Pizza of Death, a great label from Japan. They’ve put out a TON of great stuff. The very Best of Pizza of Death II as you might have guessed is a compilation of some of this stuff, volume two! A good chunk of these bands I haven’t heard so this will be my first taste….of the pizza of death.

‘LOW IQ & THE BEAT BREAKER – Don’t Mean Nothing’ Hard, heavy song with some surprisingly uplifting vocals. Pretty damn good start, but its got a chorus that I just can’t get down with.
‘Ken Yokoyama – A Stupid Fool’ I’m a big fan of Ken, and this song is fucking awesome.
‘OCEANLANE – Chain of Hatred’ I kind of like this song, so it’s really hard to pinpoint what bores me about it. A light rock type tune.
‘FRONTIER BACKYARD – TRACE NONE’ The vocals are kind of weird, I think I might hear a keyboard back there but damn if this song isn’t catchy as hell.
‘RAZORS EDGE – WHAT’S THE LIBERTY?’ Razors Edge are one of my favorite thrash bands, and here’s an example of what they do – make super fun songs.
‘MEANING – Just Another Death’ Awesome name, heavy as fuck metal intro, the vocals aren’t so great but I’ll look over that for now because this is pretty great, at least at first. As the song goes on it sort of grows off of you. They should have cut it at about a minute.
‘FC FiVE – The Mist’ I hope this song title is a movie/book reference, cause it’s a pretty fucking rad hardcore jam here.
‘MOGA THE \5 – ネクストZに捧ぐ ‘ We got some pretty awesome/catchy punk rock going on here, almost a California type sound, until the breakdown after a minute in from there the song really never regains its foothold.
‘F.I.B – TAKE ACTION’ Sounds like F.I.B is some Bad Religion fans.
‘SLIME BALL – Who Is Laughing? Who Is Crying?’ Slime Ball has a great name…and not such a great song.
‘COMEBACK MY DAUGHTERS – Term’ This is a really chill song, I can lounge around and listen to this every day.
‘GARLICBOYS – 凄絶ディザスター’ Not into this one at all, almost (but not quite) reminds me of some like nu metal shit, or a bad hardcore song.
‘BBQ Chickens – Shu Ha Ri’ BBQ Chickens has always been hit or miss with me. Some stuff is really good, some of it a little too generic for me. But this song fucking rips, this might be the best song I’ve heard from the band.
‘怒髪天 – 男じゃないか’ Kind of a march type of song, infused with pop, a little odd.

1. Don’t Mean Nothing / LOW IQ & THE BEAT BREAKER
2. A Stupid Fool / Ken Yokoyama
3. Chain of Hatred / OCEANLANE
6. Just Another Death / MEANING
7. The Mis t/ FC FiVE
8. ネクストZに捧ぐ / MOGA THE \5
10. Who Is Laughing? Who Is Crying? / SLIME BALL
12. 凄絶ディザスター / GARLICBOYS
13. Shu Ha Ri / BBQ Chickens
14. 男じゃないか /怒髪天