Adam Green director of one of my favorite horror movies in the past ten years, Hatchet and the also great Spiral is back again, this time with a more suspenseful drama Frozen. The story of three skiers who get stuck on a chair lift, and left until the place would open the week after. This movie was fucking intense, there were some scenes in here that were really unsettling and a bit hard to watch. This movie was actually terrifying, most of that is due to the fact this is a very real situation that could happen. You get stuck on a ski lift, and then you wait to die. It’s so fucked. Green has another great movie on his hands with Frozen. Mostly unknown actors in here you may recognize Kevin Zegers from another fine horror film, Wrong Turn. And Shawn Ashmore was in X-men 3, ironically as Iceman. I’m not a fan of films today being compared to Hitchcock but this does seem like the type of movie that he would do. The entire thing takes place in the confined space of a chair lift (except maybe a few minutes) and it’s a drama filled and driven suspense movie. The soundtrack I could even see fitting right in with a Hitchcock movie. I can’t go quite as far as to say I loved this movie but it was really fucking good. A warning to people with a short attention span it is slow-paced but in this case it’s a movie that pulls that off very well. I feel kind of like the swimmer that just saw Jaws because I don’t plan on going skiing ever again. Highly recommended for people who are fans of Thrillers.

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