Top 30 Albums of 2013

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So this may have been the hardest year since I started to rank these albums. 1-3 are all separated by a space so small you need a microscope to see it. Before that though Some collections that came out this year that fucking rule and you should buy but I didn’t count because they’re not actual albums.

Kent State: The Wrong Side of History
Cleveland Bound Death Sentence: Cleveland Bound Death Sentence
Copyrights shits fucked, Isotopes: The First Four Seasons

Also The Headies: ‘Meta-Pop’ finally came out on record this year, again I decided not to double dip this year so it’s not on the list but it’s beyond incredible.

1. Rational Anthem: Whatevermind
2. Lipstick Homicide: Out Utero
3. Motorhead: Aftershock
4. R.A. The Rugged Man: Legends Never Die
5. What-A-Nights: What-A-Nights LP
6. Paper Dragons: Die To Please
7. Dead Mechanical: OK Night
8. Wringer: Bullfighter
9. The Slow Death: No Heaven
10. Radioactivity: Radioactivity
10. Iron Chic: The Constant One
12. Dead Uncles: Stock Characters
13, Night Birds: Born To Die In Suburbia
14. Big Eyes: Almost Famous
15. Harmonica Shah: Havin’ Nothin’ Don’t Bother Me
16. Iron Reagan: Worse Than Dead
17. Peeple Watchin': Somethin’ Ta Tell Ya
18. Dead North: Teenagers
19. Hit Reset: Ruin My Life
20. Rough Kids: The State I’m In
21. Rumspringer: Stay Afloat
22. Kinder Words: I’ve Seen Them Given
23. Sugar Stems: Can’t Wait
24. Broadway Calls: Comfort/Distraction
25. Running Wild: Resilient
26. Vacation: Candy Waves
27. The Jons: In The Hold and out of the Water!
28. Superchunk: I Hate Music
29. Sinclair: Sinclair
30. Crusades: Perhaps You Deliver this Judgment with Greater Fear than I Receive It

Rational Anthem, the first band with back to back #1 albums


Releases Worth Getting October 9, 2012

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Stephen Colbert: America Again: Re-becoming the Greatness We Never Weren’t

Brick Mower: My Hateable Face
B.B. King: The Thrill of the Blues
B.B. King: Mr. B.B. King
Motorhead: World Is Ours 2

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial Anniversary Edition
The World Series: History of the Fall Classic
The Great Outdoors / Uncle Buck Double Feature
I Love Lucy: (seasons 1-4)
Strangers on a Train
Little Shop of Horrors: Director’s Cut
The League: Season Three
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Season 7
Dial M for Murder
WWE: CM Punk – Best in the World
Magical Mystery Tour

Releases Worth Getting January 24, 2012

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Godzilla (Criterion)
Stir Crazy
House on Sorority Row
Roger Corman’s Cult Classic’s Lethal Ladies Collection, Vol. 2
Morothread: World Is Ours 1 Everything Further Than Everyplace
Flash Point


Girlschool: Hit & Run: Revisited
Primal Fear: Unbreakable
Dion: Tank Full Of Blues

Top 25 Albums of 2011

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Albums this year was pretty tough, there are some good ones that were left off. Speaking of ones left off there are some releases that were not included. Some of the reasons were if they were compilations, covers and live material. While there has been some great stuff this year put out that matches this I don’t think it’d be fair. There are even one or two things I left off of here because it was mostly compilation, or previously released material. So if you think I missed something, think about that first…then violently disagree with me.



  1. Motorhead: The World Is Yours
  2. House Boat: The Thorns of Life
  3. Alestorm: Back Through Time
  4. Deep Sleep: Turn Me Off
  5. Sundials: Never Settle
  6. Raphael Saadiq: Stone Rollin’
  7. Night Birds: The Other Side of Darkness
  8. Rendondo Beat: Meet Rendondo Beat
  9. Samiam: Trips
  10. Alice Cooper: Welcome 2 My Nightmare
  11. Dude Jams: How To Abuse Everything
  12. Wizard: …Of Wariwulfs And Bluotvarwes
  13. Power Quest: Blood Alliance
  14. Joss Stone: LP1
  15. Timeshares: Bearable
  16. Mind Spiders: Mind Spiders
  17. The Underground Railroad to Candyland: Knows Your Sins
  18. The Dwarves: Are Born Again
  19. The Slow Death: Born Ugly Got Worse
  20. Spraynard: Funtitled
  21. The Carmines: Older, Fatter, Wider
  22. Brickmower: Under The Sink
  23. Steve Martin & Steep Canyon Rangers: Rare Bird Alert
  24. Young Mountain: Billion Times Around
  25. The Barreracudas: Nocturnal Missions

Top Movies and Music of the first half of 2011


Well June is here, and you know what that means? It’s time for the first half of the year lists. It’s been a fucking great year for music so far in 2011. The top music list I already hate myself for having to knock so many great releases so far down the list but it’s just been stellar release after stellar release. On the movie side of things though it’s been a pretty slow year, so instead of the standard top five for the half I’m only going to do a top three. So let’s go ahead and get this underway!

Top 3 movies – First half of 2011

1. Green Hornet
2. Hangover 2
3. Thor

And the worst movie of the year so far is…

No Strings Attached

Now on to the music, normally I split these into a few posts but because it was a short movie list I’m just cramming everything here. If you didn’t make the list, fear not, there’s still half a year for things to get moved and you’re probably on the list somewhere anyway (if it’s good). I’m also splitting things up a little different this year so there’s actually more lists, you’ll see.

Top 10 albums – First half of 2011

1. Motorhead: The World Is Yours
2. Deep Sleep: Turn Me Off
3. Sundials: Never Settle
4. Raphael Saadiq: Stone Rollin’
5. Rendondo Beat: Meet Rendondo Beat
6. Power Quest: Blood Alliance
7. Mind Spiders: Mind Spiders
8. The Underground Railroad to Candyland: Knows Your Sins
9. The Dwarves: Are Born Again
10. Spraynard: Funtitled

Top 10 EP’s – First half of 2011

1. Rational Anthem: Bread Line
2. Night Birds: Midnight Movies
3. The Fucking Cops: Fuck You Up With Some Truth
4. Cell Mates: Shoulda Kept That Quarter!
5. The Slow Death: Turnstile Comix #1
6. Chixdiggit!: Safeways Here We Come
7. Teenage Bottlerocket: Mutilate Me
8. The Typos: The Typos
9. The Zits: Summer Pop Dreams EP
10. Clint Maul: Great Dividing EP

Top 5 splits – First half of 2011

1. Direct Hit/Tit Patrol
2. Dopamines/Dear Landlord
3. The Queers & Killtime
4. Wax Phantom/Criminal Culture
5. Unwelcome Guests/255’s

Top 3 Singles – First half of 2011

1. Mikey Erg: Heart Shaped 12″
2. Brain F: So Dim
3. Big Eyes: Why Can’t I

And I’ll just throw this in for now since there hasn’t been too many demo’s I’ve come across this year (less than 5!!), I hope the second half picks up on this front.

The best Demo of the year so far:

The Masked Intruder: Demo

Releases Worth Getting February 8, 2011

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Uncle Buck
Ong Bak 3
Motörhead: The World Is Yours

MOTÖRHEAD North American Tour

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Jan. 25 – Anaheim CA – House of Blues
Jan. 28 – Reno NV – Knitting Factory
Jan. 29 – Las Vegas NV – HOB
Jan. 31 – San Diego CA – HOB
Feb. 02 – San Francisco CA – Warfield
Feb. 04 – Seattle WA – Sodo
Feb. 05 – Portland OR – Roseland
Feb. 07 – Vancouver BC – Vogue
Feb. 09 – Edmonton AL – EEC
Feb. 10 – Calgary AL – Flames Central
Feb. 12 – Winnipeg MT – Burton
Feb. 15 – Minneapolis MN – 1st Ave
Feb. 16 – Milwaukee WI – Rave Ballroom
Feb. 17 – Kansas City MO – Midland Theatre
Feb. 19 – Chicago IL – Congress
Feb. 20 – St. Louis MO – Pops
Feb. 22 – Grand Rapids MI – Orbit
Feb. 23 – Detroit MI – Royal Oak
Feb. 25 – Kitchener ONT – Elements
Feb. 26 – Toronto ONT – Koolhouse
Feb. 28 – New York NY – Best Buy
Mar. 01 – Boston MA – House of Blues (Avalon)
Mar. 03 – Sayerville NJ – Starland Ballroom
Mar. 04 – Atlantic City NJ – House of Blues
Mar. 08 – Austin TX – Stubb’s
Mar. 10 – Tempe AZ – Marquee Theatre
Mar. 11 – Los Angeles CA – Nokia Live

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