Releases Worth Getting November 20, 2012

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Hospital Job: Downer, Downer, Downer

The Expendables 2
Tarantino XX 8-Film Collection
Marx Brothers: Collection
WWE: Attitude Era

REVIEW: Groucho and Me

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I love biographies, they’re my favorite kind of book, and I also love comedy and have a huge respect and love for the classics like the Three Stooges and The Marx brothers. So when I came across this book I was pretty excited, and I’m glad to say it lived up to my own hype. It has some odd things about it, like this isn’t your average biography. There are even long stretches of the book that don’t even seem to be one at all, but that’s fine because all of it is incredibly entertaining. Groucho talks about his beginning days on the stage and getting bigger all the way up past his movie career. At 376 pages it makes for a surprisingly quick read, but that’s merely because you can’t put it down. If you like comedy I’d assume you like the Marx Brothers so this is a must read.

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