to seek this out and watch the TV series that could have been.