Nacho House – Newark, DE

March 11st 2011

This show was supposed to take place at the Frottage Cottage but due to circumstances that I’m not going to get into it was last second (like bands on the lawn with gear last second) moved to the Nacho House. Great job by everyone that helped with the move, that was rad and the people at Nacho House are good people. Also I’d never been to the Nacho House before, it was pretty rad, hopefully I make it back soon.


Oh Shit! – Oh Shit! Was alright, not quite my thing but they weren’t bad. They had two drummers which is always a little weird. Though they had a song called ‘Pizza Party’ and much like the name, it ruled a whole fucking lot.

Brick Mower – My first time seeing Brick Mower, I was pretty stoked about it since I just got their album in the mail and it happens to rule a whole fucking lot. Their set was really great, best thing of the night, and they played a good Jawbreaker cover.

Handsome Dan – These guys were fun, they too played a Jawbreaker cover. You could tell they were a pretty new band though; most of their song titles were even “Track #”. Later I found out it was actually their first show, so they were even better than I thought, they’re going to be really good.

The Headies – The Headies are always a fun band to listen to but I’d never seen them play. They didn’t disappoint, it was a totally fun set. If you get a chance to see the Headies around don’t pass it up.