REVIEW: Matt Pless: Short Tales and Tall Stories

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mattshorttallIn 2010 Matt Pless dropped ‘Short Tales and Tall stories’; it’s a collection of acoustic demos and unreleased songs. Some of these being demo’s means not everything is new but everything is great. I love listening to demo versions of songs and with Matt’s acoustic backing everything is perfect. The Unreleased songs are some real good ones as well, I’m real glad this collection happened because I’ve listened to it a fucking ton. If you know Matt Pless than you know the quality that you’re going to get out of this and the treasures that this collection may hold. If you’re unfamiliar with Matt you need to change that, he’s got an acoustic folk pop punk sound that’s unmatched and his song writing is on par with just about anything else going. Don’t wait, get on this right now.

1. Ashtray
2. Amber Lee
3. What You Will
4. Dirty Needles
5. In the Past Tense
6. Talkin’ Information Blues
7. Glassy Eyes
8. Down at the Gallows
9. Clean on the Other End
10. White Picket Fences
11. Pick Up the Pieces
12. Some like it Hot
13. Four Leaf Clover
14. The Joker and the Fool
15. The Girl of My Dreams
16. Bugs
17. My Crooked Ways
18. If I Was a Fountain
19. My Dark Room
20. Everything to Me

Get it from Matt Pless HERE

REVIEW: Matt Pless & Melissa Lucciola: Split Seven Inch

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MATTPLESS_SPLIT_COVERMELISSALUCCIOLA_SPLIT_COVERThis is a split that I wasn’t expecting but am pretty happy that it exists. I’ve been a fan of Matt Pless since his 3 Prong Outlet days and his solo stuff just continues to be great but now with a folk sound instead of pop punk (though not totally abandoning all of the pop punk sound), I believe this is the first time he’s been on vinyl though. The first Matt Pless song, ‘Dirty needles’ is one that’s been around for a while but I’m glad it was included on here because it’s one of my favorites, it really combines the folk and pop punk sounds perfectly. His second song ‘Of Love & Loss’ is a new song if I’m not mistaken. It’s a slow folk song, and it’s really good too, I’ve listened to it about five times now. Melissa Lucciola only has one song on here ‘Miss You’, and this is the first time I’ve heard anything by her but I like it. The best way I think I can describe her is like a lounge singer. She has a great voice and this song is really good. I immediately looked up more Melissa Lucciola as soon as I finished listening to this. If you’re into folk and lounge music this is a great split to pick up.

Matt Pless
1. Dirty Needles
2. Of Love & Loss

Melissa Lucciola
1. Miss You

Get it from Fake Art Records HERE

Top 10 Demos of 2012

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1. Now People: Now Demos
2. Stab Me Kill Me: Demo
3. Community Pools: Funrest (A Demonstration)
4. Iron Reagan: Demo 2012
5. Confined: Demo ’12
6. Adult Braces: Demo
7. Matt Pless: Acoustic Tour Demos 2012
8. Bummer Camp: Bummer Camp Demos
9. The Hellstroms: Four Song Demonstration
10. No Weather Talks: Demo

Matt Pless Fall Tour 2012

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NOVEMBER 2nd. Brooklyn, NY. 269 Norman Ave.8:00 PM. $7.00

NOVEMBER 3rd Freeland, PA at The Freeland Jesus House. 229 Ridge st. Apt 1B.8:00 PM

NOVEMBER 4th. Hazleton Pennsylvania. TBA – Need Help

NOVEMBER 5th. Bloomsburg, PA. At The Soupcan.231 Jefferson Street (Apartment Show) 7:00 PM. Check out the Facebook invite for more info

NOVEMBER 6th. Clarion, PA. House show
15 Frampton St. #A 16214 .Show starts at 7:00 PM

NOVEMBER 7th. North central OH. TBA –Need Help

NOVEMBER 8th. Porter, IN .Details TBA

NOVEMBER 9th. New Lenox, IL at Paradise Smoothies. 1938 E. Lincoln Highway #105. 7:00 PM

NOVEMBER 10th. Bloomington, IN. At Rachael’s Café. 300 East 3rd Street 47401. starts at 8:00 PM

NOVEMBER 11th. Columbus, OH (or southern Ohio) TBA- Need Help

NOVEMBER 12th. Pittsburgh, PA. Details, TBA

NOVEMBER 13th. Cumberland, Maryland. Details TBA

NOVEMBER 14th. Winchester, VA (Or somewhere around there)

NOVEMBER 15th Harrisonburg or Charlottesville VA TBA (NEED HELP)

NOVEMBER 16th. Fredericksburg, VA. Details, TBA



NOVEMBER 19tH. Vienna, Virginia. At Café Amouri. 107 Church St. NW
If anyone can get a show in any of the, as of yet, unfilled dates on this list, please get in touch

REVIEW: Matt Pless: Ballerina

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Head to toe, front to back this is a great album. It’s got an awesome cover with an attractive lady on the cover and the content on the inside is just as attractive. Matt Pless does a great job of spreading many different sounds around while still keeping everything under the same type of umbrella. A lot of these songs are about girls or drugs but they’ll go from pop punk to rock to folk without thinking twice about it. A few of these songs sound like they could even be kids lullaby or something you might hear in a dream while others would be something you’d be listening to while having a one man party. If you like pop punk or folk or anything in between I highly recommend checking this album out, it’s one of Matt Pless’ best.

  1. Glassy Eyes
  2. Roman Candle
  3. The Crayon Song
  4. The Devil in Her Makeup
  5. Mr. Cotton
  6. The Best of Me
  7. If I Was a Fountain
  8. Tomorrow Is a Word We’ll Never Know
  9. Love’s a Funny Feeling
  10. Amber Lee
  11. Dirty Needles
  12. Pharmaceutic Lullaby

Get Ballerina from Amazon HERE

REVIEW: Matt Pless: Requiems for Wishing Wells

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There was a pop punk band called 3 Prong Outlet, they were pretty damn good but only put out three releases between 2000 and 2003. From the ashes of that the man that was at the helm of that band tries his hand at more of a folk rock style. Everything is a little different but you can tell he hasn’t abandoned the pop punk neighborhood, what we end up getting here is somewhat of a pop folk rock fusion sound that really sets Matt apart from the flood of folk that seems to be coming out of the punk community today. This is a great album no matter what you’re listening to. If you like good music chances are you’ll dig this.

‘Zero to the Third’ Like a folk rock song with a really upbeat feel and pop punk vocals, it’s a great way to start out any album.
‘Paintchips and Fingerpaint’ This starts out so low you can just barely hear it and the volume slowly comes up on it, which gives it a little haunting feel to start out. It comes into a pop folk song that’s such a high caliber of good it kind of caught me off guard.
‘Madeline’ An easy going acoustic song here, it makes me want to hang out on the beach at night and listen to it.
‘The Joker and the Fool’ Another great song here, catchy acoustic pop. I could listen to this song many many times in a row. We even get some harmonica on this one.
‘Cartwheel’ Lyrically this is damn close to a pop punk song, which it does have elements of but it still holds tight to the folk rock core of the rest of the album.
‘My Dark Room’ Like Madeline this one has more of a relaxed feeling to it. One of those real easygoing acoustic songs that you can’t hate on.
‘What You Will’ A catchy acoustic pop song with a reality check attached to it. This might be my favorite song on here.
‘Shy Violet’ Sounds more like a 70’s rock song than anything else, but that’s a good thing.
‘Fliptop Box’ A 3 Prong Outlet cover, this might even be better than the original version, though they are very close. It’s just a damn good song.
‘The Faded Fall Down’ This is another song that reaches the top of the best of the best list. A pop rock jam that is sure to stick with you for a while.
‘The Gypsy Life’ We’ve got a pretty sad and depressing song here, but one of those ones you like listening to.
‘The Ballad of D.I.Y.’ This is a song that reminds me of 3 Prong Outlet but acoustically. As you might guess from the title it’s a song about punk rock, kind of a bio-song and it’s real goddamn good.

  1. Zero to the Third
  2. Paintchips and Fingerpaint
  3. Madeline
  4. The Joker and the Fool
  5. Cartwheel
  6. My Dark Room
  7. What You Will
  8. Shy Violet
  9. Fliptop Box
  10. The Faded Fall Down
  11. The Gypsy Life
  12. The Ballad of D.I.Y.

Get Requiems for Wishing Wells from Amazon HERE

REVIEW: Matt Pless: Alarm Clock Time Bomb

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Pop punker turned folk man Matt Pless is back with his second album; this one has more of a matured sound than the previous. We get more of a country infused type of folk as opposed to the heavy pop sided stuff from last time, but it all still has that same familiar feel of Matt Pless. There are a lot of really great songs on here that any folk/country/punk people would be happy listening to any day of the week.

‘The Flowers in the Furnace’ The album opens with a straight up country song. It’s a real good one; it’s got that country sound with a ghostly edge.
‘Pick Up the Pieces’ A punk rock folk patriotic song. The kind you sit around and drink some old whiskey to.
‘World Gone Wrong’ Not the Bob Dylan song but something just as good, actually it kind of has a little bit of a Dylan punk feel to it.
‘Where the Horses Won’t Go’ A creepy sad sound for this one, it’s almost like hearing a ghost story.
‘White Picket Fences’ Back on the path of upbeat sounding songs here, a nice bouncy song that shows that everything’s OK even if it’s really not.
‘When the Helmets Hit the Ground’ There have been countless great folk war songs, this is another that goes on that list.
‘Talkin’ Information Blues’ I’venever heard a folk song about the internet…until now.A cautionary tale of cyber space.
‘Nothin’ Doin’’ Another cautionary tale, this one more of a country tune than the last, it’s about taking the easy way out and just thinking of yourself.
‘In the Past Tense’ An easy going song about things that have long past.
‘Boomerang’ This might be the catchiest song on here, while not the best on the album chances are it’s one you’ll be listening to a lot of the time.
‘Tearing Down the Walls’ Closing out the album is a mellow acoustic song, one you can relax with a drink and listen to on that lazy afternoon.

1. The Flowers in the Furnace
2. Pick Up the Pieces
3. World Gone Wrong
4. Where the Horses Won’t Go
5. White Picket Fences
6. When the Helmets Hit the Ground
7. Talkin’ Information Blues
8. Nothin’ Doin’
9. In the Past Tense
10. Boomerang
11. Tearing Down the Walls

Get Alarm Clock Time Bomb from Amazon HERE


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